Wordless Wednesday ~ Bible Study Group/Play Dates!

 Oh. My. Goodness. I was ginormous!



{Adventures with Jordan}

Raychel, Oceana, and Jordan have so much fun together, that Marissa and I try to get them together as much as we can on Thursdays. About 2 weeks ago we went over Marissa’s house so the girls can play, and oh boy… when you put 3 girls together in 1 room they can sure make a mess!!

This past Thursday I had the privilege of watching Jordan while Marissa went to hear Sarah Palin speak!
I had so much fun with the girls that I wished Raychel had a twin! haha! After Marissa left, the girls watched Snow White for a little while, had lunch and after we headed to the park! They had a blast at the park… they were running around, going down the slide together, playing in the sand, and swinging on the swings. Then we headed back to the house to relax, eat some snacks, and watch “Sweetpea Beauty,” after a few minutes of that, they were ready to get up and play again ( they’re like the energizer bunny… it keeps going and going-haha!!) they went out to the backyard to play and then I turned on K-love for them to come back inside so they can dance and play in the house, and before we knew it Marissa was back to pick up Jordan. They all had a very good time, and I really enjoyed watching Jordan… she was such a good girl! Thank you Marissa for trusting me with you precious angel, it means a lot!! I love you guys!!    

{The Girls & Jordan}

Jordan came over for a play-date with the girls and like always they have such a fun time and really enjoy each others company…. well not everything is rainbows and butterflies, they do fight over some toys, (which is totally normal at this age… I hope?!) but other then that they really had fun with each other! Raychel and Jordan are both in to dresses and princesses, so they both change into some dresses to feel more like princesses! Such girly girls! It’s always a nice feeling seeing your little ones having fun with their friends! Here are two pictures of their play-date…  

 Lunch time!