Lunch Date

 A few weeks ago, I had a lovely lunch date with this beautiful women!! 


I Love Watching Them Play

  The weather has actually been pretty nice these last few days, so its been real nice taking my girls to the park in January! I love watching them play and laugh!

Raychel is such a dare devil, she was going down the slide all these different ways/directions!

I love park days <333

G&M Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday, the girls and I {No hubby 😦 he left to new port beach} headed over to my sweet friend Theresa house for a pot luck, then we headed to the G&M pumpkin patch!

The girls had tons of fun playing with their favorite buddies!

My Back Yard Growing Up and Now It’s My Girls!

I love this place {Concannon}! My family and I grew up coming here. My dad and mom work(ed) here so they would always bring us here at a very young age. It literally is like our back yard { I know I sound like a broken record because I have done a few post on this place already, but this is a place i truly LOVE, it has so much meaning to me and my family! Elizabeth recently got married here too, so it just means so much to us!}

It is so amazing to me remembering the times I spent with my family here, it literally feels like it was just yesterday Elizabeth, Ernie, and I were running around playing and now my little girls are doing the same!

I can not wait for the day Elizabeth and Ernie have kids so we can all bring them here! How amazing would that be? What great meaning it would be for all of the family to get together for pictures!
God is so good! He is so good for giving me these 3 beautiful girls, and for Him letting me see them grow in the same spot I grew up, our back yard! I remember my dad would run around with us and put us on his shoulders, and my mom would just sit and watch us with Ernie in her arms. Now, I am running around with my littles playing princess tag {princess tag: am the hungry dragon looking for a princess to eat!} while my mom holds little Madi. 

I have got to bring the hubby here more often! I normally come here on the weekdays, so hubby cant join since he is working, but i know he would love to be here with us.
These pictures are from last week, my mom, girls, and I went to Concannon to have a picnic and to say hi to my dad. It was a fun time… as always!
I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the girls! So, here is a TON of pictures…


Jay’s Birthday and Wine Tasting with the Hubs

Two weekends ago, after church, Ray and I met up with our friends to have breakfast and celebrate Jay’s birthday! I love me some good breakfast and fellowship with great friends! Happy Birthday Jay!! May God bless you with many more years!

After having a late breakfast, Ray and I headed to Livermore for some wine tasting. As most of you know my dad works at Concannon winery, so he was able to get us harvest tickets. While wine tasting we met up with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We all had a nice time together tasting all the different wines, listening to live music, and visiting all the beautiful wineries.

Jay with his beautiful family!

I love you guys!

 the brothers!

 At Concannon i seen Maricela, Maricela is one of the owners of a restaurant i used to work for. Isn’t she beautiful?! not only is she beautiful, she’s a great person!

Caminando Con Mi Familia

I love going on these peaceful evening walks with my beautiful familia.


why i love summer…

We love being outdoors! We love water parks, having picnics and just plainly being outside enjoying the sun!
{over load on pictures}

My sister-in-law’s hubby surprise party

  About two weekend ago, we left the girls with my moms to head to dinner at Casa Orozco for a surprise dinner my sister-in-law was throwing her hubby {Kevin}. It was such a fun time with friends and family. The best part was seeing Kevin surprised.

Keving walking in…

singing happy birthday

The Difference Between Lunch With Kids and Without…



I guess it can also be titled… A picture taken of those who don’t have kids and a picture of one who does! lol! Hope everyone is having/had a great weekend!

{My Sister Says Yes to the Dress!}

 Last Thursday my mom, sister, my girls and I went out to breakfast before my sweet mother-in-law would arrive to my place to watch the girls, so us ladies can go wedding dress shopping! Once my mother-in-law got to our place, our mom, sis, and I headed to Walnut Creek to go pick up my sister’s ring at Tiffany’s (it was getting sized), and after… we went looking for her dress! We went to this one spot in Walnut Creek, but then we decided to head out to Milpitas to go look at dresses over there. Elizabeth tried on like 7 dresses and the first one she tried on was the “one!” It was so much fun hanging out with my mom and sis! I can not wait for the wedding in June!!! June 4th to be exact!

 This was after we had breakfast, it was pouring out!

 Outside Tiffany’s

Note: this was one of the 7 she tried on… this is not the dress she picked 😉