New Years Eve and Day

  New years eve was real low key, we did some shopping at the mall, went home, got on our PJ’s and ordered some pizza. I put the girls to bed around 8pm and the hubs and I just hung out till midnight. We were not sure if we were going to make it till midnight, because we were both getting real sleepy by 11pm so, Ray took out the champagne for when the clock striked midnight! We both actually fell asleep at like 11:30pm and I got woken up by Jenny McCarthy on TV saying, “Happy New Year Everybody!” I thought we had missed it!! I woke Ray up, and we seen there was only 5 minutes left on the clock before midnight! At 12pm we entered the new year with a kiss, and cheered on the new year with our champagne!

 12 seconds till new years
Cheers to 2012!
In the morning of new years day, we dropped the girls off at my parents and we headed to the Raider vs Chargers game.
I love football, and  I love going to the games! unfortunately, the raiders blew it, like always, and lost.


{Go Raaaaadiers!!}

This past Sunday was my first tailgating!! It was a lot of fun BBQing, and hanging out with all the freinds before the game! The game started off a little rocky, but it got better as soon as Bruce Gradkowski (the quater back) got in the game. After four quarters of play the Raiders did indeed pull out a victory!!! YES!! Go Raiders!!
Way to go Bruce!!