Girl Time!

My parents bought the girls these little make-up kits, so we had some girly time! I had the girls do my make up 😉 and they actually do a pretty good job!

 these nails didn’t come with anything to stick them on with so i used tape lol
 don’t they do a pretty good job?! they applied the lipstick very good besides getting a little on my cheek, and the eye shadow looks pretty good too! Oceana was applying some eye shadow above the brow lol i don’t know why she thinks it goes above the brow, but anyhow, i think over all it looks pretty darn good 😉


Swap Party!

  Meagan and I hosted a Swap Party at Meagan’s house, and it was such a blast! We are most definitely going to have more swap parties! A swap party is when you and all your girl friends get together and bring clothes, jewelry, etc, that you no longer wear and you trade! Basically you pick what you like and you take it! Whatever ended up being left we all agreed on donating it to a charity we all feel strongly for. We all had such a blast having some amazing girl time!

The set up…

 Meagan and her little peanut!
 and the swap begins!

 After swaping our clothes it was picture time!

 We all put on the clothes that was left to see who can make the silliest outfit! so much fun!
 at about 11:30pm
 it was time to call it a night!
I love these girls!!!!!!!

Purple Bubbles

Purple Bubbles are fun, but very messy!! I guess the good thing is the purple washes right off, and the girls had fun!

 Once the girls started using the Purple blow bubbles as lipstick… it was the end of bubble time.


{Flavored Water}

Who needs…
When you have…     kids +

Flavored water!
all you need is one in your water and you can taste whichever flavored fruit snack they put in it -haha!

{Coffee Creamer Taste Challenge}

Marissa (my bff ) and I are such nerds with our Hazelnut coffee creamer. We love hanging out with our girls and drinking coffee with Hazelnut creamer! Well, there are two brands that we like; the Coffeemate and the Lucerne(Safeway brand) of Hazelnut creamer. Naturally, we wanted to find out which one tastes best. Soooo….we decided to challenge them. A few weeks ago I went over to her place, she already had the Coffeemate one and I brought the Lucerne one. We made a pot of coffee and each had two cups of coffee with the respective creamers in each cup. Here are some pictures of our coffee creamer taste test! This is truly what best friends are for LOL!!!!

(pictures taken with marissa’s cam)
The cups of coffee – pre-creamer

 The challengers:
 Pouring the coffeemate
 Pouring the Lucerne
 My Turn

And the WINNER is:

Its a TIE – they tasted the same to both of us hahah….so our advice is to buy whichever one is on sale Enjoy!!!

I hope this is as entertaining for you all as it was for us!

{My Professional Make-Up Artists}

I love having girly time with my girls… and they love to play with my make-up… so I decided to bring out my make-up and have them make-me-over!!

Here we go!

So far they are doing pretty good.
Now, they are thinking what they should add next

She is smiling, so everything must be looking good!
 All done… here it is….
Hahaha just kidding! Ok, Ok, here comes the real deal.
Oceana got carried away with the black eyeliner, and as you can see… Raychel got a good laugh out of it! This is when I knew I wasn’t looking that great anymore.
If you like the make-over the girls did on me, here is what they did…
They added some blush only on the left cheek, then they add some eyeshadow on one of my eyes and a little less on the other, they put some black and brown eyeliner on both my eyes…oh, and… the newest trend is to add it on your cheeks! They also put pounds of lip gloss on my lips, chin, nose, and cheeks… this is also a new trend to look extra shiny and have that natural glow! Haha!
PS. Raychel was so cute… she was humming most of the time while doing my make-up and picking it out! They both had tons of fun and I really enjoyed being their model!
PSS you may also like spaghetti hair extensions!

{I Say Yes to the Dress Again}

This past Thursday I had the beautiful Law family over for dinner, and Meagan had said something about our wedding dresses, since she seen mine hanging in the closet, and she said something like “you should come over one day and we can just wear our wedding dresses all day!” I love her! That’s totally something she would say! Anyway, Friday comes along and I’m at home watching TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress, then I thought about what Meagan had said, so I head over to my closet and I put my beautiful wedding dress on!
Ray seen me and said, “your wearing your wedding dress?!” He probably thinks I’m weird! hahaha! Actually, he’s the one that helped take all these pictures… so I guess he doesn’t think I am that weird, he also knew I was watching… Say Yes to the Dress, since it was still on.
I love my wedding dress! I would most definitely say YES to this DRESS again!