Mommy is in Heaven {LOVE}

No words needed {almost}
Daddy playing with his girls at the grandparents backyard.

 Grandma giving Madison a bath in the sink!

 Raychel the sweet little helper! <3333333


On My Heart ~ Randoms

  ~ Madison has two little teeth

~Madison’s sleep is different every single night. Some nights are better then others
~ Ray and I took Raychel and Oceana to watch Lorax. Such a cute movie <333

~ Kony 2012


~ Haven’t been in the mood for blogging
~I am starting to work out again, and I am loving it

~ Fasting

~ I am enjoying QT with my family


~ I am Loving the new Kellogg’s cereal KRAVE


~ Thanks Husband, for my iphone! 


~I am actually really enjoying not being on the computer all that much

~ This weekend I might close up the baby factory. I am a little nervous, I have never gone under. 

~ I ❤ instagram!


Cafe Discussion & What I am Loving

our beautiful little journey
i’m so very excited to be taking part in the (very first!) cafe discussion going on at
what’s the purpose of cafe discussions? I’ll let Noelani explain:
Well, it’s a place for us ladies to gather in together, and share our thoughts and emotions. Every two weeks, there will be a new topic of discussion being brought to the coffee table. A place for us to pour our hearts out, exposing our emotions. A place for us to meet new ladies, who share the same views and beliefs … who we can relate to.
These topics will include things on – parenting, marriage, Military, our Faith, etc. The first topic of discussion? What’s the best part about being a parent?
I hope you can join us, and I’m so looking forward to hearing your responses!  

What I am Loving…

1. Being apart of Cafe Discussion, of course!

2. TOMS! I have no clue why I haven’t gotten these sooner?! They are so very comfortable and the best part… they give a pair to a child in need!!

3. This little scrunched up face!

4. If I don’t have someone to watch the girls while I get my hair done… my sister-in-love comes to mi casa 😉 !!

5. This man & these girls!

6. Gods protection over me and my family. It never fails that almost every week on the way to taking Raychel to school there is a car crash. I am so thankful for Gods protection on me and my family <33

7. I wrote to my kids!! {{post on my kids here}}

Christmas Card 2011 & What I’m Looking Forward to!

Looking Forward to…
  • Lake Tahoe Weekend Trip
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Raider Game
  • Our 5th Year Anniversary Getaway
  • San Diego Trip #4

young and restless

Randoms and Blogs I Love

~Why is it that the day your house is a mess and you don’t feel like getting ready, your husband decides to bring his buddies over without warning you?! Really?! Ahhh!

~Yesterday, I went to Safeway and bought a white Zinfandel. Normally in Safeway they are stricked on carding you if you look under 30… well… I guess I look pretty darn old {note: 30 is so not old but when you are in your mid 20’s and already worried about wrinkles and someone doesn’t card you, then you think… man! Do I really look that much older!}.

This is right after Safeway. Maybe its just the hat that makes me look older? I hope! haha!
{Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a women who fears the Lord is to be praised PROVERBS 31:30}

~Don’t you just love it when there is tons of traffic and you are flying by in the carpool lane?! I know I do!! It makes me feel like am VIP lol!

~I love it when I hear my girls playing together and laughing hysterically. Melts my heart!

~I am so loving the X Factor!! I like it so much better then American Idol. I don’t even know if I want to watch American Idol anymore, because compare to X its boring.

~I am going to order this book on amazon “The Power of a Praying Wife.” Cant wait to start reading it!

~AWE…. heart melting again! I have little Madison right by me on her Bumbo and she is falling asleep.
 Aww my sweet little angel!

NOW to blogs I

Of course I love my girlfriends blogs…. Meagan, Marissa and Brandi

This blog, is an Extraordinary mom who I look up to {besides my mom, of course!}. She is just an amazing women full of love for her 4 boys, not only that, she is a women who fears the Lord and desires to follow the path God has set for her and her family.

When this girl posts her posts I can not wait to read them. I always look forward to reading what God is doing in her life and in other peoples. I always get encouraged by reading her posts! She is a beautiful mom to 3 little ones, and she also takes the most beautiful pictures.

This blog, I just found out that we have the same name! Craziness!! There is not a lot of people that I know that have the same name. On her blog she goes by a different name, which is, pearl. She has the Prettiest style that I just LOVE!! and she is such a gorgeous girl! She also has the cutest little boy and she also dresses him in the cutest clothes!

This girl is awesome! She just graduated with her masters degree in counseling! Jaimee and her husband have been married for 6 years, but you would think they are newlyweds! Jaimee is such a sweet, fun, and loving person that I wish we were neighbors. She would be so much fun hanging out with! 

Casey, always has great words that are encouraging and inspiring! And she takes the most prettiest pictures of her sweet little girl.

Another blog that reminds me of Casey’s is Haley. Haley is expecting her second baby! She has a sweet little girl and now she is expecting a boy! 

The newest blogs I am following and love are… Schilling Times and Fast Forward Girl!

I have so many other blogs I follow and love, but these are few of my fav! God bless!

My Life In A Nutshell

  •   My parents were born and raised in Mexico Michoacan
  • I’m the second child
  • I was born in Livermore CA, May 1985
  • I lived in Livermore for 21 years
  • I have an older sister {Elizabeth} and a younger brother {Ernesto aka Ernie}
  • I was wild and crazy in high school, but at age 18 I accepted Jesus Christ into my life!
  • At 18, I met my husband {Ray}
  • Ray and I dated for 3 years, then we got married January 7, 2007 {I was 21}
  • I moved to Manteca january 7th and lived there for about a year
  • After being married for 2 months we found out we were expecting our first child!
  • Before giving birth to Raychel we moved to Dublin CA
  • I was 22 years old when I gave birth to Raychel on December 2007
  • I was induced with Raychel, no epidural! Labor and delivery was only 4 hours!
  • in September 2008 we found out we were expecting baby number 2 {Oceana}. Raychel was only 9 months old at the time!
  • Before giving birth to Oceana we moved to San Ramon CA
  • I was 24 years old when I gave birth to Oceana on June 2009
  • Oceana was all natural, med free! Labor and delivery was only 4 hours! {I barley made it to the hospital, I was already pushing this girl out!}
  • Before Oceana turned 1 we moved to Danville
  • October 2010 {25 years old} We found out we were expect our third baby {Madison}!
  • At age 26 I gave birth to our newest addition on July 2011!
  • Madison was also all natural no meds! Labor and delivery was only 3 hours! Praise God for fast labors and deliveries! I am blessed!
  • And here we are now!! Maybe baby number 4 next year?! who knows?! Ray and I did not close up shop after Madison was born, So0o0… there can be a baby number 4 next year, we will see! Right now… to be quit honest… I don’t even want to think about being prego!
  • Another big thing that’s happening now… is that we are buying an investment property!! This is my first investment property, and this is Ray’s 3rd. We are very excited! We will see if the bank accepts our offer!
I am going to tag a few of my readers!! If you have the time to do it great, if you don’t no worries!

Dirty House = Stressed Out Mama

  I dislike having my house a mess! It stresses me out! I feel gross, disorganized, and sometimes I cant enjoy playing or doing things with my girls if the house is a mess.  
Today, I was busy all morning that I didn’t even have time to make the bed. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is make the bed… and… today… it just didn’t happen. Not only did i not make the bed i also had clothes that needed to be folded and put away since last night!
The girls and I were running late to take Raychel to school that It didn’t give me a chance to pick anything up around the house or make the girls beds.
Yesterday, the girls cousins came over and they were all having a blast playing in the play room that it looks like it was struck by a tornado! Did I mention that I dislike leaving my house when its a mess? Ugh… I really do!

After dropping Raychel off at school, I got gas, I then headed to Safeway {nursed Madison in the car before heading to Costco}and Costco with Oceana and Madison. Once I got all the groceries I headed back home to put the groceries in their place then off to pick Raychel up. We got Raychel, we headed home and I got lunch ready for all of us and the hubs {he always comes home for lunch ;)}, nursed madi, THEN the cleaning began!
I had to stop cleaning for a few minutes to give this girl some attention. She wanted me to take a picture of her so she can show daddy that she is, not looks, but that she is a princess! lol!
After I finished cleaning I could hear the Hallelujah chorus!!
{when i seen this picture i though… “Oh! there is the other black sock under the bassinet!” haha! }

Now, i can enjoy some QT with my girls!!! {note: Madison was sleeping the whole time while I was cleaning, and right when i got done it was feeding time!} off to go play with my girls before making dinner at 5:30 😉 
PS I love my girls… they come first before any dirty dishes, laundry, messy house, etc. There will always be dirty dishes to clean, laundry to be fold and put away, toys to be picked up, but never again will my girls be this age… so with that being said there has and will be times that I have and will leave the house a mess to play or take them out for some fun QT! {then ill rush back home and clean like a crazy women lol!}

10 Things I Love

A week or two ago I was tagged by Andrea over at Life Won’t Wait on 10 things I love. I finally got around to posting it, so here is my 10 things I love…
{One} My Savior my God Jesus Christ
{Two} My family
{Three} My Friends {of course…not all my friends that I love are on here}
{Four} Starbucks! White chocolate mochas. {a good book is also a thing i love}
{Five} My church
{Six} Chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies & Milk
{Seven} Clothes, jewelery, shoes {picture from here}
{Eight} The beach
{Nine} Working out (even though I haven’t in like 2-3 years lol! But I will get back on it as soon as McKenzie comes out into the world!) {photo from here}
{Ten} Blogging! I know I do not have the best grammar, punctuation, etc, but I love to share and be able to look back and see the extraordinary things God has and is doing in our lives!
Thanks for tagging me Andrea! =)


The Difference Between Lunch With Kids and Without…



I guess it can also be titled… A picture taken of those who don’t have kids and a picture of one who does! lol! Hope everyone is having/had a great weekend!