Tahoe Trip Part III

Christmas Day, after opening presents {here}, we went to Heidi’s restaurant for breakfast, and then we headed to Heavenly in hopes there would be snow for the girls to play in. Tahoe was so dry this year, there was hardly any snow!! I guess last year was the opposite! But we made the best of it, and we ended up having a blast!

 Madison all nice and warm sleeping away.
 LOL! Look how dry! But Ray made the best of it for the girls to have fun…
 Here he is sliding down the hill with Raychel – haha!! LOVE IT!

 Raychel sliding down a small little hill.
 Then we met, Susie! Her mom and dad were so nice, they let them play in their board! Susie also has a younger sister about the same age as Oceana!
 They were sure having a blast! I also got to go down on the board lol!



{Bible Study}

Every second Saturday of every month I get together with these great group of girls to share this study we have been doing called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. This book is amazing! It is a must read! I love it, its made me cry, its made me laugh, its just a great book over all!

There is something so wonderful and freeing about baring your soul to a group of Christian women. Chatting, laughing, eating, comforting, understanding, motivating, encouragingā€¦ I just love everything about it. These girls our the best, I love them so much! I am extremely blessed that God placed them in my life!! We have such a great bond between us.. its incredible, and we trust each other completely.  I LOVE YOU LADIES!

Normally we have more ladies at the study, but this Saturday it was just us. šŸ˜‰ 

A BIG Thanks to Garrett for watching the kiddos while us mommies did our thang!

{Spaghetti Hair Extensions!}

Spaghetti hair extensions are the best, they are totally natural, they look amazingly smooth and shiny, and the best part of all… if you are hungry you can eat it! You can never go hungry with spaghetti hair extensions!

Coming soon… potato hair extensions, for thicker looking hair!

{Raychel Cracks Me Up!}

We are parked at Starbucks and Raychel sees a bird and she says, “look chicken!” hahaha she cracks me up! Anyway, that’s not all, so I get my white mocha frappacino, and she says, “mom whats that?” I say, “Its a frappacino” Raychel – “chino?!” Me- “Yes a frappachino.” so, I’m sipping away when the next thing she says is this..” mom you need to share.” hahaha!!! She is too funny, I love it!