{Concannon Vineyard…}

My favorite place! I cant stop saying how beautiful this place is!! I wish Ray and I could have had our wedding here! ahh… well, hopefully Elizabeth will get married soon!! She will totally have her wedding here! (If you don’t no why I love this place so much, then click here.) You no what?!.. maybe Ray and I will re-new our vows here if we don’t do it in Fuji or Hawaii!

Last Friday I took my girls on a picnic, and where else then CONCANNON! And grandpa (my dad) would be sure to be there anyway. We got there and had a nice little lunch with my dad, and mom… who decided to join us! After lunch the girls just roamed around, played, and enjoyed having the whole place to themselves… while mom and I just reminisced on the olden days. Man, time sure passes us by… later my girls and hopefully son, will be bringing there little ones here to play too!!