{My Professional Make-Up Artists}

I love having girly time with my girls… and they love to play with my make-up… so I decided to bring out my make-up and have them make-me-over!!

Here we go!

So far they are doing pretty good.
Now, they are thinking what they should add next

She is smiling, so everything must be looking good!
 All done… here it is….
Hahaha just kidding! Ok, Ok, here comes the real deal.
Oceana got carried away with the black eyeliner, and as you can see… Raychel got a good laugh out of it! This is when I knew I wasn’t looking that great anymore.
If you like the make-over the girls did on me, here is what they did…
They added some blush only on the left cheek, then they add some eyeshadow on one of my eyes and a little less on the other, they put some black and brown eyeliner on both my eyes…oh, and… the newest trend is to add it on your cheeks! They also put pounds of lip gloss on my lips, chin, nose, and cheeks… this is also a new trend to look extra shiny and have that natural glow! Haha!
PS. Raychel was so cute… she was humming most of the time while doing my make-up and picking it out! They both had tons of fun and I really enjoyed being their model!
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