Madison’s 1st Birthday

  Madison you are ONE years old!! Where has the time gone?!
We celebrated your birthday on your birthday, Sunday July 15th. We decided to do something small for you with just the family since we were heading out to Vegas early the next day.
You had a fun time running around and playing. You enjoyed opening up your gifts and playing with some of the new toys you got! When it came to eating the cake you really didn’t chow down like I thought you would, you kinda just stared at the cake and touched it a few times.
Madison, you are so loving to your sisters. When either Raychel or Oceana is crying you run up to them and give them hugs and kisses. You are a sweet heart! You want to keep up with them on whatever they do.
Oh, Mad… you do have a feisty side! Boy, do you not let anyone pick on you! You fight back- hahaha! Even when I tell you no or I take something away from you, you get so mad that you pinch me! I have no clue were this side of you came from ( I think dad lol ). Boy am I going to have my hands full with you!
Madison, besides this feisty side of you… I see that you are one smart girl!! You like coloring at such a young age, 1!! and you hold your pencil/coloring crayon like your supposed to! You’re  a climber… you climb everything even Raychel’s latter and you make it all the way to the top of her bed all by your self. Which is very scary for me, because I do not want you falling off. I hide the latter under oceana’s bed every day. Madison, you also try to jump like your sisters do, Its so funny watching you try to jump. You are a good listener, you understand me when I tell you to bring me something or to give whatever you have to your sister or whoever. Mad, I am so blessed to have you as my daughter, you are amazing! I know God has big plans for you and your sisters!! Never give up on anything and whatever you do give 100% at all times.

 Hello Kitty theme πŸ˜‰

 singing happy birthday

Daddy and Mommy love you so much! xoxoxoxo
Happy 1st Birthday, sweet heart!!


Madison Gets Her Little Ears Pierced!

This past weekend we took Madison to get her ears pierced. Raychel got hers when she was 7 months and so did Oceana, so now, it was Madison’s turn. My mom pierced my ears when I was 2 or 3 months old. This is a tradition in our family (Latin Culture) for the girls to get their ears pierced when there only a few months old.

Madison did so good. She cried a little, but after I held her and bounced her, she was a happy girl again.

Ta Da!!ο»Ώ
I love her little ears pierced!! The hubs on the other hand, he can do without. but i think they look so darn cute!

Sleep? What’s That???

Seriously, I don’t know what its like to sleep 2 full hours straight anymore.

Madison is driving me insane! She wakes up every hour crying. I wake up every hour crying too lol.

I feel like I have aged so much more in these 4 days/night then in my whole life time. I look scary.

Oh, Madison! What is going on with you sweet baby girl. I pick you up and  nurse you, but you only take a few little drinks, so I don’t think you are all that hungry. I think your problem is that you want to be held! If I put you back in your crib when you are not fully asleep you get so mad and start kicking and screaming/crying I have to pick you back up again and try to calm you down. When you’re in deep sleep then I can put you down and your fine, but as soon as mommy is finally falling into deep sleep, there you go again. I know we are in a new place, and you are teething, but I am not sure these are the reasons why you are waking up. I do know that the grandparents started rocking you to sleep, and now it seems like that’s all you want because when I do rock you, you stop crying. During the day you do the same. You love being held and when I put you down to play with your toys you’ll cry, sometimes you wont and you’ll play happily. What I need to start doing is holding you less through out the day and for the grandparents to stop rocking you to sleep!

Any other suggestions?? You would think this being my third child I would know what to do, but I don’t.

Awake, I dream about how AMAZING 3 hour sleep must feel like. I miss you SLEEP!!! Come back soon, please! This mama needs you or else I will be feeling and looking like a 60+ year old woman.

PS I don’t really like asking my mom or the hubs to help because I feel as a SAHM its my responsibility to get up with her at night, and it doesn’t bother me getting up, I just really wish I didn’t have to and she would sleep through the night! So, I am on a mission to figure out how to get this girl sleeping through the night!! HELP ME!! suggestions, please!!

Note: if this post doesn’t make sense and its all over the place it’s because I have only gotten 8 hours of sleep in 5 days πŸ˜‰

Oh! on another note… i was featured over at Kelsey’s blog here πŸ™‚

6 Months

My sweet baby girl… you turned  6 months this past Sunday!!!

Where does the time go?! It seems like it goes by even fast with each little one.

Madison, I am loving you! I love holding you, cuddling you, playing with you, you are such a sweetie!!

 You love watching your sisters play and while watching them, you kick your little legs when there running around as if you want to be running around with them.

 You are eating fruits, meats and veggies twice a day now, and you love them! It has been getting harder to nurse you now, because you get distracted by your sisters… all you want to do is keep an eye on them and see what they are up to. So, from you not nursing as much during the day you nurse more at night! That meaning I have to get up like 3-4 times at night to nurse you!! I need to do something about this because mommy needs her sleep.

Madi, my poor little thing. You have eczema and its so itchy you are always scratching your beautiful little face 😦 . Your doctor has giving me some lotions and subscribed me one, so hopefully this will help!

Madison, You weigh 16 pounds and 5 ounces!! you sure love to eat!! I love that you are nice and chunky!

Madison, you are precious! You are such a joy to me, your dad, and your sisters! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives! We love you sweet Madi!


 Where has the time gone? I cant even remember Raychel being this small! it seems like she has always been 3 years old.

Raychel, you are growing up way too fast, baby girl! You will be turning 4 in just two short months!! I stumbled across these pictures and all I can think is… SERIOUSLY?! Where has the time gone!! Its a reminder that I need to cherish every second with you girls, because you are all just growing up way too fast. Soon, all you girls will be no longer in the baby/toddler stage *sigh.* Oh, How I will miss these stages! So, today and every day to follow I will be soaking in yours, Raychel, Oceana’s and Madison’s stages that you guys are in now. I love you girls so much!!

I was pregnant with Oceana in this pictureο»Ώ

 Raychel and Oceana
Little Madison about two weeks ago.

My Sweet Little Love Bug!


Madison, you turned 3 months this past Saturday!! Where has the time gone?! You are growing way to fast!!
You giggled your first real giggle on Saturday!! You pooped all over your pretty little dress and on mommy’s arm so I went to change you and as I was changing you I was calling you a “fuchi cochina” and it made you laugh! Oh. my. sweet. angel. I loved it, and cant wait to hear more!

You wear 0-3 month clothes and just 3 month clothes as well.

You go to bed at about 9:30pm and wake up around 6am to nurse, then you go right back to sleep and wake up again till 8:15 or so. 
You are such a good little girl and I am loving every little minute of watching you grow!

Oh, Father God, I pray for Madison… That she will have a loving heart towards people. Lord, that she will seek you with all her heart. Father God, protect and guard her all the days of her life. That she may do great things in your name. Lord, that people may see you through her. Apart her from evil, and that she may not fall in temptation. Father, and when she stumbles that she may run back to you always! Bless her Father, in Jesus name, Amen. 

Que chula mi bebe!

My sweet little love bug.

Raychel’s First Vlog!

Raychel’s Questionnaire

I am for sure doing more of these! I know Raychel, Oceana and Madison will enjoy watching these when they are older! πŸ˜‰ Feliz Viernes!

Madison Marie Marquez

Madison, today you are a 2 months old! Your Mama, Daddy and your sisters can not be anymore blessed. You bring so much joy into our lives! You sure are a beautiful blessing sent from above! You have started to smile and giggle, and every time you do we are in awe on how sweet you are! Raychel and Oceana love you so much! Sometimes a little too much… they squeeze you so tight, and kiss you while you sleep that it scares you and wakes you. Daddy couldn’t be any happier to have such a sweet little princess. You are a sweet and calm baby during the day, but once evening hits you become a little wiggle worm and you just want to be feed and held, which is fine by me!! I love holding you, and nursing you. I am so blessed to be a mom to 3 beautiful princesses! Madison, I am loving how little you are right now, but I am also excited to soon see you play and interact with your sisters! God has blessed me with a special you, know one else out there can be or is like you. I love you Madison, words can not say how truly blessed I feel to have you as my daughter! Te quiero muchisimo mi bebe! Que dios te quide y que te proteja a ti y tus hermanas siempre. Las quiero mucho!!!!!!!!!

you nurse about ever 3-4 hours, sometimes sooner, but for the most part about every 3-4. You spit up almost at every feeding, most of the time its on me, on the couch or on yourself. Everything you do is precious, even when you spit up on mommy’s clothes. πŸ˜‰
Madison you are in between your sisters with this one. Raychel was my night out, Oceana loved to sleep… she slept 12 hours by this time. You on the other hand, you go to bed any where from 9pm to 10:30pm, no later then 10:30pm. you sleep till about 4am to nurse then go right back to bed, and wake again at about 6am, sometimes you will stay asleep till 8am and then nurse. After nursing at 8am you stay up for about an hour or until I put you in your car seat to take Raychel to pre-school then you fall back asleep ;).
you are starting to grow out of your “newborn clothes” some still fit, but some are getting too tight! your 0-3 months clothes fit you so much better.  
your hair is light brown and your eyes are blue!

Big Sister and Little Sister Love

  I’m cleaning my place when i then walk over to the living room and see these two!
Raychel feel asleep right next to her little sis, so precious!