Camping Fun

  I am so behind on so much!
a few months back we went camping with some friends and it was a blast! The girls had tons of fun and ray and I enjoyed being in the outdoors with family and friends.
Raychel went tubing for the first time!!! She had such a blast!! Oceana was too scared to get on it, but maybe next year she’ll be brave enough to try it.


Vegas Baby!

  2 weeks ago (before I knew I was pregnant) we went to Vegas for 6 days. Ray has his seminar (Mike Ferry) out there so the girls and I tagged along. It’s so nice just to get away and have a change of routine.

We had tons of fun!! Are days pretty much consisted of room service in the morning and sometimes room service for lunch and pool time everyday! After Ray would get off his seminar we would head to dinner and walk around the MGM grand hotel.

Friday and Saturday we got to do more since the seminar had finished. We took the girls to circus circus, which they loved, because they got on their first rides!! On Saturday was mostly on all day pool day, and after we headed to Caesers Palace, walked around all the shops, and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. We had such a great time! It’s always good to have a change of routine, no cleaning, no cooking, all day at the pool, and best of all… quality time with the family.

Our Trip to Yosemite

Some of our family came up from Mexico to visit, so we took them to Yosemite!


Madison Gets Her Little Ears Pierced!

This past weekend we took Madison to get her ears pierced. Raychel got hers when she was 7 months and so did Oceana, so now, it was Madison’s turn. My mom pierced my ears when I was 2 or 3 months old. This is a tradition in our family (Latin Culture) for the girls to get their ears pierced when there only a few months old.

Madison did so good. She cried a little, but after I held her and bounced her, she was a happy girl again.

Ta Da!!
I love her little ears pierced!! The hubs on the other hand, he can do without. but i think they look so darn cute!

Tahoe Trip Part III

Christmas Day, after opening presents {here}, we went to Heidi’s restaurant for breakfast, and then we headed to Heavenly in hopes there would be snow for the girls to play in. Tahoe was so dry this year, there was hardly any snow!! I guess last year was the opposite! But we made the best of it, and we ended up having a blast!

 Madison all nice and warm sleeping away.
 LOL! Look how dry! But Ray made the best of it for the girls to have fun…
 Here he is sliding down the hill with Raychel – haha!! LOVE IT!

 Raychel sliding down a small little hill.
 Then we met, Susie! Her mom and dad were so nice, they let them play in their board! Susie also has a younger sister about the same age as Oceana!
 They were sure having a blast! I also got to go down on the board lol!


Tahoe Trip Part II

Early Christmas Eve, we loaded up the Escalade with all the girls Christmas presents and headed to Lake Tahoe!
 We stopped at Starbucks, got some coffee and their breakfast sandwiches 😉

 LOVE my white chocolate mochas!!
 Oceana does too! haha! Don’t panic, I just let her have a little sip 😉
Our cabin for the weekend
 We unpacked, relaxed, and then we headed to dinner at Cabo Wabo
 After dinner we headed back to our cabin, got comfy, baked cookies for Santa and watched a family movie <333

Birthdays, Birthdays and more Birthdays

Last Saturday, we went to Andruw’s 5th birthday! It was so cool!! It was an indoor sports center and we played Andruw’s favorite sport, baseball! Andruw’s favorite team is the SF Giants. He is so good at playing baseball that it would not surprise me if he became pro one day, actually, am sure he will!! The girls had fun for the first half hour, then they were just being girly and wanting to play something else. Sorry… girls, no princesses here- haha! They were good sports though. Same as the hubs… he was actually not feeling to good, but he knew how much I wanted all of us to be at sweet Andruw’s birthday.

The decor was all SF Giants! Christine (Andruw’s mommy) did such a good job with all the party details. She is such a good mom!

Happy 5th Birthday Andruw! <333

 Picking teams
 Raychel with Christine pitching the ball!

 Me and my girly girl in the outfield!
 Batter up!

 OK, who knows what the heck I was trying to do here -haha… fly maybe?! You can tell I don’t play sports all that much. I love them, but I just don’t play them all that often-hehe.



A’s Game, Fireworks, and Breasts Like Heidi Montag

2 weekends ago, we went to the A’s game with a few friends and afterwards they had fireworks! The girls love going to the games, specially, if they are going to have fireworks after!

This was my first time leaving Madison for a few hours 😦 … she was in good hands so I wasn’t worried {thanks Carol for watching Madi!}Am breast feeding Madison, so I brought my pump along to the game. When the game was almost about to start I went into my car to pump. I get my pump out, I turn it on and  it all seems to be working fine until I place the pump to my breast and the suction does not work!! The next time I was going to be able to release the milk would be in 5 hours! SO, by the time the fireworks were over I was lookin’ like Heidi Montag ha-ha!

Besides looking like Heidi Montag at the end of the night, It was nice tail gating with friends, eating delicious food, spending more of a one on one time with Raychel and Oceana, the A’s winning, and watching a great show of fireworks!!


Caminando Con Mi Familia

I love going on these peaceful evening walks with my beautiful familia.


Danville Parade & BBQ!

  On 4th of July, Danville has a parade every year. It is so much fun to walk on the iron hours trail and head to down town Danville. This was the girls second time, to view their first time click {{here}}. The girls, Ray and I had a great time meeting up with friends and hanging out watching the parade. After the parade we grabbed some lunch and then headed back home to relax before going over to Rich and Dawns house for some fun in the sun and BBQ! Raychel loves, LOVES playing with Riley, Dawn and Rich’s girl. She is such a sweet heart and she also loves playing/taking care of my girls. Once eight o’clock hit we all were so tired from being out in the sun all day, so we called it a night and headed home. We were going to go see the fireworks, but we knew the girls would make it and they would end up falling asleep. The good thing is we all got to see the fireworks at the A’s game! This fourth of July was such a fun, and relaxing time!