{Belly Business}

Warning: Lots of belly pics!
Pregnancy Highlights


How far along: 22 weeks!

Size of baby: weighs about 1 pound & is about 11 inch long


Total weight gain: I have no clue?! 10 or 15? I will for sure know on my next appointment.


Maternity clothes: Not yet, but pretty soon!

Gender: As you all know we found out and it’s a beautiful girl, McKenzie Marie!

Movement: Yes, flutters and some strong kicks


Sleep: Ok, could be better

What I miss: Sushi

Cravings: Sushi =(

Symptoms: Growing belly!

Best moment this week: Raychel & Ray finally feeling Mckenzie’s kicks!


{Our 3rd Blessings Name}

McKenzie Marie Marquez


                      Take a look at the ultrasound pictures and you will see if its a boy or a girl….

We are so EXCITED!!! I can not wait to meet this little munchkin! I can not wait to see how different she will be compared to Raychel and Oceana! I am a mommy to 3 amazing little girls!! Our family is finally complete!!! God is amazing and I am truly thankful for these precious gifts he has giving Ray and I! I wouldn’t have it any other way! Most importantly everything looks good and healthy!
Praise God!


Tomorrow is our ultrasound appointment! Tomorrow evening I will let you all know if we decided to find out or wait! So, stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

 This Ultrasound picture was when I was about 11 weeks pregnant

{Should we find out the sex of baby NOW or WAIT?!}

Hi everyone!
So Ray and I are indecisive -well it’s more me then him, he can go either way as to finding out what we are having this coming Monday March 14th at 1:15 or waiting it out! So this is your chance to convince us/me on either going for it and finding out on Monday or waiting it out.
But first, here is my situation… I haven’t really talked about it much or really expressed how I feel about this pregnancy. 1st, I am thrilled and over joyed to be having our third blessing and completing our family! 2nd, Deep down inside of me I would love to have a boy. I would love to experiecne having one of each. I would love for my husband to have a helper and mini him. Sometimes I think if it is another girl I will be a little disappointed, and by no means do I want to feel that way at ALL! I know little ones are gifts from God, God as in trusted us with whatever he wants to give us(which already is a huge blessing to be able to have little ones) whether its a boy or a girl, he knows what is best for the little ones to be and for me to have and raise them for Him. I have prayed a lot to our amazing God to just bring me at peace and most days I am and then some days it hits me, and this is one of those days.  Its funny, well i guess not so much funny, but Ray’s side of the family says’s we are having all girls, my side says we are having a boy-lol (only God knows right now what I have in this belly). Ray has a brother who has 2 girls and they are done, Ray’s sister has 3 boys and they are done, Ray and I, as you know, have 2 girls already… so thats why my hubby’s side of the fam says we will have all girls because the men (ray and his brother) have the girls and the sis has the boys. My family says its a boy because my mom had my sister and me then my brother, so they feel I am following in those steps (praise God if it is, but either way he is to be praised!) ANYWAY… I think what my fam and what rays fam thinks and has said has gotten to me, and I need to just let go and let God do his work, and just trust in him for what he has… As I am typing this i am actually feeling better. So, the part of me who wants to wait… wants to wait because I can keep believing that it could be a boy, but I guess either way it is what it is, and also if it is a boy and I wait till the end what great joy and praise will come that day, but then again if its a girl its still a great joy and praise ( I can also say I have done it both ways, finding out and waiting if i do wait) and if I find out now what great joy and praise it will still be! So, now that you know my situation… should I find out Monday or still wait?! haha! Crazy me!

{Belly Business}

I am half way there… praise God!
Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 20 weeks and 5 days

Size of baby: weighs about 10 1/2 ounces & is 6 1/2 inch long from head to bottom

Total weight gain: I have no clue?! the last dr appt. she said I had lost 5 ponds! So now I am stuffing my face even when I am not hungry. I have to fatten this baby up!

 Maternity clothes: Not yet, but pretty soon!

 Gender: So we decided to still wait!

Movement: Yes, little flutters and sometimes some strong kicks!

Sleep: Ok, could be better

What I miss: nothing right now

 Cravings: Nothing really

Symptoms: Growing belly, bleeding gums (when I brush my teeth)…yucky!

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby move a little more and a little stronger and hearing its beautiful heart beat!

{Our Girls…}

Love wearing mommy’s shoes,
They love to bake with mommy,

They pretend they are painting the fence,

They enjoy the outdoors,
They love picking flowers.
Raychel’s Quotes:
“Mommy, daddy took me to the boys bathroom. Daddy, don’t take me to the boys bathroom, am a girl!”
“Here mommy here is a beautiful flower like you.” -aww love it!
“Mommy, what is in there (in my belly) a boy or a girl?” me- ” I am not sure honey, whatever God wants. Maybe he wants a girl or maybe its a boy!” Raychel- ” Jesus wants a girl!” me- “Well… what if its a boy?” Raychel- ” N0o0o0o, its a girl!” – lol oh raychel!
While laying in bed raychel looks at me and says, “You are a beautiful child of God.” Aww it was so sweet to hear that from her… I always say this every night while putting my little ones to sleep and this night Raychel said it to me before I could say it to her <33
Oceana’s cute words:

” I do” she wants to do everything on her own now! lol

” I go getit”

“Tank you”
“th-top” Stop
“thithter” sister
“mo” more
“peas” please
Oceana is such a sweet heart… if i get hurt or when I was throwing up because of morning sickness she would pat my back and kiss my back. If she notices I am sad or hurt she will come up to me and pat me and kiss me <33 love that about her! She is a sweet heart, but she can be a tough one when it comes to going out places, it is her say when to leave how long to stay. Its whatever she wants or she will scream bloody murder and toss her self on the floor! Oh, OC!
Ray and I are so excited for littlest, we are so excited to complete our family! I am enjoying every moment of this pregnancy and I can not wait to take maternity pics with the whole fam together! I am also looking forward to the day when Raychel feels/sees the baby move in my belly! oh, and of course the day I give birth!! The giving birth part.. believe it or not… is my favorite part!! I will share my birth stories on another post 😉
I love these precious gifts God has given Ray and I. I pray that I will be a great role model for them and that I would direct them the right way. I feel so blessed knowing of the amazing loving God we have. His love for us just amazes me! I am thankful for Him and I praise Him!
Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

{A Sweet Dream}

Not last night but the night before I had a beautiful dream… I dreamed that I was full term and ready to give birth to our third blessing. I was at the hospital laying in bed ready to bush littlest out. All the nurses were there and my doctor was there and Ray was right next to me standing on my right side. I finally starting pushing baby out and after two pushes littlest was out! I looked down to see what he/she was and I seen this little thing between its legs but wasn’t 100% sure if it was what I thought it was and sure enough my doctor says, “It’s a boy!” Ray couldn’t believe it, he said, “let me see!” so after seeing it he believed it. When my doctor first said, “its a boy,” I said, “Praise God!”  for this new little man in my life. They handed me littlest and he was absolutely Beautiful! He looked like daddy! He was so fair and had daddy’s green eyes and light brown hair. I remember thinking in my dream, wow… he didn’t get the blue eyes like my girls. I remember then saying two names one that wasnt what we are planning to name him and then correcting myself with the name we are planning to give if it is a boy. I held him up and said, “Joseph… I mean… Joshua Ryder!” I remember then my mom being on my left side and I grab her arm saying, “mom its a boy, its a boy!” I was so excited, so grateful, so blessed, and littlest was absolutely precious! This dream felt so real that when I woke up I was a little bumbed that it was all just a dream, but hopefully in Jesus name this dream will come to pass!! All in His will! That morning I told Ray about the dream (of course!) and called my mom and told her too. I couldn’t stop thinking about this little guy in my dream all day. I told Ray the dream like two or three times lol! It sure was A Sweet Dream!

Belly Business

Pregnancy Highlights


How far along: 18 weeks

Size of baby: 5 1/2 inch long & weighs about 7 ounces

Total weight gain: 5 pounds

Maternity clothes: Not yet, but pretty soon!

Gender: So we decided to still wait!

Movement: Yes, little flutters here and there

Sleep: good

What I miss: nothing right now

Cravings: Nothing really- Actually, yes, Taco bell hard tacos!!

Symptoms: Growing belly

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby move a little more and a little stronger!

18 weeks
14 weeks

{Belly Business}

I will be 12 weeks tomorrow, so my due date is July 20th!! We had our doctors appointment today and it went great! We got to see little peanut and his heart beat. It is such a wonderful thing seeing this little person grow inside of you. I am in awe of God and his creations. I wish I had that ultrasound monitor at my house so I can see the little peanut move and just to look at my littlest baby whenever I wanted. It’s crazy how in-love you are with the little peanut growing in your belly and not yet held him/her. We are so excited and thankful for littlest!!!!!!!