Vegas Baby!

  2 weeks ago (before I knew I was pregnant) we went to Vegas for 6 days. Ray has his seminar (Mike Ferry) out there so the girls and I tagged along. It’s so nice just to get away and have a change of routine.

We had tons of fun!! Are days pretty much consisted of room service in the morning and sometimes room service for lunch and pool time everyday! After Ray would get off his seminar we would head to dinner and walk around the MGM grand hotel.

Friday and Saturday we got to do more since the seminar had finished. We took the girls to circus circus, which they loved, because they got on their first rides!! On Saturday was mostly on all day pool day, and after we headed to Caesers Palace, walked around all the shops, and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. We had such a great time! It’s always good to have a change of routine, no cleaning, no cooking, all day at the pool, and best of all… quality time with the family.


Vlog Update!

 I keep saying I am going to get on it and start posting more often, but I have fallen short. It’s just too busy around here to focus on this little space of mine. But, I have so many things to post!! Oceana’s birthday party, Madison’s birthday party, Vegas (which I am here now!) and all the little things in between!!

Oceana will be starting preschool in August with her big sis, so this will give me time to blog! Madison is still on two naps, so it’ll work perfect! Yay for mommy time!

I got a new layout lol!  In hopes to motivate me to update this little space more often 🙂

Here is a little video of us in Vegas…

{Vegas 2010!}

Vegas was so much fun!! All we pretty much did was hang out at the pool, order room service, check out all the other hotels, and go out to dinner! Sooo relaxing!!!
Posting quick randoms do to all these pics are via blackberry. still no camera… hopefully soon though I will get a Digital SLR!
Raychel at the airport…
Our home for 6 days…
 City Center…
Our pool days…

I loved spending time with Danielle!!! I was so happy she was out there!
getting our tan on!
the girls drinking a virgin strawberry daiquiri!
Ray’s brother and sister-in-law came out for the weekend, so it was a lot of fun hanging with them by the pool!
At the water show…
fun hang outs…
love Oceana in this pic… hahaha!!

{Vegas Recap 2009}

Last year we started what we will be doing every year in the summer which is… going to Vegas! Ray attends the Mike Ferry seminar and it takes place every July in Vegas, so I am so excited that this is going to be a yearly thing we do! We also go to Mike Ferry’s seminar in January located in San Diego, so that is another yearly thing we will be doing too! Last year Oceana was only 2 months old when we went, but we had my sister join us so I had some help, and Ray and I were able to go on a date night!

We stay at the MGM.. I ❤ MGM!
Before Ray and I went on our date

On our date!
Eating at the RainForest Cafe
Hanging out by the pool
The coolest thing was that my gf Valerie was staying at the MGM that same week/weekend and we didn’t even plan it! How cool was that?!

Ray was so sweet to hang out with the our baby girls while us ladies grabbed some coffee and looked at the little shops they had.

I had such a great time last year and this year was so much fun as well, and now that the girls are older we had lots of fun hanging out by the pool and getting in the water! And the funny thing is… is that God always puts a gf out there for me to hang out with lol! My gf Danielle was out there so we got to spend sometime with her! I wonder who will be out there next year?!! 

Pictures will be up soon of this Vegas trip so stay tuned 😉