{Danville Lovin’}

I. love. Danville. The neighborhood is just wonderful, the houses are beautiful, the schools are amazing, downtown is so much fun in the summer… its perfect for our little fam!

I went on a walk with my girls… we walked over to the park and then walked over to Starbucks and back home. The neighborhood is just filled with beautiful plants, and flowers… its just so nice to be walking outside and seeing all these beautiful colors everywhere. On the way back home there is this one house that always catches my eye I don’t know if its because of the beautiful colors right in front of it or what, but its a very pretty house. There are a lot of homes that are very beautiful out here and I can not wait to find or dream home soon!

The cute house

Every time I see elderly couples I tell ray, “look babe, that’s us when we get older.” Hopefully though we will be a little more in better shape 😉