Today I went over my sister-in-laws house, and one of her sons (Zack) has a spider-man stuffed doll in his room. Raychel was up stairs when she calls out to me saying, “mommy, mommy spider!” so up the stairs I go thinking it’s probably a little spider she sees and wants me to kill it. I go into Zack’s room (were she was at) and I see a stuffed spider-man. Raychel points to it and says, “spider” (raychel is scared of spiders just like her mama and daddy lol). The doll had a black spider on his chest, so I thought maybe she thinks it’s a real spider?! I grab spider-man and I say, “Look Raychel it’s not a real spider.” She starts getting even more scared, and then I say, “look honey, he is a fun spider-man!” and I start dancing with him, and hugging him, and she starts screaming, “NO mommy NO. Dont do that!” almost in tears!! Poor thing, my little munchkin is scared of spider-man!!!! Goodness, I hope no kids dress up as spider-man for Halloween this year! haha!