I Love Watching Them Play

  The weather has actually been pretty nice these last few days, so its been real nice taking my girls to the park in January! I love watching them play and laugh!

Raychel is such a dare devil, she was going down the slide all these different ways/directions!

I love park days <333


why i love summer…

We love being outdoors! We love water parks, having picnics and just plainly being outside enjoying the sun!
{over load on pictures}

{Park Weather}

On Monday the girls and I met up with our amazing friend Meagan & her little man Rowan. We had some yummy lunch at round table pizza, then we headed to the park so the little ones can run free and play. The weather has been soooo nice it feels like spring! I am lovin’ this weather and so are my girls!!

Just chilin

 Fun in the sand!

 He is so darn cute!

 Love her!

{Park Randoms}

 Oceana is so determined. She was going up the slide ( the wrong way), because she seen her sister going up the slide and she wanted to try it too. She kept trying and falling and sliding back down, then she fell really hard and hit her poor little face, that’s when I said, “that’s it! No more going up the slide!” and brought her back down. A few minutes later I see her trying to go back up the slide again!! This time she did it, she made it to the top!! When Oceana wants something she keeps on going till she gets it!

 Raychel is such a sweet helper, she was helping Oceana get down.

{Park Lovin’}

This past Tuesday my sister-in-law invited me on a play-date to a park that is only 5 minutes away from my house. I have never been to this park, for I never knew it existed! This park is the coolest water park for little ones!! I love it!! I have been looking for something like this (apparently not good enough since I missed this one, literally only 5 minutes from mi casa!)  to take my little ones during these hot days! They love this park, and I really like it too! They have this mushroom type looking thing that water comes out of, they have a cute little river with a pond/pool at the end of it for the little ones to play in, they also have a sand play area, and of course a… playground! Here are some pictures of the park…

(I had no clue it was a water park, so I didn’t dress my girls appropriately)

Raychel getting all wet in her jeans lol. She loves playing with her fav cousin, Jacob!
Oceana watching her sis
The playgound!
The river!
Raychel up at top
this picture was from earlier today 😉

{At the Park with my Girls}

I love taking my girls to the park and watch them play together and have a good ‘ol time!