My New Fragrance Is Called…

 Baby Milky Way!! Starting now till about almost a year I will be smelling like this!!

if you want Baby Milky Way just come on over, hold Madison for a bit and you will be smelling like beautiful rivers of milk!!
Happy Friday Everyone! God Bless!

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lipstick gone worng!

I noticed Oceana go into my room and then take off running to the play room. She was very quite in the play room, I walked over to the play room quietly so she wouldn’t hear me coming and I see her with my two lipsticks! They were both open and she was applying them on her lips. I headed to my room quietly to grab my camera and back to where Oceana was and this is what I caught…
She heard the snap of the flash and she turned around to look…

Oceana knew she was caught!
She then covers her face with her blanky.
 There it is… my poor lipstick all cracked and smooched
 hiding her face inside the blanky

Mi otro lavial{my other lipstick}!
She finally gave in and gave me back my lipsticks.
Oh, Ocenana! Lipstick gone way wrong- ha ha!

Purple Bubbles

Purple Bubbles are fun, but very messy!! I guess the good thing is the purple washes right off, and the girls had fun!

 Once the girls started using the Purple blow bubbles as lipstick… it was the end of bubble time.


{Flavored Water}

Who needs…
When you have…     kids +

Flavored water!
all you need is one in your water and you can taste whichever flavored fruit snack they put in it -haha!

Where You Least Expected

Our girls are pretty good at putting their shoes and jackets away in their room but sometimes not so good.

About 2 or 3 days ago we were getting ready to leave and for the life of me we couldn’t find one of Raychel’s gold shoes! We looked everywhere.. or so we thought! Then finally through the corner of my eye as I was walking to my room I seen it… here is where it was…


Oceana’s New Style

Oceana is a crack up… my mom bought Raychel some new undies and Oceana really liked them that she put them on her head. I guess she thought she looked like Cinderella- haha!
Pictures taken by my mom with her camera

{All I want for Christmas is…}

 my stocking to be filled with goodies!!!!
Hahaha! J/K . I had never seen a stocking this big so I had to take a pic via my blackberry.
PS Sorry I look kinda scary in this pic

{When it’s quiet, you know that means trouble!}

So here I am on the computer while the girls are in the living room playing with daddy. A few minutes later I hear quietness, but I figure everything is OK, because they are with daddy. A few more minutes later Raychel walks into the office room (where I am at), and this is what I see…. 

 This girl cracks me up!!

Then I walk out to the living room to find my husband sleeping (which I don’t mind, poor guy, he works so hard through out the week that he needs these naps!) Then I walk over to the bathroom to find this….

Oh, man!
When the kids are quiet… you know… they are up to no good! haha!