Vegas Baby!

  2 weeks ago (before I knew I was pregnant) we went to Vegas for 6 days. Ray has his seminar (Mike Ferry) out there so the girls and I tagged along. It’s so nice just to get away and have a change of routine.

We had tons of fun!! Are days pretty much consisted of room service in the morning and sometimes room service for lunch and pool time everyday! After Ray would get off his seminar we would head to dinner and walk around the MGM grand hotel.

Friday and Saturday we got to do more since the seminar had finished. We took the girls to circus circus, which they loved, because they got on their first rides!! On Saturday was mostly on all day pool day, and after we headed to Caesers Palace, walked around all the shops, and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. We had such a great time! It’s always good to have a change of routine, no cleaning, no cooking, all day at the pool, and best of all… quality time with the family.


Vlog Update!

 I keep saying I am going to get on it and start posting more often, but I have fallen short. It’s just too busy around here to focus on this little space of mine. But, I have so many things to post!! Oceana’s birthday party, Madison’s birthday party, Vegas (which I am here now!) and all the little things in between!!

Oceana will be starting preschool in August with her big sis, so this will give me time to blog! Madison is still on two naps, so it’ll work perfect! Yay for mommy time!

I got a new layout lol!  In hopes to motivate me to update this little space more often 🙂

Here is a little video of us in Vegas…

Ray’s SURPRISE Birthday!

  Saturday May 12th, Ray and I got away to the city to do an all day spa day, dinner, and stay the night in the city with just us two.
We took Bart so we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing! Parking out there can be stressful! While on the Bart train, we enjoyed each others company, and talked about how much we both need this all day spa day. Once we arrived at the city we did what we do best, grabbed some Starbucks! after we walked to where we were staying at, Villa Florence! We got there checked in, went up to our room and got ready to walk to La Belle Spa. 

As soon as we got to the Spa we were in heaven!

They served us lunch <3333

After an amazing, much needed spa day, we walked to the mall and did a little looking around and then walked back to our room to relax some more before dinner at Press Club.
What Ray didn’t know was that his family and friends were going to be waiting for us there!
I did not get a picture of Ray when he seen his family and friends, but he was surprised, and you can tell by all the pictures he was very HAPPY!! Happy Birthday, my love!!!!

The rest was history!!

San Diego Trip #4

   This 4th trip to San Diego was so much more relaxing then the others. We didn’t do much. We ordered room service pretty much every day, and I met up with Melissa and her mom for a day. I love spending time with them and catching up. This year I was planning to do all these things in San Diego, but it turned out to be the complete opposite! As for pictures… I only took 5! I wasn’t in the mood, and there wasn’t much to take anyway. I had a great time though, its nice to change things up from your normal routine. 

click to see 2nd SD trip here, 3rd here

Our 5 Year Anniversary Getaway!

  Early Saturday morning, we dropped the girls off at my parents house, and we headed to our favorite breakfast spot!
Meagan, one of my BFF’s, dropped this off at my parents house for Ray and I!!
Thanks, lady!!
 On our way to breakfast!

After a great breakfast, we headed to the city where we stayed for the weekend!

We checked in at the Hyatt, went to our room and enjoyed a little champagne with chocolate covered strawberries, and then we headed out to do some shopping!!!  
This was OUR anniversary, but it felt more like MY birthday, Ray was spoiling me! He was buying me new clothes, shoes, sun glasses,  and a necklace!! So sweet! Thanks, love!!

After my shopping spree, we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner at Bobo’s Steak House!

‘Our meal was ah-mazingly delicious!! It’s so nice to eat our food while it’s still nice and warm-haha! I love the conversations the hubs and I were able to have without the little ones interrupting ;), but we still, for sure, missed them 😉
After an amazing dinner, we headed to a comedy show… this was mine and Ray’s first!

no pictures were allowed, so I snapped a couple with my cell before the show started 😉
After the comedy show we headed back to the Hyatt, went to their restaurant to order ourselves some dessert!! The view from the restaurant is beautiful!

after dessert the rest was history! 😉
The next morning we had a late check out, so we slept in, had some breakfast, did some napping, and then got ready and headed to a 3 o’clock listing appointment. Yes, you heard that right… a listing appointment! My hubby is a work-aholic! lol! He just had to go on ahead and book an appointment on our anniversary weekend, didn’t he?! o0o0h, babe! It’s OK though, you have to work hard in order to succeed, AND he bought me a Venti White Chocolate Mocha and brought his ipad along so I wouldn’t be bored while I waited in the car, so it was all good!! hehe!

Once his listing appointment was over, we headed to lunch at Los Pericos and ordered some big yummy burritos!! After, we picked up our girls!!!!! <3333 Its so nice to have a getaway and reconnect and just have QT to ourselves, but there is nothing like seeing/ being with our precious girls from a weekend without them. <33

Tahoe Trip Part II

Early Christmas Eve, we loaded up the Escalade with all the girls Christmas presents and headed to Lake Tahoe!
 We stopped at Starbucks, got some coffee and their breakfast sandwiches 😉

 LOVE my white chocolate mochas!!
 Oceana does too! haha! Don’t panic, I just let her have a little sip 😉
Our cabin for the weekend
 We unpacked, relaxed, and then we headed to dinner at Cabo Wabo
 After dinner we headed back to our cabin, got comfy, baked cookies for Santa and watched a family movie <333

Our Cancun Family Pictures

These are the pictures the guy took for us on Mothers Day. The girls did not want their picture taken whatsoever! The good thing is… we got a few good shots 😉
 It was so bright out it was hard to keep our eyes open. The hubby was the smart one on bring the sunglasses along.

I miss the warm sand between my toes!


Cancun Mexico Dia Cinco {el ultimo dia}

  Our last day in Cancun, we woke up, had breakfast, and headed to the pool one last time. Our ride to the airport was arriving to pick us up at 1pm so we had some time to enjoy at the pool…

They have exercise in the pool Monday morning so Ray, Raychel and Oceana joined in on the action! lol

After our last few hours at the pool we headed on back to the room got ready and grabbed lunch before our ride arrived.
Here we are on the plane saying goodbye to Cancun Mexico

 On the plane I guess you can send a message to any ones seat number you may know and talk to them by txt message. Ray sent me a message! He is so cute, love him!
{ray is 20D: yello and I am 20F: whats th. I had no clue that what I typed first was going to be my message name lol. I did not know how to use periods nor commas on this thing.}

That’s all folks! That was our great Cancun Mexico trip!
I thank God for this amazing getaway!
{the family pictures taken by the guy are still to come} =)

Cancun Mexico Dia Cuatro

  Day four in Cancun was wonderful, because it was Mother’s Day! I woke up, got ready and headed to the spa! Ray was such a sweet heart to book me a facial. When I got to the spa I changed into a robe and got a water feet massage… lol… I have no clue what its called, but you get into a little pool like thing, you sit on the bench and the water comes up and massages your feet! It was so relaxing! The lady poured me some OJ to drink while my feet were getting massaged, I was in heaven lol! After 20 minutes of the feet massage the esthetician came out and got me and preformed the most relaxing facial ever! I was drifting in and out of sleep while getting this facial, it was so relaxing! Once my facial was over I headed back to the room where Ray and the girls waited for me to arrive. Ray told me to get ready as fast as I could (lol) because a guy was going to take pictures of all of us! I got ready and we headed to the beach to get our pictures taken. It wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be. The girls were not cooperating whatsoever! They were crying, they didn’t want to look at the camera, they didn’t want to play in the sand, and Oceana wouldn’t let me get in a picture with just Ray and I, it was awful. At one point I had to leave Oceana crying in the sand while the man took a quick shot of just Ray and I. I knew going into this it wasn’t going to be easy since Raychel already doesn’t like her picture taken, but it was worse then what I had imagined… Well… the good thing is… we got a few good pictures, but not many lol, BUT, I know later down the road it will be nice looking back at these pictures! And I am so very thankful my husband chose to do this since he knows I love taken and being in pictures specially with all of them! =)

After getting a few pictures taken we just hung out at the pool for the rest of the day. Later that evening we freshened up and went to dinner. This was are last night in Cancun, so we enjoyed our dinner and we enjoyed a nice walk on the beach! It was gorgeous being out side and seeing God’s beautiful creations.

 After this relaxing time walking on the beach we headed back to our room, Ray and I ordered some coffee, and we sat out in our balcony and talked till it was time for bed.  I had such a great Mothers Day it was full of everything I love, facials (I used to work at a spa giving facials and waxing), pictures, walks on beach, sun, dinner, coffee, conversations with the hubs, and mostly being with my family! Thanks hubby for blessing me with a great Mother’s Day day!

{PS I will post the pictures the guy took of us in a different post}

Cancun Mexico Dia Tres

  Day three in Cancun was amazing! We woke up, ordered room service, and headed out to be at the pool and the beach all day/evening long! It was so relaxing and so much fun to be with my amazing husband and our two beautiful girls in paradise!
The girls loved it! They are little fishies and love to be in the water.

after a day full of splish splashes and fun in the sun, we went back to our room, freshened up and went to dinner.

Our waiter made us a special banana dessert!

It was a great day in Cancun Mexico!
*Day Four and Mothers Day Coming Soon!