My number 1 real estate agent!

  I love this man!! He truly is amazing!
His career is no doubt one of the most stressful jobs out there. As most of you know being a real estate agent you are self employed, so this means if he doesn’t list a home or find a home for his clients he doesn’t get paid. this is not your average Monday through Friday 8-5 job, no, you have to actually get out there and work or else there is no paycheck! Your mentality has to be strong, and positive, because you will hear tons of “No’s” and rude people who have nothing but bad words coming out of their mouth. Being a real estate agent isn’t easy, there is more behind the sense then his commission you see at the end of the closing. Specially, now, in this market, you have to work twice as hard to find those clients and get them to list with you. Anyway, I can go on and on, but all I want to say is that I am so proud of my amazing husband for his hard work and courage to take on a career like this. Thanks for providing for me and our girlie’s, babe!!
the blue is his pendings and the green are his solds! his goal is to sell 75 homes!
 this pic, of course, was before I cut my hair 😉
PS this was part of our date night. after dinner and a movie (10pm) we went to his office so he can get some papers for his clients ASAP. Talk about dedication!!
This is your agent if you leave in the east bay!
ready for our date night

 dinner time!
movie time


Hubby Thursdays – Realtor Ray Marquez shadows Seattle Realtor…

Hubby Thursdays

This is the hubby’s board he has up in his office of all the transactions he has done/doing… all the listings he has, all the pendings and all the solds! He has sold 36 homes starting from January 2011 to today! He has more closings to come, and more listings he is getting! You are doing extraordinary, babe! Thanks to your hard work and the grace of God!! Keep up the great work, honey!

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.” (Proverbs 12:24)

Hubby Thursdays!

I appreciate what you do every. single. day. to provide for us. I thank you! You are AH-mazing!

This is what Ray does every day…

Hubby Thursdays

 As I am typing this post the hubby is getting ready to start his Brokers test!!
Please say a little pray for him that he will pass!!
I have no doubt that he will pass! He has been studing, he’s been going to classes, and with yours and my prayers… he will pass with flying colors!

Hubby Thursdays- Thankful

  I know I am going to sound like a broken record, but I cant help but to be thankful for my HUSBAND! He is so amazing! I love that he is a man of God, he is determined, driven, and has a heart of gold! All he wants is for us to live a good life, he wants nothing but the best for us, and that pushes him to work hard. This guy works so hard its unbelievable. He gives 110% to all his clients and looks out to give them the best. Ray’s job can be very stressful, as most of you know, he is self employed and is a Realtor. We all know that out here in Cali the market isn’t how it was 4-5 years ago and Ray actual started doing real estate when the market was down, so he doesn’t know how it feels having buyers and sellers finding you and wanting to sell and buy left and right. Now, you have to work hard to find sellers and buyers and you have to know about short sales since there is a lot out there. Short sales are a lot of work, because you have to be on top of the banks in order for the short sale to go through, and it can be along process for it to finally close. Ray everyday is making calls, and once a week or sometimes more, he is out door knocking. If ray does not have a listing or anyone looking to buy, we don’t get paid. This can be very stressful in its self, but Ray has a determined mind, and his hope is in the Lord. Ray wont quit till he finds someone who needs help selling or buying. I am so thankful for his drive to keep on keeping on! And our God is amazing, he provides for us every time! Ray wants to be successful Real Estate Agent and I know he will! With God all things are possible! Ray has a heart of gold, even though he can be stressed out to the max some months, he is still there for us, for his girls. He plays with them every evening/night he comes home from work, and once I put them to bed its us time ( I guess is should wait patiently for Madison’s arrival and enjoy the time Ray and I have alone while the girls are in bed.) All and all, I am beyond Thankful to our Lord Jesus for this incredible husband he has given me. I am so proud to be his wife!

A quick story… Ray was making his regular calls when this man answers. I am not sure how the conversation started, but the man told Ray that he was just praying or has been praying for someone to help/advise him if selling is home and that Ray was the first Realtor to call after his prayer!!! PRAISE GOD!! This is just beyond amazing to me! God is so good, He is not only answering this mans prayers, but is also providing for our family!! THANK YOU LORD for you are so GOOD!


  Ray’s Real Estate Blog!!

His blogs main focus is… every two weeks he will update you with a video on how to make a smart decision in real estate, improve the value of your home, and keep you up to date on what’s happening in our local real estate market!

We live in the Bay Area, so if you live close by or planning to move to northern California or if you are looking to hear and learn about smart real estate decision, follow my hubby’s blog and stay updated with what is going on in the real estate market!

Check him out!!

{God, Determination, Motivation, Discipline, and Strength}

I have NEVER met a man who is so determined then my husband. Ray is so determined to accomplish all his goals and to give his wife and kids more then he has ever had. Ray is determined to put our kids in the best schools/colleges and in a great home in the gated community of Blackhawk, and for him and his wife to travel the world! This guy amazes me, he still till this day wakes up at 4:15am, goes to the gym, comes home, eats, showers and gets to work from about 8am to 7pm monday-saturday… 6 days a week! And he still makes time to play with the girls and cuddle with the wifey on the couch. He is SUPER MAN! I was talking to my BFF-Marissa and we were talking about Ray and how not anyone can do what he does… He calls people, door knocks homes, gets rejected, gets yelled at, hears NO so many times (I would be crying every single time I got rejected, I take everything so personal.) but yet he still wakes up and does it all over again the next day! He is so discipline to stick to his schedule and keep going, he knows that out of all the No’s he hears he will soon get a YES. I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to go far, it might take a while, but we will be there! Right now we are on the journey, “the climb,” and we are making the best of it, because we know that this is the best part of it all, getting to the top! so when we look back at these times we will appreciate all that we have and the journey it took to get here.  Sometimes it can be hard, because all I want is to have more time with him, more time with him on Saturdays and for him to be home earlier on the weekdays but, like I said we are on the journey “the climb” and soon we will be spending time together in Fuji or at our home in Blackhawk with our kiddos! I feel so loved by him… because one of the reasons why he is working so hard is for me! At first I didn’t really see it, but now I get it… and I know… that I am one big part of the reason why he is also motivated on striving to do the best for us! Ray, I appreciate EVERYTHING you do, I RESPECT you more then ever, you blow my mind!!! and the fact that you are so generous, humble, and have an amazing heart is just AMAZING! I love you RAY! I thank the Lord Jesus for being with you every step of the way. I thank Him for giving you breath to go on to the next day, I thank Him for giving you the determination, motivation, discipline and strength to do what you do mon-sat.
Our God is an amazing God and he is to be praised!! All that we have and will have is His, He can take it away and He can give in abundance. I thank Him for all the blessings he has given us and with what he will bless us in the future. Anything we receive we give it to you Lord, in hopes to further your kingdom! Thank you Lord! You are our ROCK! 

Thank you Ray for all you do! Love, your wife xxoxoxoxox

{San Diego!}

Every year in January we take our yearly trip to San Diego, because my sweet husband has a seminar (Mike Ferry) he goes to and he takes us along and we make it a mini vaca! Last year Oceana was a little peanut not even walking and this year she was all over the place! I cant believe that next year we will have a new little one with us!!!! Click here to see last years trip!

 I love San Diego, the weather was beautiful!! We stayed at the Hyatt again which we will be staying there every year except once Raychel starts school then we wont be able to go with daddy anymore =( but until then I am going to enjoy it every year ;). It’s so nice not having to clean or cook and just enjoy being with my girls and hubby after his seminar. All we pretty much did out there was order room service and go out to dinner in the evenings, It was a nice little getaway with the fam =)

While Ray was in his seminars the girls and I went on walks and met up with my girl friend Melissa! Melissa is a sweet heart, I went to high school with her so it was nice to get together again and remanes on the olden days. here are a pics of our nice little getaway…

Our view from our room

Out in the city with Melissa

Out on a walk with my girls

Out to dinner with the whole fam bam


{Prospecting School in Vegas}

Last week,  Wednesday through Friday, Ray went to Vegas for prospecting school. Prospecting school is an organization made by Mike Ferry where you are with a group of people, each person gets a cubicle and you just call potential clients from 9am-5pm. They call for sale by owners, expireds, and just listed/just sold homes. Ray already does this religiously  Monday through Friday to get new clients, but the cool thing about going to prospecting school is that you can tap into the other persons call and listen in on their conversations and hear how they handle things with potential clients, and how they pursue them to list their home with them.( I think this is so cool, because you listen in to the other persons conversations and get other ideas on how to talk to your potential clients.) Even though its not so much about persuading, but being honest, helping people accomplish their goals to buy or sale, doing your homework and really knowing whats going on in the market. Which Ray is always doing his homework, and he is way on top of everything! He is such a great Real Estate agent! I am not just saying this because he is my husband, but because he really is trust worthy, a hard worker, and he doesn’t stop until he finds you the perfect home for the best deal or sales your home for top dollar! This is Ray’s career, he doesn’t do it part-time, he is fully focused 100% on Real Estate. ( I know I am going a little out of the subject now, but I cant help but to brag a little about my hubby… hehe). Lets put it this way… If you are going to get surgery done, do you want a part-time surgeon to perform the surgery on you or do you want someone who is full-time who does it every single day? It’s kinda like an agent too, do you want someone that does it here and there or someone who knows the market inside and out, since that’s what they do every. single. day. hahaha… I have no clue why I went this far, but I did! OK, so where were we?! Oh, yes… prospecting school! Ray goes to prospecting school about 4 times a year, and there is always different people so you can always get/hear new ideas on how they talk to potential clients. Not only that, but the environment you’re in… everyone there is motivated on calling and getting clients, and you feed off of everyones energy. This is why Ray goes about 4 times a year to prospecting school. Ray is always learning and going to seminars, he wants to be the best agent he can be!

                    Here is two pictures of Ray last week at prospecting school..

 You can see in this picture a guy tapping into Ray’s call and listening in.