{Oceana’s 1st Birthday Party!!}

Oh my goodness… where to start?! first off I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming!! Oceana is truly blessed to have you guys in her and our lives!! God is awesome, and I am truly thankful for all the  amazing people he has placed in our lives!

We had little OC’s first birthday at BounceU in pleasanton! It was so much fun! I think I had more fun then she did haha! We all had a great time and we were really happy with the turn out!

Before Oceana’s birthday party we headed over to church.  It was my turn in the nursery so it really turned out great to be with my beautiful baby girl on her birthday! She enjoyed having mommy there with her!

Note: I am posting ALL the pictures from Oceana’s birthday, so prepare to be here a while! Also, FYI they are all in order =)

Off to church!

In this pic – Oceana, Every, Raychel, Jacob, and Alex.
After church we went to pick up Oceana’s beautiful princess cake, then headed over to BounceU…

Opening a birthday present from her auntie Elizabeth, she had to leave early so we opened it before she had to leave.
Time to have some fun!!
My cousin Yvonne and her youngest son Marco.
Las Primas <333
I Love this women!! We grew up together so she is just my fav cousin! <333
The first ladies to arrive!
The handsome hubby!!!!
Daddy with his girls!
Little Oceana grabbing as many balls as she can! haha! Go Raychel!
Then the Beautiful Brittany arrived with her precious little man, Aidan!
Back to daddy and Oceana
Brittany & Christine
Christine’s son Andruw coming down the slide!
Yvonne & Marco
Grandma & the birthday girl!
Me & Oceana!! Poor bubbas she got a little scared =(
Taking a quick pic before sliding down! haha..O.C’s face, she’s like, NO not again!
Susana & Joziah
My parents and my brother arrive!
My brother-in-law Kevin
My beautiful sister-in-laws!
The Law family arrive!!
Robert, Manuel & my brother-in-law Ronnie
Here comes Sayer!
here comes Amber!
Riley is like a big sister to Raychel
Marco is so cute! I love his hair!
The Vertin family arrive!!
On the left side of the ring is Garrrreeettt!!
On the right side is Riiiccchhh!!
hahahahaha!!! It cracks me up, because Garrett and Rich were not on the ring at the same time!
Rich and his son Devon
Sayer up at top
Grandpa LOVES his little girl
The lovely Grandmas!
Garrett & Aidan getting ready to go down the slide!
Raychel & Andruw!
The Beautiful Law family! Rowan decided to wake up from his nap and join the fun!
Cindy & My Mama!
Rich & Dawn ❤

The Mommy Bloggers! ❤
Hold up! take 2, Garrett’s missing!
There we go. Much better.
My nephew Jacob!
Love him!
The sister-in-laws!
Josephine & Carol
Love her!
( the only one who didn’t make it in the picture who was there was Dawn) =(
Time to EAT…
Kevin, Amber & Jacob
Besitos for the birthday girl! SO CUTE!
*More love*
ahh I love this picture!! Look at Rowan looking into Oceana’s eyes!! haha..very sweet! ❤
Someone was hungry!!

Heading home.
Hasta luego BounceU!
Loading up
What a BLAST! Thanks again everybody for coming!
After we just headed on home to relax the rest of the day and to open presents!
Poor little bubbas she was so tired!
Daddy was so tired too he crashed in the girls room.
Sleeping beauties!
Time for presents!!
More tea?
Would you like some pastries?
Daddy have some tea!
Happy 1st Birthday Oceana! We love you!!