Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

  5 years ago
On January 7th 2007
we said
I do!!!

Happy anniversary to us!! 

More Wedding Pictures

The most beautiful flower girl I have ever seen!

These pictures below were taking by me! {pictures have not been edited}

 These pics below, of course, were not taken by me
 Our awesome little brother!
Raychel, Me, Tatiana and Elizabeth. Tatiana was such an amazing help, she pretty much took charge of the whole wedding! Elizabeth had a wedding coordinator, who is amazing but, Tatiana took over all the other things and she did great! Without her this wedding would not had been as beautiful as it turned out to be!

Elizabeth and Hugo’s Wedding…

was just BEAUTIFUL! It was such a beautiful feeling seeing my sister finally find the one and get MARRIED!! I am so happy for her!! I still can not believe she is a married women now!! Praise God!

You can find Elizabeth and Hugo’s story here 😉

At the ceremony Hugo had this look on his face that was filled with love towards my sister, the way he looked at her as she was coming down the isle, a look of joy that filled his eyes with tears, a look of happiness, and a look of completion, it was beautiful! It is such a blessing seeing my sister and Hugo in love and making this commitment to God and each other. It was one of my best days ever {besides mine and my hubby’s wedding… of course, and the birth of my beauties}, what a beautiful feeling seeing your sister get married! Brother, your next!! Well, you are still too young, lets wait a few more years then you can get married 😉

{The Place/Decorations}

Elizabeth getting her hair done by our good freind Clarissa…
At our parents getting ready…

 Elizabeth hanging out with the most beautiful flower girl EVER! Raychel loved seeing her tia get ready in her beautiful princess dress!

 Then after all the getting ready it was time for Elizabeth to make her grand appreance!
The bride making her 1st apperance {Hugo did not get to see her 1st appreance.}
 Our dad so proud of his daughter!

More pictures to come!!
{pictures taken by Tatiana and Me!}

Cancun Mexico Dia Dos

  Day two in Cancun was so much better. I still felt a little weak, but a lot better then the first day. We got out of bed, put on our swim suits and headed to grab some breakfast before heading to the pool and the beach.

I miss this beautiful view =(

We were hanging out by the pool and the beach for a few hours before it was time to head on back to our room and get ready for the wedding!
the girls ready to go to the wedding…

We all had to get on the bus to take us to Moon Palace where they were getting married.

 Here is the bride arriving…
After the ceremony they had a little spot outside for appetizers. The girls were just hanging out and enjoying the view.

The reception

Daddy dancing with his girls

 All the amigos!

The wedding was so beautiful! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Becerra!

Parte Tres Coming Soon!

{My Sister Says Yes to the Dress!}

 Last Thursday my mom, sister, my girls and I went out to breakfast before my sweet mother-in-law would arrive to my place to watch the girls, so us ladies can go wedding dress shopping! Once my mother-in-law got to our place, our mom, sis, and I headed to Walnut Creek to go pick up my sister’s ring at Tiffany’s (it was getting sized), and after… we went looking for her dress! We went to this one spot in Walnut Creek, but then we decided to head out to Milpitas to go look at dresses over there. Elizabeth tried on like 7 dresses and the first one she tried on was the “one!” It was so much fun hanging out with my mom and sis! I can not wait for the wedding in June!!! June 4th to be exact!

 This was after we had breakfast, it was pouring out!

 Outside Tiffany’s

Note: this was one of the 7 she tried on… this is not the dress she picked 😉

{Weddings 2010!}

Our first wedding of this year was Nicole & Blake’s…
2nd Nadine & Keith’s…

3rd Diana &Fernando’s…

4th Tiffany & Martin…
Can not wait for next year! Next year in May we will be going to Manuel & Susana’s wedding in Cancun Mexico!!!

{Wedding Fun!}

On Saturday Ray and I went to Tiffany and Martin’s wedding in livermore at the Purple Orchid. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. The food was delish, and we had such a fun time hanging out with friends that we havent seen in a while. At the wedding they had a photo booth ( photo booths are becoming pretty popular at weddings and birthdays) and we all got in and took some fun pictures together, making some great/fun memories!

I feel so bad, I tried taking a picture of the bride and groom, but they came out all blurry =(

{Nadine & Keith’s Wedding on the 4th!}

Nadine and Keith’s wedding was so beautiful, I was in tears most of the time! Their wedding was such a dream wedding, specially it being on 4th of July… they were able to watch the beautiful fireworks on their most amazing day of their lives, and the best part of it, is that on their anniversaries they will always have fireworks! They are such amazing people, they are always there for their friends & family when in need of a hand, They are just great people!


~They had a photo booth at their wedding…that was awesome!
Ready to go to the wedding!

at the ceremony waiting for the BRIDE!
The girls hanging out.
Here she comes!! So beautiful!

pictures from the photo booth…

Such a fun wedding! We love you Yamagata family!

{I Say Yes to the Dress Again}

This past Thursday I had the beautiful Law family over for dinner, and Meagan had said something about our wedding dresses, since she seen mine hanging in the closet, and she said something like “you should come over one day and we can just wear our wedding dresses all day!” I love her! That’s totally something she would say! Anyway, Friday comes along and I’m at home watching TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress, then I thought about what Meagan had said, so I head over to my closet and I put my beautiful wedding dress on!
Ray seen me and said, “your wearing your wedding dress?!” He probably thinks I’m weird! hahaha! Actually, he’s the one that helped take all these pictures… so I guess he doesn’t think I am that weird, he also knew I was watching… Say Yes to the Dress, since it was still on.
I love my wedding dress! I would most definitely say YES to this DRESS again!