Back Together Again!

  Last Wednesday, I went out to dinner with all my girlfriends from high school and from my high school job. Melissa came up from San Diego and she got all the girls together for dinner {the only one missing was Danielle 😦 she is out in Vegas for school}. We ate at Johnny Garlic’s in Dublin and it was one of my best times ever! It was such a blessing to be with all these girls again, and laugh about our crazy high school days. Christine brought all the pictures she ever took form back in the days and we all had such a blast looking at them! We couldn’t believe how much we have changed… some of the pictures were so embarrassing to see!!

Christine’s sister works at Johnny Garlic’s so she ended up being our waitress, and for some strange reason she kept asking all of us what was our most embarrassing moment. Come to find out at the end of dinner, one of the guys who works there is a great rapper! He came to our table and rapped about all of our embarrassing moments! It was HILARIOUS!! This was the cherry on top… this topped off the night!

 The food is delish!

 their dessert is A-mazingly goooood!!

 the rapper!!


Swap Party!

  Meagan and I hosted a Swap Party at Meagan’s house, and it was such a blast! We are most definitely going to have more swap parties! A swap party is when you and all your girl friends get together and bring clothes, jewelry, etc, that you no longer wear and you trade! Basically you pick what you like and you take it! Whatever ended up being left we all agreed on donating it to a charity we all feel strongly for. We all had such a blast having some amazing girl time!

The set up…

 Meagan and her little peanut!
 and the swap begins!

 After swaping our clothes it was picture time!

 We all put on the clothes that was left to see who can make the silliest outfit! so much fun!
 at about 11:30pm
 it was time to call it a night!
I love these girls!!!!!!!

{Dinner & Coffee With A Friend}

Last Friday I went out to dinner with Christine! It was so much fun! I can talk to this girl for days, she always makes me laugh and the best part is we can totally be ourselves around each other. We went out to sushi!!! Don’t worry everyone, I didn’t eat anything raw and we made sure everything was deep fried lol! It was soooo good! I have been craving sushi for the longest time! After a great dinner we headed over to our favorite coffee spot… STARBUCKS! haha! We just kept the conversation going until I realized I had to get back home to get Raychel and special little Oceana to bed. The girls were hanging out at my moms while I was at dinner and coffee. The time flew by so fast that for sure this girl and I will have to do it again soon!

{Marissa’s 25th Birthday}

2 weeks ago I headed to Walnut Creek to celebrate Marissa’s 25th Birthday at this place called Modern China. Their food and serves was amazing!! It was such a good time celebrating this wonderful women’s birthday! She is such a sweet heart! I love you girly!! Happy Birthday beautiful lady!

Pictures taken by Brandi 

Weekend Recap – Part I

Friday night my church was having a CHICK night and I invited my girlfriends to come along with me. It was such an amazing time of worship and some heartfelt ministry. It was such a blessing to have been there… God had a powerful word for every women there! A huge blessing! I am so happy that Marissa, Meagan and Brandi made it to CHICK night!!! I love these girls and I am so blessed to have had this experience with them! After an amazing time at the church together we headed to Chevy’s for some late dinner and to keep the chick night going 😉 .

Me, Marissa, Meagan, Brandi

Stay tuned for part II (bible study at Marissa’s)

{Ladies Night Out!}

This past Friday I got together with the most amazing girls/mommies! We all met up for dinner at Casa Orozco and then headed to the movie theaters to watch ” Life As We Know It.” It’s so nice to get a little break from the kiddos and spend that time with friends! Its also really nice not having to eat my food in a rush since the girls get fussy if they are sitting for a long period of time, so I really enjoyed eating at a slow pace and having great conversations with great women! As a mommy I think we always miss our little munchkins/hubby or they are in the back of your heads, but I think every mommy needs a break, and to spend time with friends to re-boost and get back into mommy mode with a fresh start ;)… right mommies or am I worng?! 

A big thanks to all the hubbies and grandmas for watching the kiddos so us mommies can get a ladies night out!!! Gracias <333

 This picture made us laugh so hard, because it looks like we are holding each others chins… wait a minute… nobody is holding mine… whats up with that?! hahaha!

Here we go a little better!

 Love these ladies!!

{Stella and Dot Party!}

I had a Stella and Dot Party at my house and it was so much fun!! I love all these ladies that made it to my “glam girls night out jewelry party!”

Life throws curve balls and sometimes along the way we lose some friends even best friends, but I am so blessed with the friends I have NOW! They are amazing!! These are definitely the girls I want in my life forever! I was telling my hubby when he got home about all the ladies that made it out and how blessed I am to have them in my life. Ray was happy to see me happy with these great group of girlfriends. They are all so different, but yet they are all so loving and caring, and they honestly care about me and my family!

Thank you ladies for coming! I Love you all so much, you guys are the BEST! I thank God for placing you lovely ladies in my life! Praise God! 🙂

The party was so much fun, we just hang out, chatted, had some nice wine, treats and enjoyed each others company while doing what we girls do best… SHOPPING!!

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Sister ❤
Mom with her girls