I don’t even know why I am crying?!

  … are the words that came out of my almost 4 year old! What? Really? She hasn’t even hit her teens and she is already very emotional! Dear, Lord! Help this momma out!!

Here is the story… we arrive home from my mom’s house, I unbuckle Oceana and carry her in my arms since she was sleeping. At that moment Ray also arrives home so he helps me get Madison out of the car. Raychel unbuckles herself and gets herself out of the car, as usual. I went on into the house to put Oceana down, then Raychel comes storming in crying her little eyes out. Ray then comes in and I ask Ray, “Why is Raychel crying?” he says, “I have no Idea?” Raychel is in our room bawling. Ray and I ask, ” Raychel why are you crying?” she says, “I don’t even know why I am crying?” What? No. she did not just say that?!! were the thoughts going through my head. Ray then says, “Raychel, if you are going to be crying for no reason, please go to your room and cry there.” Raychel takes off running to her room and closes the door and cries in her room. Ray and I just let her cry it out. I start the girls bath and then Ray and I go into Raychel’s room and she kinda stops crying, I then say, “Raychel your baths ready!” she gets all excited and kinda giggles and gives me a big hug, and hops right into the bath. The End!

Oh, Lord! They haven’t even hit their teens and they’re already acting like this! All I know is that Ray and I will be doing A LOT of praying, because we sure are going to need the big mans help!

On a different note… Elizabeth {my sister}is blogging!!! She is new to the bloggie world, so please send her some love and check her bloggie out!! The Journey, Elizabeth and Hugo. her and her husband are seriously the cutest, goofiest, spontaneous couple you will ever meet!


Raychel’s Field Trip

We went to Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch with Raychel’s school. I love joining her on her field trips! We all had tons of fun.

 Raychel was a pro milking the cow.

 choosing their pumpkin



 Where has the time gone? I cant even remember Raychel being this small! it seems like she has always been 3 years old.

Raychel, you are growing up way too fast, baby girl! You will be turning 4 in just two short months!! I stumbled across these pictures and all I can think is… SERIOUSLY?! Where has the time gone!! Its a reminder that I need to cherish every second with you girls, because you are all just growing up way too fast. Soon, all you girls will be no longer in the baby/toddler stage *sigh.* Oh, How I will miss these stages! So, today and every day to follow I will be soaking in yours, Raychel, Oceana’s and Madison’s stages that you guys are in now. I love you girls so much!!

I was pregnant with Oceana in this picture´╗┐

 Raychel and Oceana
Little Madison about two weeks ago.

Sticky Hands

Raychel is in a phase {I hope!} were she feels like she has sticky fingers. She calls it “sticky hands.” And she literally washes her hands like 10+ times a day!!

When she wakes up in the morning… she has sticky hands.

After she is done coloring… she has sticky hands.

After she is done eating… she has sticky hands.

After she is done drinking her chocolate milk… she has sticky hands.

After she is done playing… she has sticky hands.

She is doing nothing and she has sticky hands!

She always has sticky hands! And every. single. time. she says she has “sticky hands,” she runs to the bathroom and washes them! There has been times when she feels she cant get the stickiness out of her hands that she is in the bathroom for minutes washing her hands. Sometimes, she will miss out on playing with mommy and Oceana or waving bye to daddy as he drives off to work, because she is doing just that… WASHING HER STICKY HANDS!

Growing up I don’t believe I went through something like this. Has anyone of you gone through a phase like this or your kids??

Raychel’s First Vlog!

Raychel’s Questionnaire

I am for sure doing more of these! I know Raychel, Oceana and Madison will enjoy watching these when they are older! ­čśë Feliz Viernes!

Big Sister and Little Sister Love

  I’m cleaning my place when i then walk over to the living room and see these two!
Raychel feel asleep right next to her little sis, so precious!

Easter Egg Hunt Feild Trip

  Raychel’s pre-school had a field trip to a nice open park for the kids to have an Easter egg hunt, and of course I tagged along, I couldn’t miss my little one’s first field trip! But… then again… God willing… I will always be involved/tagging along in all of my girls school field trips and activities.

Once we got to the park all the kids enjoyed some free time playing on the playground, then the teachers had games for the kids to play, after they did the Easter egg hunt, and then we all had lunch before heading either back to the school or back home. Raychel is only in pre-school  half days, so after we dropped off one of the teachers back at the school and we headed home.

All the kids had to wear their school t-shirt´╗┐
 Oceana cracks me up! She does not like when people stare at her when she is doing something. I believe it was a man who was looking at her and she did not like it.
 My princesses!

 Raychel was walking so funny, because she did not want to drop the bean bag! She did so good!! Way better then the other kids! lol sorry, she is my baby girl and anything she does will probably be better then the other kids in my eyes ­čśë 

 The egg hunt!

´╗┐daddy and mommy are so very proud of you Raychel! You are so smart!

Raychel’s First Day of Pre-School!

  Raychel’s first day of pre-school was yesterday and It was a day full of emotions for me. My little baby is getting so big and is extremely smart!

Raychel woke up and right when she did she was excited to start school. I got her and her sister dressed, we had a small breakfast, I got all her stuff, and we were off to her first day of school! oh! and the first thing she said when she woke up and on the way to school was, ” Mommy where is daddy? He is not coming to take me to pre-school?” awe… how these girl love their daddy! I said, ” No, baby. He is working, but that’s why mommy is taking all these pictures of you so after school we can show daddy, ok!” She says, ” Yeah! OK, mommy! Take a picture of me so daddy can see!” awwww I love it!!! I pray that they always, always feel this way towards their daddy!! It melts my heart!! I felt like more of a mom taking my little one to school!! lol!! I cant believe that this time has come!!! I still feel like I just had her!!This is such a fun new season of our lives, and I thank God for this time! It feels so weird just having little OC with me and no Raychel, its bitter sweet =).

Raychel, daddy and mommy are so very proud of you! You are such a smart girl!!! God bless you sweetpea!

 Heading to school!! She looks kinda scary in this picture lol!
 Out front of the pre-school
 and there she goes…

Once we picked Raychel up from pre-school, Oceana was so happy to have her play buddy back!