Mommy is in Heaven {LOVE}

No words needed {almost}
Daddy playing with his girls at the grandparents backyard.

 Grandma giving Madison a bath in the sink!

 Raychel the sweet little helper! <3333333


Planting with Grandpa

The girls have been planting beans with grandpa and they are really enjoying watching them grow step by step!

It’s actually fun watching what you planted start to sprout.

My Beautiful Princesses

My girls love watching mommy put her makeup on and some days I will let them put makeup on me. Yesterday, I let them put makeup on each other… since they were going to get a bath right after. They had so much fun putting makeup on each other, they were giggling and talking as if they were mommies. Ray came home for lunch and was like “what are they doing?!” I told him they have been good, and that they love playing with my makeup and that it was OK because I was going to give them a bath right after. I don’t let them play with my makeup all that often, just every now and then 😉

~Today, I am so thankful and grateful that my girls are healthy.  I thank God for their health. He has giving me these beautiful princesses to watch over and raise them up for Him. Ray and I are over joyed to have these beautiful healthy girls in our lives. I thank you Lord, for you have blessed me abundantly! I praise you, Father God!


 I think the girls watch too much football!

Little Madi is almost 7 months!!!!

I Love Watching Them Play

  The weather has actually been pretty nice these last few days, so its been real nice taking my girls to the park in January! I love watching them play and laugh!

Raychel is such a dare devil, she was going down the slide all these different ways/directions!

I love park days <333

Electric Tooth Brush with Stickers!

  Ray and I bought the girls an electric tooth brush that comes with stickers! They love their new tooth brush! They got to decorate it the way the like it. Its was actually very fun helping the girls get the stickers out and then they placed them where they wanted it on their tooth brush. It was a lot of fun spending quality time with them decorating there tooth brush- haha! I wish I had one of these growing up! They also have stickers for boys ;).

I don’t even know why I am crying?!

  … are the words that came out of my almost 4 year old! What? Really? She hasn’t even hit her teens and she is already very emotional! Dear, Lord! Help this momma out!!

Here is the story… we arrive home from my mom’s house, I unbuckle Oceana and carry her in my arms since she was sleeping. At that moment Ray also arrives home so he helps me get Madison out of the car. Raychel unbuckles herself and gets herself out of the car, as usual. I went on into the house to put Oceana down, then Raychel comes storming in crying her little eyes out. Ray then comes in and I ask Ray, “Why is Raychel crying?” he says, “I have no Idea?” Raychel is in our room bawling. Ray and I ask, ” Raychel why are you crying?” she says, “I don’t even know why I am crying?” What? No. she did not just say that?!! were the thoughts going through my head. Ray then says, “Raychel, if you are going to be crying for no reason, please go to your room and cry there.” Raychel takes off running to her room and closes the door and cries in her room. Ray and I just let her cry it out. I start the girls bath and then Ray and I go into Raychel’s room and she kinda stops crying, I then say, “Raychel your baths ready!” she gets all excited and kinda giggles and gives me a big hug, and hops right into the bath. The End!

Oh, Lord! They haven’t even hit their teens and they’re already acting like this! All I know is that Ray and I will be doing A LOT of praying, because we sure are going to need the big mans help!

On a different note… Elizabeth {my sister}is blogging!!! She is new to the bloggie world, so please send her some love and check her bloggie out!! The Journey, Elizabeth and Hugo. her and her husband are seriously the cutest, goofiest, spontaneous couple you will ever meet!

You’re Beautiful

Before you ever took a breath
Long before the world began
Of all the wonders He possessed
There was one more precious Of all the earth and skies above
You’re the one He madly loves enough to die 
You’re beautiful You’re beautiful In His eyes
You’re beautiful
You are made for so much more than all of this 
You’re beautiful
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You are made for so much more than all of this
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His   
Song by MercyMe

Harvest Party!

  Our church has a harvest party were everyone is invited. They have jumpers, games, live music, plays, food, and so on. All the kiddos get to dress up and enjoy all the fun things they have. Last year I actually helped out at one of the booths, so my girls did not get to go, but this year was their first year coming and they had a blast!! All night long they just played in the jumpers -haha! They love those jumpers, alright! Before we left {we left early because we had to pick the hubs up from the airport} the girls played two games to win some candy.

Elizabeth and Hugo stopped by for a little bit as well!


 Where has the time gone? I cant even remember Raychel being this small! it seems like she has always been 3 years old.

Raychel, you are growing up way too fast, baby girl! You will be turning 4 in just two short months!! I stumbled across these pictures and all I can think is… SERIOUSLY?! Where has the time gone!! Its a reminder that I need to cherish every second with you girls, because you are all just growing up way too fast. Soon, all you girls will be no longer in the baby/toddler stage *sigh.* Oh, How I will miss these stages! So, today and every day to follow I will be soaking in yours, Raychel, Oceana’s and Madison’s stages that you guys are in now. I love you girls so much!!

I was pregnant with Oceana in this picture

 Raychel and Oceana
Little Madison about two weeks ago.

Raychel’s First Vlog!

Raychel’s Questionnaire

I am for sure doing more of these! I know Raychel, Oceana and Madison will enjoy watching these when they are older! 😉 Feliz Viernes!