Girl Time!

My parents bought the girls these little make-up kits, so we had some girly time! I had the girls do my make up 😉 and they actually do a pretty good job!

 these nails didn’t come with anything to stick them on with so i used tape lol
 don’t they do a pretty good job?! they applied the lipstick very good besides getting a little on my cheek, and the eye shadow looks pretty good too! Oceana was applying some eye shadow above the brow lol i don’t know why she thinks it goes above the brow, but anyhow, i think over all it looks pretty darn good 😉


A’s Game, Fireworks, and Breasts Like Heidi Montag

2 weekends ago, we went to the A’s game with a few friends and afterwards they had fireworks! The girls love going to the games, specially, if they are going to have fireworks after!

This was my first time leaving Madison for a few hours 😦 … she was in good hands so I wasn’t worried {thanks Carol for watching Madi!}Am breast feeding Madison, so I brought my pump along to the game. When the game was almost about to start I went into my car to pump. I get my pump out, I turn it on and  it all seems to be working fine until I place the pump to my breast and the suction does not work!! The next time I was going to be able to release the milk would be in 5 hours! SO, by the time the fireworks were over I was lookin’ like Heidi Montag ha-ha!

Besides looking like Heidi Montag at the end of the night, It was nice tail gating with friends, eating delicious food, spending more of a one on one time with Raychel and Oceana, the A’s winning, and watching a great show of fireworks!!