Birthday Fiesta!

Last Friday, we celebrated Meagan’s birthday!
Her hubs surprised her with a fiesta theme.
It was so much fun being with the people I love!
(pictures via meagan)
Also, a week and a day ago was my sweet sisters 30th birthday!!
We went to brunch at cheesecake factory, she did some shopping, and then we headed to our favorite place Concannon for some appitizers and a glass of wine. Later that evening we had pizza and cake at the parents.

On another note; madison has been sleeping a little better. Thank you guys for your sweet comments and prayers!! Love you!


I Thank God for Her

I thank God, for my beautiful sister.

I thank God, that we are so close.

I thank God, that we both love each other unconditionally.

I thank God, that she is a women who fears the Lord.

I thank God, for the love she has for every person.

I thank God, for her sweetness.

I thank God, for Elizabeth.

God has truly blessed me with a beautiful sister inside and out. I admire her. She is more then I could ever have asked for in a sister. I love that we can encourage, laugh, cry, love and pray together. She is my BFF {besides my hubby.} Elizabeth. you. are. the. BEST. and I praise God for it. Gracias por todo hermana. Te quiero muchisimo! Que dios te bendiga a ti y a tu esposo siempre!

I pray that my 3 girls can share the closeness that Elizabeth and I share.  I pray that my girls will be best friends, that they can run to each other and encourage each other in Christ Jesus. I pray that they will be girls who fear the Lord. I pray blessings upon my girls, in Jesus name, Amen!

Blessing to you sista and your wonderful husband!!! Cant wait for you two to have babies!!!! 😉 xox

PS. BROTHER! I have not forgotten you! you will also have a post coming soon! I love you and I thank God for you as well!!! xox

My Back Yard Growing Up and Now It’s My Girls!

I love this place {Concannon}! My family and I grew up coming here. My dad and mom work(ed) here so they would always bring us here at a very young age. It literally is like our back yard { I know I sound like a broken record because I have done a few post on this place already, but this is a place i truly LOVE, it has so much meaning to me and my family! Elizabeth recently got married here too, so it just means so much to us!}

It is so amazing to me remembering the times I spent with my family here, it literally feels like it was just yesterday Elizabeth, Ernie, and I were running around playing and now my little girls are doing the same!

I can not wait for the day Elizabeth and Ernie have kids so we can all bring them here! How amazing would that be? What great meaning it would be for all of the family to get together for pictures!
God is so good! He is so good for giving me these 3 beautiful girls, and for Him letting me see them grow in the same spot I grew up, our back yard! I remember my dad would run around with us and put us on his shoulders, and my mom would just sit and watch us with Ernie in her arms. Now, I am running around with my littles playing princess tag {princess tag: am the hungry dragon looking for a princess to eat!} while my mom holds little Madi. 

I have got to bring the hubby here more often! I normally come here on the weekdays, so hubby cant join since he is working, but i know he would love to be here with us.
These pictures are from last week, my mom, girls, and I went to Concannon to have a picnic and to say hi to my dad. It was a fun time… as always!
I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the girls! So, here is a TON of pictures…


Madison Marie Marquez

Madison, today you are a 2 months old! Your Mama, Daddy and your sisters can not be anymore blessed. You bring so much joy into our lives! You sure are a beautiful blessing sent from above! You have started to smile and giggle, and every time you do we are in awe on how sweet you are! Raychel and Oceana love you so much! Sometimes a little too much… they squeeze you so tight, and kiss you while you sleep that it scares you and wakes you. Daddy couldn’t be any happier to have such a sweet little princess. You are a sweet and calm baby during the day, but once evening hits you become a little wiggle worm and you just want to be feed and held, which is fine by me!! I love holding you, and nursing you. I am so blessed to be a mom to 3 beautiful princesses! Madison, I am loving how little you are right now, but I am also excited to soon see you play and interact with your sisters! God has blessed me with a special you, know one else out there can be or is like you. I love you Madison, words can not say how truly blessed I feel to have you as my daughter! Te quiero muchisimo mi bebe! Que dios te quide y que te proteja a ti y tus hermanas siempre. Las quiero mucho!!!!!!!!!

you nurse about ever 3-4 hours, sometimes sooner, but for the most part about every 3-4. You spit up almost at every feeding, most of the time its on me, on the couch or on yourself. Everything you do is precious, even when you spit up on mommy’s clothes. 😉
Madison you are in between your sisters with this one. Raychel was my night out, Oceana loved to sleep… she slept 12 hours by this time. You on the other hand, you go to bed any where from 9pm to 10:30pm, no later then 10:30pm. you sleep till about 4am to nurse then go right back to bed, and wake again at about 6am, sometimes you will stay asleep till 8am and then nurse. After nursing at 8am you stay up for about an hour or until I put you in your car seat to take Raychel to pre-school then you fall back asleep ;).
you are starting to grow out of your “newborn clothes” some still fit, but some are getting too tight! your 0-3 months clothes fit you so much better.  
your hair is light brown and your eyes are blue!

Big Sister and Little Sister Love

  I’m cleaning my place when i then walk over to the living room and see these two!
Raychel feel asleep right next to her little sis, so precious!

{One Week Old}

  I am a little late on posting Madison’s week old picture… it has been pretty busy in the Marquez house hold. 

I can not believe I am a mommy to these three beautiful girls!

More Wedding Pictures

The most beautiful flower girl I have ever seen!

These pictures below were taking by me! {pictures have not been edited}

 These pics below, of course, were not taken by me
 Our awesome little brother!
Raychel, Me, Tatiana and Elizabeth. Tatiana was such an amazing help, she pretty much took charge of the whole wedding! Elizabeth had a wedding coordinator, who is amazing but, Tatiana took over all the other things and she did great! Without her this wedding would not had been as beautiful as it turned out to be!

Elizabeth and Hugo’s Wedding…

was just BEAUTIFUL! It was such a beautiful feeling seeing my sister finally find the one and get MARRIED!! I am so happy for her!! I still can not believe she is a married women now!! Praise God!

You can find Elizabeth and Hugo’s story here 😉

At the ceremony Hugo had this look on his face that was filled with love towards my sister, the way he looked at her as she was coming down the isle, a look of joy that filled his eyes with tears, a look of happiness, and a look of completion, it was beautiful! It is such a blessing seeing my sister and Hugo in love and making this commitment to God and each other. It was one of my best days ever {besides mine and my hubby’s wedding… of course, and the birth of my beauties}, what a beautiful feeling seeing your sister get married! Brother, your next!! Well, you are still too young, lets wait a few more years then you can get married 😉

{The Place/Decorations}

Elizabeth getting her hair done by our good freind Clarissa…
At our parents getting ready…

 Elizabeth hanging out with the most beautiful flower girl EVER! Raychel loved seeing her tia get ready in her beautiful princess dress!

 Then after all the getting ready it was time for Elizabeth to make her grand appreance!
The bride making her 1st apperance {Hugo did not get to see her 1st appreance.}
 Our dad so proud of his daughter!

More pictures to come!!
{pictures taken by Tatiana and Me!}

Elizabeth’s Bachelorette!!

My sister gets Married this SATURDAY!!! I am super excited!!! This past Saturday was my sisters bachelorette party, and it was a blast!
All of Elizabeth’s girlfriends met at our parents house and then from there they all carpooled to San Ramon to get our nails done {I live close to San Ramon so I just met them all there}!
Tatiana putting on Elizabeth sash and button!
Our mom outside her house {yep, that’s our dad in the background gardening away}
The nail spa was our first stop!

Our next stop was at, Ooh La La Crepes! They were so delicious!! {Thanks to Tatiana who found this awesome place!} At breakfast/brunch, I past out goodie bags that Elizabeth and I bought for the girls to thank them for coming.
 Elizabeth surprised me with my own goodie box! A starbucks card and a gift card to American Eagle!

After brunch we headed to Starbucks and to Victoria’s Secret for some lingerie shopping!!
{In walnut creek <33}

Elizabeth about to try on a few little sexy lingerie outfits the girls and I picked out for her wedding night!

 waiting outside her door to see the lingerie on her!

Tatiana and Nana each bought her a lingerie outfit for her wedding night!!

After some fun shopping at Victoria’s Secret, all the girls wanted to head back and freshen up/change before heading to SAN FRANCISCO!
At the parent house, Elizabeth opened up a few gifts the girls had gotten her.

 Then it was off to the CITY!

I was looking up online for a wine tasting place in SF and found the Press Club. It is so nice and classy inside, I had to get all the girls here for Elizabeth’s bachelorette! The manager was so nice too, he treated us all with champagne to celebrate the bachelorette party! {of course I did not have any or wine}

Their appetisers are amazing!!
 and their cheese was delish!!

Heading to dinner at the Seasons
 The menu had all these wordings for the food that we had no clue what they were so Elizabeth took out her cell and started googling what each one meant lol!! It was so funny, we were all laughing. Dinner was so much fun! We gave Elizabeth tips on marriage, and we were remembering all the funniest moments we had with Elizabeth! We were cracking up the whole time at dinner, It was the best ever!

Since it was Elizabeth special day they treated us with some yummy chocolates after dinner.

 After dinner we called it a night and headed back home.
This was such a fun, special day! I can not believe my sister is finally getting married!!! He is a great man, they are going to be very happy together!! Cant wait till SATURDAY!! Priase God!