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I have been MIA do to us moving and getting a new routine down, so today I have a lovely guest… meet… Ani!

Happy Day Our Extraordinary Life readers!!!  I’m Ani from AA Dreams and I’m Sending a big thanks to beautiful Olga for asking me to guest post for her today. It’s such a dreamy pleasure to be here today so again, Thank you.
Now a little about me and my blog I am a Wife to an Extraordinary Man, a Proud Stay at Home Mommy to an 8 year old handsome little guy and to a 5 year old super girl
Lover of all beautiful things, an Over Planner, 
believer of a great God and A Beautiful Daughter of God 
AA Dreams is where I share my Life and Learning Experiences and dream that I can make a difference in someone else Life. 


As a Stay Home Mom things can be very stressful at times, right? unless your a Superhero Mom, which I bet we all wish we were at times.  But it’s those times that we are so much more likely to fall into bad temptations. But it’s also the best time to speak to God.
A few months back I knelt down and asked God to please help me. Help me get through a hard week, to help me get all the things at home done, to have a clean home and to be the best wife and mom I can be… I was humble and asked for help.
It’s amazing how he can respond to your prayers, 

when you least expect it… and I believe there are certain people that God brings into your life for a meaningful reason.

To learn from them, to be a great example in your life, to encourage you, to make you laugh, to be a friend… 

All those things and much more sweet Olga has been since 
I found her blog last July. I know for some amazing reason I was meant to read her blog and I am so grateful that I did. 

Sometimes you just need that little extra motivation
to remember that everything is going to be OKAY!!!
even from a stranger… 

it’s all those amazing little things that God does for us that reminds us to appreciate and love this beautiful life.


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Thank you, Ani!! You are Extraordinary!!


I have a little treat… meet Ashley!

This girls is so crafty you can totally learn a thing or two from her!! Ashley, thanks for sharing Rustic Living with us!

Hello! My name is Ashley from over at Rustic Living. First let me say how grateful I am to be a guest here on Our Extraordinary Life!

I was blessed to have been raised on a farm in southern Idaho. Consequently, I’m a country girl that loves to wear flannel, bargain-hunt, say “dag-gummit”, eat meat and potatoes, and get my hands covered in paint. I have a great appreciation for all things “rustic”, furniture and home decor that has an antique or distressed look to it. Some of my favorite pieces to refurnish are dressers and rocking chairs. I also love to pinch pennies! I find my furniture and other treasures at garage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores, auctions, even items tossed to the side of the road! I love the story of how my grandmother found some old apple crates in a junkyard in the summer of 1949 and proudly turned them into a cupboard for dishes, complete with curtains. Her and my mother inspire me to continue our joy of turning trash into treasure and to glorify God with the talents He gave us!

In August 2011 I created the Rustic Living blog. I felt like I had something worth sharing, but I’m not gonna lie… I was so scared to do it! I still feel like a little girl with a paintbrush who has no idea what she’s doing but it makes her happy so she does it anyways! This is just one of the many amazing aspects of blogging. The opportunity to share my hobby with the “internet world” and receive so much support and encouragement is truly a blessing. It also allows me to connect with people who share the same passion and interests that I probably would have never met otherwise. I love how willing woman are to share their talents and secrets!

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me. Feel free to take a gander on over to Rustic Living and see what project I’m currently working on or my recent thrift store treasure! Have a great day!

Thanks again, Ashley!! Isn’t she amazing?! Now, go on and check her blog out!!

{A New Creation in Christ Jesus} Alyssa Duncan’s Testimony!

Meet… Alyssa Duncan!! Thank you Alyssa for sharing your beautiful heart/testimony to all my readers!

First off, thanks to Olga and her sweet family for allowing me the opportunity to share my testimony on her blog! 🙂 Her sweet words have given me inspiration on numerous occasions, allowed to laugh over silly moments with a fellow momma, and marvel at what God is doing in the lives of others. I’m attempting to break into the blogging world, but as I only seem to make it onto my blog once or twice a month (if that)…I’m not ready to call myself a true “blogger” yet. For now, I’ll just enjoy following blogs like Miss Olga’s instead. 🙂

So, my story starts back at the very large Independent Fundamental Baptist church that I attended in California as a little girl. I grew up with godly parents, Bible stories, attending VBS, and memorizing scripture as song. God was just interwoven into the daily fabric of my life and I didn’t know any different. I accepted Jesus into my heart at the young age of 5 and was baptized not long after. But then, upon attending a youth camp at age 12, I came to the realization that as a 5 year old I didn’t fully understand what it meant to be “saved.” So I re-committed my life to Christ and asked him to show me what it really meant to follow him. But, being a teenage girl, I quickly forgot about my commitment to Christ and upon entering into high school, became consumed with other (MUCH less important things). I fell into some pretty deep pits my sophomore year, dabbling in some areas that I am NOT proud to say I entered into. My family had stopped going to church around this time and so I definitely didn’t have the support system around me that I needed to get through these tough times. I made friends with the wrong people, got it into my mind that my parents only wanted to make my life as hard as possible, and at one point, became so low that I simply did not want to be alive anymore. My parents chose to move me to a different high school my junior year in an attempt to put me in a little bit better of an environment and we started going back to church. I had turned my back on God at this point, I was so set in my ways and I was NOT going to change. Then, I met Eric.

I’m convinced that the ONLY reason God led me to Eric was to show me how a relationship was NOT supposed to work. I didn’t care that Eric wasn’t a Christian, I overlooked the fact that he constantly was trying to get me alone and compromise my integrity, and I didn’t listen to anyone who tried to point out any of the obvious issues he had. I defended him, thought I loved him, and at one point…was engaged and only a few weeks away from marrying him. Then, one Sunday at church, God used a message about loving your children to show me the light. The message was about absolutely nothing that pertained to me but somehow (because He is God) he used it to show me that I was not being loved, cherished, and treated how Christ loved the church. He used this message to show me that I could not be married to an unbeliever, that there was something out there that was so much better for me and that if I turned my life over to him once more, he would show me the way. So I did. I bared my soul, exposed my heart, and pledged my life to Him once and for all.

At a birthday party for a little boy that I used to babysit later that afternoon, when Eric was upset that I was planning on going to a sleepover at our youth leader’s house for the girls in the youth group and not spending time home with him like a good fiancé, I knew that was it. I couldn’t marry him. So with my sister by my side, we sat and cried on the bathroom floor as I called my mom and broke the news. She told me the best thing I could have heard, “I am taking your hand and running back down the aisle with you, away from him. Everything will be okay. I love you.”

The funny thing about all of this, is that same day, when God was breaking my heart for Him during the worship service at church, I looked over at Chad (a guy whom I had met at our church Life Groups a few weeks before) and said to myself, “I want to marry a guy like that. He would love me!” From the moment that Eric and I broke up and he went back to Arizona, Chad and I became instant friends, fell madly in love after a mere few weeks, and 7 months later were engaged. Chad and I both came from horribly disastrous relationships so we just fell madly, passionately, and quickly head-over-heels in love with each other. I can look back now and see that God used Eric to make me appreciate Chad so very, very much. Where Eric was harsh, Chad is tender. Where Eric was snobby, Chad is rugged and man’s man. Where Eric was cruel, Chad was uniquely understanding and sweet. He is my very best friend.

The best part of it all was my renewed passion for the Lord. I poured over my Bible night and day, until I had read it cover to cover, over and over…I couldn’t get enough of this amazing book! I had read the Bible all my life but it was like all of a sudden it had been revealed to me in a way that it never had before. Chad and I would spend hours talking about things we read, the sermon at church on Sunday, or where we felt God was calling us in our lives. For the first time in my life, I FELT God in my heart leading me, talking to me, and guiding me in my day-to-day life. It was so freeing!

Chad and I got married (legally) on January 15th, 2010 and then once he was back from a brief deployment we got married in a formal ceremony on February 19th, 2010. We spent the next year traveling, cuddling, playing games together, and just having SO much fun. I enjoyed being with him so very much!! We found out in early November that we were expecting a baby and it’s amazing how fast nine months flew by! Our son, Jonah Maverick, was born just a few short months ago on June 30th. He is already 2 months old and growing like a weed before our very eyes! Chad is currently involved with the Safety and Security Ministry in our church and I sing on the Worship Band at our church. We used to teach Preschool as well at the church, but we stepped down for a time to focus on growing and nurturing our little family.  My mom and I are best friends now and I couldn’t be happier that her and my dad didn’t give up on me when I turned my back on them. My family and I are closer than ever and they have been such a HUGE help as Chad and I embark on this new journey in parenthood. Jonah is the physical embodiment of my heart on the outside of my body and I couldn’t be happier (or more blessed) to be his Momma. All of this because two people fell in love…and one girl started listening to God. All of my dreams are coming true. 🙂

Check out Alyssa Duncan‘s blog… send her some love 🙂
Next Monday we will be hearing from… Karisa Wollander!
want to share your testimony too?! please e-mail me @! I would love to have you as a guest on my blog!


{{{A New Creation In Christ Jesus}}}

  Hey everyone! I have been thinking of having guests post on my blog and share their testimony on how God has changed them and/or what extraordinary things he has done in your life or one of your family members or friends life. I think this can be very encouraging to people who will read these posts. I would love to hear what God has done in your life! I’m thinking of posting these on Monday? If you want to be a guest post, please let me know!! comment or e-mail me! I hope I can get a few of you who want to do this, otherwise this guest post will not work. If you are indecisive to do this or not I just ask that you pray about it.