{Not Giving Up}

A few days ago I found Oceana holding her teething gel tube and putting it in her mouth, so I took it from her and placed it on top of our dining table. She got so mad that I took it from her she started screaming and crying, I then picked her up and took her to the couch to cuddle with her and to try calming her down, but that did not work! Oceana then pushes me off, runs over to the chair and is trying so hard to climb that chair to get to that teething gel tube (this is when I ran and got my camera, because I knew she wasn’t going to give up anytime soon). That girl… no joke… tried for like 5-10mins climbing this chair while… falling, slipping, and hitting her head on the glass… all for this one little tube! Never once did she give up! Eventually, like 10 minutes later she got up on the chair onto the table and grabbed that tube!! Talk about determination (just like her daddy)!!

( Ray and Raychel were not able to witness this, because they went out to get some ice cream!)