{Pedi’s & Babies!}

This is our second time getting pedicures with the whole fam bam! The first time we went the girls did great, they even got little manis themselves! (click here to see our first time.) This time they also did great!! They sat on our laps the whole time and just watched (Oceana got a little wiggly towards the end, but that was it). I love Pedicures they are the BEST… specially… when you’re getting them done with the person you love most… your hubby!

While getting our pedi’s there was this lady there who at the end of our pedicures told us that when we first walked in she thought our girls were going to be all over the place (since she too has two kids the same age as ours), But that she really was impressed on how well they behaved. Poor lady, she probably REALLY thought… “I get out of my house to relax and get away from my kids and here comes this family bringing in their kids!” haha! Thank God my girls did good! I would have totally understand if she really thought that, because every mommy needs to get away from the kids, relax, and get pampered!  

~Our little ones didn’t get mani’s this time, so when we got home I pretended to be the lady who gives pedi’s and I gave my girls pedicures! They loved it! I LOVE having girly time with my girls! <3333