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ok i am so sorry i keep going back and fourth, but i dont have time to learn all the new things on here and i am already so behind on posts, so am going back to blogger where i get it and understand what to do lol so am back to blogger! 🙂


Summer Blast

I few months back, Meagan invited us over her house for some pool and mommy time. The kiddos had a blast playing with eachother and they enjoyed being outside and getting wet… and us mommies… we just enjoyed watching our kids bond with each other. 

I love summer, because the kids get to enjoy the outdoors and have pool parties and so much more. Summer by far is my favorite season! Love them all, but summer is by far the BEST!

I love hanging out with my girlfriends, they are just amazing in every way!


After a good time of water fun we all headed out to get frozen Yogurt!!

AHHH summer days 🙂

Belly Business ~ Baby #4

First off, this is my first post on Word Press!! It’s so exciting to start something new.  God has been teaching me every day and I am very thankful for all the small teachings. It’s hard not to get caught up on quantity and getting people to  follow you, but what really matters is the quality. I have come to a point that all this… getting tons of followers ect..  isn’t meaning much to me anymore. What means something to me is my family and close friends who do want to keep up with what’s going on with the Marquez’s. Right now the most important thing about blogging is documenting all the extraordinary things God is done and is doing in mine and my family’s life. This is our family album <33


On to some Belly Business! I am 13 weeks pregnant with baby #4!! Ahhh!! Ray, the girls and I are beyond excited to add to our family! I Thank God for his plan for me, and I thank Him that the paper work expired and I wasnt able to go through with the procedure of tying of the tubes!! I honestly think I would have regretted it. Now, I am beyond excited for this baby and so happy to be pregnant again!!! God is so good and I know without a doubt he has huge plans for this little peanut inside of me!!

Thank you, Jesus!






Tatiana and Matt’s Proposal

I had the privilege to watch one of my girlfriends get proposed!! It was so romantic and so beautiful! Tatiana was not expecting it at all… which made it all the more special. Her parents were there, his parents and sister were there and some of her close friends were also there to watch this beautiful proposal . Tatiana thought it was going to be a couples dinner with me and my hubby (which he couldn’t make ) and my sister and her hubby and her best friend Laura. But, when she got there Matt took her under the vines at Concannon  where there waited a trio that started playing as they walked up and right then and there he asked the BIG  question…. and of course she said YES!!

Congratulations Tatiana and Matt!!
Can’t wait for the wedding in May!!

my beautiful gifts from God

I am so thankful for these beauties God had given me  

my new look!



Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!

  Thank you to all my lovely reader friends for all the sweet, loving, and encouraging words! Thank you, for your love and all the wonderful prayers!! It means a lot!! You guys are the best! Thank you for caring about me and my family. I am truly blessed to have you guys apart of my life!! Hugs and kisses to you all!! Love you guys!! xoxox

The Loss of our baby #4

  I don’t even know where to start. I am sad, mad, angry, confused, hurt, shocked and every other emotion there possibly is. I would have never thought in a million years that this would have happened to me. Not because i feel like am perfect or anything in that sorts, but I don’t think anyone can think or imagine something like this happen to them nor does anyone want this to happen. It is by far one of the hardest things that I can ever go through.  
This is only the beginning stage, I’m sure I will cry and hurt some more as this process finishes. Its so sad to think of what could have been but, can no longer be! This was exactly how I wanted everything to go. I wanted Madison to be oh so very close in age with this new little one but, obviously, God has other plans. It hurts because I truly thought this was God’s plan for me to have this baby… and I guess it was… it just took a different turn then what I had imagined.
Ladies who have gone through this more then once… I don’t even know what to say… because by me saying you are strong does not help one bit of what you are feeling or what you must have felt. But what I do know now is that you are not alone ( i am not alone). People can tell you over and over that it is better now then later on in pregnancy for this to happen (which is true), but anything or everything that anyone says cannot undo what I am or you are feeling. The process itself is so hard. Seeing and feeling your body get rid of this precious little thing that could have been is just beyond sadness.
YES,  I know, i am truly very blessed that i already have 3 beautiful healthy baby girls.  i am so very, very thankful for them and blessed to be able to have kids! but, this doesn’t make this process any easier, it still hurts… a lot.
God knows the plans he has for me and I know that he will turn this into good.
As mad as I was at Him and angry, deep down inside, I know, His way is the best way. He knows what my future awaits me and my family. I cant see my future but He can, so that is why He knows what is best for me in the long run. I will always trust in him even through the storms because I know he brings sunshine in the end results.

A-Camping We Will Go

A few weekend ago, Raychel, Oceana and Madison went camping for the first time! Boy, did they have a blast!!
We went camping with friends and their kiddos, so that made it all the more fun!! The girls loved everything about camping, from sleeping in a tent to playing in the lake all day to making yummy smores before bed. They enjoyed everything that camping has to offer.

This camping trip was a lot of fun, BUT it did have its up and its down.
My lovely husband decided to take a four hour nap during the day while I, the girls, and all his friends were on the lake! This made me very upset, because this was supposed to be a family thing and he was sleeping for most part of the day. He left me some what alone with the girls, and it was a little rough, because… first of all… Madison cant even walk yet so I couldn’t put her down, and Raychel & Oceana needed to be watched while they swam in the lake, they all needed to be feed and these were all Ray’s friends, which I love, but come on now, don’t leave me hanging.  Well… once ray finally woke from his nap, he made it up to me. He felt bad. He cuddled me, loved on me, and we ended up having a great one on one time together to talk (while Madison napped).
Ray does work very hard through out the week and some weekends, so I can understand how tired he must be once he gets time to relax, but this particular day it made me very upset, but in the end it all worked out for the good!
If Ray didn’t take that four hour nap then maybe we wouldn’t have had this great one on one quality talk that brought us all the more closer.  
You may ask, why is she posting this? Because, I want to show the reality of our camping trip. This camping trip was tons of fun, and these pictures will show you that, but like any healthy, normal marriage you get up set with your spouse, the important thing is how you handle it. I could have stayed mad all day, but it wouldn’t be worth it. I love this man and I know how hard he works for us and he knows how hard I work as a mom and a wife, so we talked about what I  (we) was/were  feeling and it turned out to be the best thing! 
I am now very thankful for that four hour nap!

Updates {Randoms}

 ~ Hello everyone!! It has been a while since I blogged and I need to get back at it to journal all mine and my family’s happenings!

~ Madison is 10 months old now! Time sure flies on by. Madison, you sure do have a personality! You are one tough cookie! Madison loves her sisters so much, she loves playing with them. I am sure she wishes she can walk to keep up with them more.

~ We are still living with my parents which is bitter sweet. I get a lot of help from my mom & dad, but there is nothing like having your own place. Everything is going according to plan, so hopefully next year in Jan/Feb we will buy our new home in Blackhawk!

~ Ray and I  just bought our investment property!!!!! It was a short sale, Ray of course was the sales agent and we bought it off the people who were selling it and they are still going to keep living there and rent it off us!! so, this was totally a great investment!

I am pregnant with baby number 4!!!! j/k!! lol! Wanted to get you all excited ;). We are still talking about going a 4th round, so we will see what happens.

~ I am hooked on Instargram! keep up with us on Insta @olga_marquez!

~ Raychel is doing so good in soccer and in her preschool! She is moving on up in her soccer class! She loves soccer! Raychel had been learning a lot in preschool. she knows how to spell words by sounding out her letters!! I am so proud of her!!

~ Oceana will start a free trial of soccer in June to see if she likes it and she is going to start preschool in August!! Oceana is such a sweet heart and she tries so hard to keep up with her sister. 🙂

~ I through Ray a surprise party for his 35th birthday!! I will be posting soon, so stay tuned!!!

~ As for myself, I have been doing good! I have been working-out 5 days a week and I am loving it!! I also have been eating much healthier. I am loving my life, enjoying my girls and my amazing husband who makes my life all that much more wonderful!  ummm… I guess… the only thing that’s been kinda a struggle is that, I still, at times, been questioning my faith 😦 . but, other then that, life has been so amazing!

Hope you all are doing great and I cannot wait to get back on reading all your guys is posts!

Here are a few pics! If you follow me on insta then you might have already seen these 😉

My girls before bed time