Danville Parade & BBQ!

  On 4th of July, Danville has a parade every year. It is so much fun to walk on the iron hours trail and head to down town Danville. This was the girls second time, to view their first time click {{here}}. The girls, Ray and I had a great time meeting up with friends and hanging out watching the parade. After the parade we grabbed some lunch and then headed back home to relax before going over to Rich and Dawns house for some fun in the sun and BBQ! Raychel loves, LOVES playing with Riley, Dawn and Rich’s girl. She is such a sweet heart and she also loves playing/taking care of my girls. Once eight o’clock hit we all were so tired from being out in the sun all day, so we called it a night and headed home. We were going to go see the fireworks, but we knew the girls would make it and they would end up falling asleep. The good thing is we all got to see the fireworks at the A’s game! This fourth of July was such a fun, and relaxing time!


{A’s Game}

  This past Saturday we joined Marissa, Justin and Jordan in celebrating Justin’s 25th birthday at the A’s game. It was so much fun bonding with all the families that went! The kiddos also had a blast spending time together and watching the fireworks after the game! Raychel and Oceana loved the fireworks! Oceana kept trying to catch them or touch them lol! Raychel and Oceana did really well, this being their first game. This was also mine and Ray’s first time going to an A’s game together (we are more football fans)! Anyhow, these pictures tell the rest of how our evening/night went!

 The kiddos watching a DVD

 I love this little guy!! He is the cutest EVER!!

This man was singing happy birthday to Justin lol
 I love this lady!! Isnt she gorgeous?! her blog {[here]}
Raychel being the spot light and dancing!


 Some more cheese!

 Dad playing with his baby girl

why i love summer…

We love being outdoors! We love water parks, having picnics and just plainly being outside enjoying the sun!
{over load on pictures}

A trip to the Zoo

A few church mommies and I took our kiddos to the Zoo! The last time Ray and I took the girls to the Zoo was around their nap time so they did not enjoy it as much as this time.

Raychel was so excited to go to the Zoo. On the way there she kept asking me if we were there yet, and she was naming all the animals she wanted to see. Once we got there the girls got to see all the animals they wanted to see! They had a blast seeing all the animals and playing in the little play area they have there for the kiddos! We all head a great lunch together and overall a great day!

 I am so proud of my girls, they did so good listening to mommy! It is so nice when everything goes smoothly and they are not throwing tantrums! It was a great day and I enjoyed every minute of it with my girls! Thanks husband of mine… because of your hard work, I am able to stay home and do all these great things, and have/make all these great memories with them! I thank you Lord for my husband!

Hubby Thursdays- Family QT

The weather out in Cali has finally been hot! I love it!! This past Monday {Oceana’s actual birthday, June13th} Ray came home from work and asked us if we all wanted to go for a walk, right away we all said, “yes.” I absolutely love family quality time “QT.”
 It was so nice going out for an evening walk with the whole family. There is something about the outdoors that is so relaxing and a great bonding time. We are defiantly making this a tradition!
We walked over to down town Danville and did a few stops at a few places… our last stop was at Baskin Robins! The girls and Ray got vanilla ice cream and prego mommy got a mint chocolate chip shake!! It was SO GOOD!! I should had gotten a large instead of a small lol, next time I will know to get me a large!  
I just love spending family time with the hubs!! He is always so busy, so any chance we get to spend any extra time with Ray as a family… we wouldn’t miss it for the world!!!

walking the Iron Horse Trail back home.

What is your family tradition for the summer or what is your favorite family QT?

Cancun Mexico Dia Tres

  Day three in Cancun was amazing! We woke up, ordered room service, and headed out to be at the pool and the beach all day/evening long! It was so relaxing and so much fun to be with my amazing husband and our two beautiful girls in paradise!
The girls loved it! They are little fishies and love to be in the water.

after a day full of splish splashes and fun in the sun, we went back to our room, freshened up and went to dinner.

Our waiter made us a special banana dessert!

It was a great day in Cancun Mexico!
*Day Four and Mothers Day Coming Soon!

{Is It May Yet?!}

God willing, this is where we will be in May…
(pictures from google)
Playa del Carmen, Mexico!
Luke 23:43
Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”

{Charlie’s Angeles…}

Red, Brunette, Blonde!


Milk – $2.95

Diapers – $19.99

Baby wipes – $5.45

Princess sippy cups – $4.99

Gereber graduates lil crunchies baked corn snacks – $3.29

Watching your girls smile and laugh – PRICELESS!

{Park Lovin’}

This past Tuesday my sister-in-law invited me on a play-date to a park that is only 5 minutes away from my house. I have never been to this park, for I never knew it existed! This park is the coolest water park for little ones!! I love it!! I have been looking for something like this (apparently not good enough since I missed this one, literally only 5 minutes from mi casa!)  to take my little ones during these hot days! They love this park, and I really like it too! They have this mushroom type looking thing that water comes out of, they have a cute little river with a pond/pool at the end of it for the little ones to play in, they also have a sand play area, and of course a… playground! Here are some pictures of the park…

(I had no clue it was a water park, so I didn’t dress my girls appropriately)

Raychel getting all wet in her jeans lol. She loves playing with her fav cousin, Jacob!
Oceana watching her sis
The playgound!
The river!
Raychel up at top
this picture was from earlier today 😉