Electric Tooth Brush with Stickers!

  Ray and I bought the girls an electric tooth brush that comes with stickers! They love their new tooth brush! They got to decorate it the way the like it. Its was actually very fun helping the girls get the stickers out and then they placed them where they wanted it on their tooth brush. It was a lot of fun spending quality time with them decorating there tooth brush- haha! I wish I had one of these growing up! They also have stickers for boys ;).


Girl Time!

My parents bought the girls these little make-up kits, so we had some girly time! I had the girls do my make up 😉 and they actually do a pretty good job!

 these nails didn’t come with anything to stick them on with so i used tape lol
 don’t they do a pretty good job?! they applied the lipstick very good besides getting a little on my cheek, and the eye shadow looks pretty good too! Oceana was applying some eye shadow above the brow lol i don’t know why she thinks it goes above the brow, but anyhow, i think over all it looks pretty darn good 😉

Nana’s 85th Surprise Birthday Gift

  Ray’s Grandma will be turning 85 years old on Sunday!! She is the sweetest person ever! I love her so much and I am so thankful to be apart of the family!

 All of her great grand kids decided to give her a special gift… a plate with all of their hands printed on it! It was so much fun seeing all the cousins bond together for this special gift for Nana. The kiddos all got to pick the color they wanted to paint their hand to print it on the plate. We also made a little foot for Madison! All the names were written on every ones hand to remember who’s and was who’s on that date. We put Madison’s name on the foot, so for sure now there is no turning back on changing her name lol!

We are celebrating Nana’s birthday on Saturday (tomorrow!) even though her actually birthday is Sunday… and I can not wait to see the look on her face when she receives this special gift her grand kids made for her!

Marco’s 2nd Birthday Party

  Last weekend was my cousins son’s 2nd birthday. He is such a cute little guy, I just want to pinch his little cheeks!

My girls love birthday parties… well… what kid doesnt?

Marco the birthday boy!

 me and my lovely cousin Yvonne <333

This was the day Ray and I went on our date later that evening (post here).

Reminder– Tomorrow is Hubby Thursday! This one is a freebie! Whatever you want to talk about, about your hubby. You can do a picture you love of you two, a memorable day, your wedding, where he works, what you love about him, anything you want! Can’t wait to see/read every ones!

the following week of hubby thursday will be on- where/how you two met, and the very first picture you two ever took together, and of course a most recent! =) cant wait to here all of your stories the following week as well!

{Fun Learning Activites for the Kiddos!}

I went on-line to NickJr. and found these fun learning printables for my girls!! They are so cool, you can print out these cards “say it two ways” were it shows you pictures of things and it will say it in Spanish and English!! so cool! Also, there is this scavenger hunt printables where you put triangles, squares, numbers all over your house and your little ones go off and find them, and once they do they cross them off their list!! There is so many other cool printables you can do with your kids, They have seasonal ones and many, many more! Check out the website here!