Thanksgiving Pictures Part II

  After meeting up with Ray’s side of the family, we then headed over to Milpitas to met up with my side of the fam! Oh, How I love spending time with all my cousins, aunts, uncles and friends!  We have such a blast when we are together!!

We may not be the perfect family, but we sure do love each other, and  truly enjoy each others company!!

{{{{Warning: tons of pictures}}}}

                                         All the cousins getting ready to take a group picture!

 I had no clue my cousin was holding my hair up the whole time!! lol!! thanks, feli!

Thank you, Lord for blessing me with an extraordinary family!!

Thanksgiving Pictures Part I

On Thanksgiving, early afternoon, we met up with Ray’s mom and her boyfriend, sister, brother and their families at Mimi’s Cafe to celebrate thanksgiving together! After Mimi’s Cafe, Ray, the girls and I met up with Ray’s dad and his girlfriend. Ray ordered dessert and I just ordered a coffee since we just had finish eating, plus we were heading to my side of the family in the evening. I love the holidays, because I truly enjoy spending time with family and friends!!! It is the best! thank you, lord for family!

 Michele’s birthday was just a few days away, so our mother-in-law bought her a cake to sing happy birthday! 

Ray’s dad and GF 

Blessed By A Sweet Friend

  Today, thanks to one of my BFF’s,  I didn’t have to make dinner!!
Meagan made this amazing lasagna…
I was going to take a picture of it before eating it, but I totally forgot and couldn’t help it, because it looked so good, and it was so good!! Not only did she make dinner for me, but she wrote in this beautiful card for me. What I loved most about what she wrote in this card was that she said after she made it, her and her hubby prayed over it!!  Isn’t that just so great?! I love that her and her hubby pray together even for the simplest/smallest of things! That is beautiful!
I am so blessed to have met this girl! He placed her in my life about almost 2 years now, and I am so thankful that she will be in my future!
Thanks Meagan!!
PS I had other wonderful ladies from my church and friends come bring me dinner or just stopped by to meet little Madi!! Thank you ladies!

Thankful Tuesday

  Today I am linking up again over at The Fisher Family.
I am thankful for:
*our vacation coming very very soooon!
*my husband who always works so hard, but even more these past days.
*a roof over my head, my escalade and having all the food we need.
*our newest addition McKenzie and of course my beautiful girls I have now.
*my sister, she is amazing, she is my best friend. (she is getting married in June! her story here)
*my little brother
*my amazing friends
*our bible study group
*this beautiful weather
*our amazing God that we did not choose but He chose US!
{John 15:16 You did not choose me, but I chose you}
Praise God!


First off… I feel like I haven’t blogged in like FOREVER!!! and now that I am, it doesn’t feel the same. I really don’t feel like going on here as much as I did before getting morning sickness. lol this is probably not a good way to start this post, but I am just saying what I am feeling at the moment. Its kinda nice though, not being on the computer everyday. Anyways, Thanksgiving was great, (besides feeling a little nauseous) we had a good time at Ray’s moms house and then after at my parents. We have a big family, so it is tons of fun hanging out with all the aunts, uncles, cousins and friends!

The Hubs and Brother-in-law
 Frank & Carol
 Karen and Cindy
 The little ones eating their Thanksgiving dinner
 At my parents house. Elizabeth, Iris, Me, Alejandra

 The cousins/friends
Bridget & Felipe
 Sister & Brother

We are so Thankful that God has blessed us with huge family!