Hubby Thursdays- Thankful

  I know I am going to sound like a broken record, but I cant help but to be thankful for my HUSBAND! He is so amazing! I love that he is a man of God, he is determined, driven, and has a heart of gold! All he wants is for us to live a good life, he wants nothing but the best for us, and that pushes him to work hard. This guy works so hard its unbelievable. He gives 110% to all his clients and looks out to give them the best. Ray’s job can be very stressful, as most of you know, he is self employed and is a Realtor. We all know that out here in Cali the market isn’t how it was 4-5 years ago and Ray actual started doing real estate when the market was down, so he doesn’t know how it feels having buyers and sellers finding you and wanting to sell and buy left and right. Now, you have to work hard to find sellers and buyers and you have to know about short sales since there is a lot out there. Short sales are a lot of work, because you have to be on top of the banks in order for the short sale to go through, and it can be along process for it to finally close. Ray everyday is making calls, and once a week or sometimes more, he is out door knocking. If ray does not have a listing or anyone looking to buy, we don’t get paid. This can be very stressful in its self, but Ray has a determined mind, and his hope is in the Lord. Ray wont quit till he finds someone who needs help selling or buying. I am so thankful for his drive to keep on keeping on! And our God is amazing, he provides for us every time! Ray wants to be successful Real Estate Agent and I know he will! With God all things are possible! Ray has a heart of gold, even though he can be stressed out to the max some months, he is still there for us, for his girls. He plays with them every evening/night he comes home from work, and once I put them to bed its us time ( I guess is should wait patiently for Madison’s arrival and enjoy the time Ray and I have alone while the girls are in bed.) All and all, I am beyond Thankful to our Lord Jesus for this incredible husband he has given me. I am so proud to be his wife!

A quick story… Ray was making his regular calls when this man answers. I am not sure how the conversation started, but the man told Ray that he was just praying or has been praying for someone to help/advise him if selling is home and that Ray was the first Realtor to call after his prayer!!! PRAISE GOD!! This is just beyond amazing to me! God is so good, He is not only answering this mans prayers, but is also providing for our family!! THANK YOU LORD for you are so GOOD!


Thankful Tuesday

  Today I am linking up again over at The Fisher Family.
I am thankful for:
*our vacation coming very very soooon!
*my husband who always works so hard, but even more these past days.
*a roof over my head, my escalade and having all the food we need.
*our newest addition McKenzie and of course my beautiful girls I have now.
*my sister, she is amazing, she is my best friend. (she is getting married in June! her story here)
*my little brother
*my amazing friends
*our bible study group
*this beautiful weather
*our amazing God that we did not choose but He chose US!
{John 15:16 You did not choose me, but I chose you}
Praise God!

Thankful Tuesday

  I am thankful for:
our amazing God
Great pregnancy
Healthy family
My dear husdand who works so hard for me to be able to stay home with the girls
My girls
My family, my mom who helps me so much
the love in our home and all the blessings God has given us
Thank you heavenly father for all your blessings.
I am linking up with The Fisher Family today!