My Fashionista’s

  Oceana loves to pick out her clothes, she changes about 2 times a day sometimes 3 times. Oceana always wants to be in skirts or dresses and or anything pink and sparkly. She loves her nails painted, wearing lip stick {daddy does not like either or!}, loves jewelry and sunglasses. Raychel has actually not been caring as much on wearing skirts and dresses, she will, but she doesn’t care on what she wears. Raychel still loves her nails painted and loves to wear lipstick, but I think she knows and gets it that daddy doesn’t like it, so she doesn’t ask much to get these things. Oceana on the other hand is always asking me for lipstick and if one of her nail polish is chipped, she will ask me to “paint” it for her lol!

PS Oceana got her hair cut and we gave her bangs!

{Picture taken by blackberry at my friend narmiens house}


{clothes, shoes & jewelery}

I was looking on-line and seen some cute clothes for my girls and for me!

The hubby just bought me these two shirts from Express! and some other clothes from AE.. Thanks babe!

The outfit above and this one underneth are super cute for my little Raychel! LOVE!

This cute little white dress would look so cute with the necklace, the sunglasses, and the shoes. Super cute!

Love this shirt!!!!
Super cute dresses…
Love these two outfits with the boots!


LOVE the knee high boots!
I ❤ necklace
some more cute outfits I like…