My Little Secret…

  Well maybe its not so much a secret, I think most moms do this after having a baby.
This is how I get back into pre-baby. The 3rd day after having Madison I wear a Belly Bandit or I wear my Spanx. This totally helps shrink the belly down! After wearing my Belly Bandit and or my Spanx for a week I noticed that my belly went down drastically! Ever since having Raychel {my first} my mom was the one to tell me to wear a Belly Bandit, she actually purchased it for me. I am so glad she did, because I truly believe it helps get your belly back to pre-baby! When I had Oceana {my second} I slacked on wearing the Belly Bandit and I felt that it did take longer for my belly to go down. Now, with Madison {my third} I wear it all the time and  when I don’t wear it I feel good about how my belly looks with-out the Belly Bandit. I still don’t fit into all my jeans, but I feel better about how my belly looks, and over all, how I look. Also, I am conscious of my tummy muscles, Every time I have to change a diaper weather its Oceana’s or Madisons I make sure I hold my tummy muscles in tight as if I am doing a sit up. My girls are also a big help to getting back to pre-baby, they keep me on my toes! I am constantly moving around getting something for them or playing with them. Anyhow, that’s my little secret.. or maybe not so much a secret. 😉
with the spanx

Little Madi!
 Oc wanted a picture too! Raychel is in school so no pic with Raychel =( maybe when she gets home I will add her 😉
What do you do? Any other tips to help get back to pre-baby?