Hubby Thursdays



Hubby Thursday!

  My husband is doing extraordinary as a Real Estate Agent!! He amazes me!! 
In 2007 when Ray got his Real Estate license he closed just 1 transaction  note: this was the year when the real estate market was going down.
2008  he closed 8
2009 – 23!
2010 – 35!!
this year, 2011, he will have had 45 or 46 transactions closed!!!
Ray’s goal for 2012 is 60 transactions!!!!
Can he do it?! HE SURE CAN!!
Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings. We cannot have done this without you! It’s all you LORD! I gave you thanks and the praise!!
Ray’s 1st year 2007

2nd year 2008 {Raychel 7 months old}

3rd year 2009
4th year 2010
5th year (this year) 2011

Hubby Thursdays -Ray’s Grandma and Grandpa

  Josey was 18 and Frank was 25 years old in this picture. This picture was actually taken right after they got married. They got married through the court, that’s why Josey is not wearing a wedding dress.

Ray looks so much like his grandfather. Ray totally has his grandfathers smile! Maybe not so much in this picture, but other pictures, it feels like I am looking at Ray smiling!

Ray’s Grandma always talks about how Ray and I reminder her of her and Frank. They both had birthdays the same month, as do ray and I… they were both 7 years apart in age… Ray and I are 8… Frank was a sales man… so is Ray! We have so many things in common with them, that’s why Josey always says we reminder her of them.

Hubby Thursday!!!
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Hubby Thursdays ~ Ray as a Young Man

You can tell that the Ray has always been so driven, and wanting to succeed on anything he does! Ray always gives… not 80% , not 90%, not 99.9%, not even 100%, but 110% to everything he does!Whether, small or big, he pushes himself to be the best he can be!

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Hubby Thursdays

This is the hubby’s board he has up in his office of all the transactions he has done/doing… all the listings he has, all the pendings and all the solds! He has sold 36 homes starting from January 2011 to today! He has more closings to come, and more listings he is getting! You are doing extraordinary, babe! Thanks to your hard work and the grace of God!! Keep up the great work, honey!

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.” (Proverbs 12:24)

Hubby Thursdays!

  My dear husband has read all these book in 2 years!! One hundred and fourteen! That means he reads about 4-5 books a month!

 I am so impressed of all the reading he does. He finishes a book and he is on to the next!

Some times he will read two different books, one in the morning and one at night!

There are times when we both start on a new book at the same time and he will all ready have read 3 more while I am still on the same book!

What does your hubby do that impresses you?

Hubby Thursdays!

I appreciate what you do every. single. day. to provide for us. I thank you! You are AH-mazing!

This is what Ray does every day…

Hubby Thursdays ~ He Loves Me!

I love this man!

I love that he loves me for me.

He knows me and loves me just the way I am.

He loves me when I am at my worst and when I am at my best.

He loves when I look my best and when I’ve just gotten out of bed.

He loves me when I am all dressed up and when I am in my sweats and a t-shirt.

He loves me when dinner is made, the house is cleaned, and the girls are in bed.

He loves me when the laundry is not finished, the dishes are stacked high, dinner is still yet to be made, and the girls are still running around past their bed time.

He loves Olga!

Thanks for choosing me!!

Hubby Thursdays – Date Night

  Don’t you just love date nights?!
 I know I do!!!
This past weekend Ray and I went on a date! We went to dinner at On The Border, then watched a movie!
I love getting away for a couple hours and enjoying some alone time with my hubby wubby!