San Diego Trip #4

   This 4th trip to San Diego was so much more relaxing then the others. We didn’t do much. We ordered room service pretty much every day, and I met up with Melissa and her mom for a day. I love spending time with them and catching up. This year I was planning to do all these things in San Diego, but it turned out to be the complete opposite! As for pictures… I only took 5! I wasn’t in the mood, and there wasn’t much to take anyway. I had a great time though, its nice to change things up from your normal routine. 

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{San Diego!}

Every year in January we take our yearly trip to San Diego, because my sweet husband has a seminar (Mike Ferry) he goes to and he takes us along and we make it a mini vaca! Last year Oceana was a little peanut not even walking and this year she was all over the place! I cant believe that next year we will have a new little one with us!!!! Click here to see last years trip!

 I love San Diego, the weather was beautiful!! We stayed at the Hyatt again which we will be staying there every year except once Raychel starts school then we wont be able to go with daddy anymore =( but until then I am going to enjoy it every year ;). It’s so nice not having to clean or cook and just enjoy being with my girls and hubby after his seminar. All we pretty much did out there was order room service and go out to dinner in the evenings, It was a nice little getaway with the fam =)

While Ray was in his seminars the girls and I went on walks and met up with my girl friend Melissa! Melissa is a sweet heart, I went to high school with her so it was nice to get together again and remanes on the olden days. here are a pics of our nice little getaway…

Our view from our room

Out in the city with Melissa

Out on a walk with my girls

Out to dinner with the whole fam bam