{Harvest Party!}

Friday evening our church had a harvest party where all the kiddos can go and get candy, play games, listen to a live christian band, blow up jumpers for the kids to jump on, watch dancers dance, eat it some yummy food, and just have fun seeing all the other kiddos in their costumes!

Here is a little history on how Ray and I found our church, before I post the pics…

Ray and I lived in Manteca for almost a year while I was prego with Raychel, and we were attending Freedom Christian Center… which we loved! Then we moved to Dublin right before Raychel was almost due, so we can be closer to family and besides that, Ray and I we’re not fans of living in Manteca anyway.  While living in Dublin we were commuting back and forth from Dublin to Manteca ( 35min drive) to attend church, but with a newborn it was getting to be too much and we needed to find something closer. It was so hard finding a church that we felt like we were at home. We attended this church in Pleasanton (still didn’t feel at home) for a few months, but then we moved again, and since we still didnt feel at home we decided to look in San Ramon were we moved. We started looking for a church right away, we went to this one in Danville for a few weeks, but we decided it was not for us. I know we looked like Church hoppers…well I guess we were- haha, but that is so not us, we just haven’t found that right one. Then we found one in San Ramon right next to our place and we liked it, but again I did not feel at home, I couldn’t see me and my family attending this church forever. Ray and I just gave up and thought all the Churches out this way were the same, so we settled to stay at this one. Sundays would come around I didn’t feel like going to church, Ray would say, “Olga do you not want to go to church anymore? Whats going on with you? Come on lets get up and go.” I would drag myself to go. After a few months of going, maybe almost a year… we were not into it, we were not happy, so we stopped going and decided to keep on looking. We prayed about it, and a few days later a friend of Ray’s (Mike) called and said he looked up this church in Pleasanton called, Harvest Valley Christian Church and was going to check it out and wanted us to come join him (The funny thing is that Ray and I would always pass by this church and joke around saying, “look there is our home church!”), So on this one Sunday we meet up with mike there and in we went. As soon as we stepped inside everyone was so friendly, so loving, they welcomed us as if we have known each other and have been coming for a while. Once the music started playing and everyone started worshiping, lifting their hands and praising God not as a routine, but truly praising him with all their hearts. You can see/feel the love everyone had/has for God. Then I started worshiping God and in my spirit I felt God saying, you are HOME! Tears were streaming down my eyes, and I was so thankful that me and my family finally found our place to come and worship, and fellowship, and to hear the word of God! After service that day Ray said something like, “I think our search is over” or “We are done searching.” We both knew in our hearts that this is were we belonged!
Our Pastor (Derek) is amazing, he has his beautiful wife Kyra and two young boys, and they are just a blessing! The whole church is just so loving. We are just one big family, trying to get to the lost souls to teach them about Jesus Christ and to show/teach them what a loving God we have! So thats our story on finding our church! What is your story??

Here are the pictures of the harvest party…

 The one in the black shirt, is the pastors wife
 Cheena & Kathy
 Sara & Ralf and their little one!
 Michelle made these yummy carmel apples!
 Michelle & Chris with their little man

 Pastor & Kathy

 Debbie & Steve and family

 Kathy & her mom
Over a thousand people made it to our harvest party!!! A lot of people that showed up said how friendly and loving we all were, and that’s just awesome, because God is LOVE and we should be just like him!
PS sorry for 4265975465411 grammar errors, I think I always confuse English with Spanish. But thanks so much for reading my posts and trying to understand what it is that I am trying to say lol. THANKS!
PSS If you live near by and want to come check us out, come!!


{Mommy & the Girls at the Pumpkin Patch}

There is a farmers market literally at walking distance from my house, and they added a cute little pumpkin patch in the back! They have a little place where they have pigs, a pony, chickens, and goats you can feed. They also have a cute little maze… well I guess its more like a tunnel, there is only one way in and one way out. There is tons of pumpkins (of course!) and a blow up cat, pumpkins, and Frankenstein. Raychel loved running around through all the pumpkins and going through the tunnel maze. Oceana was scared at first to go through the tunnel, since it was a little dark, but after a few minutes she was catching up with her sister! The girls had a lot of fun, Raychel didn’t want to leave, so we will for sure be going here a couple more times since its so close!!

Raychel is so funny, when we passed by the goats, she said, “It smells like cow!” and when we past by the pigs, she said, “It smells like pig!” haha!

{Pumpkin Patch Fun!}

On Saturday we met up with the Law family and the Barnett family at the G&M pumpkin patch! It was so much fun getting together with these two families and their precious little ones! 

Such a beautiful little family!

Riding the cow train!

Our little family! 

The mommies

Finding our way through the maze, go Raychel!

Playing in the Indian corn box!
 Garrett making sure the little man had no more corn on him.. haha! Too cute!

Raychel loved going down the slide with Garrett and Rowan!

Raychel and Daddy putting their shoes back on.
The girls had tons of fun (more Raychel then Oceana, since O.C. just had woken up from her nap) riding the cow train, finding their way through the straw bale maze, playing in the Indian corn box, playing in the play ground, seeing all the farm animals, and playing with their buddies!
After the pumpkin patch we head out with Law family to grab some lunch at Alehouse. Their burgers were the bomb!!! haha I haven’t said that word “the bomb” in a long time.. haha but its the best way… I guess.. to describe how delicious they were! 
 We love you Law family <33

 Like  father  like  daughter!
 After a long day of fun, the girls were fast asleep!!

{Fall Decorations}

It’s officially Fall, so out with the decorations!

These are a few little decoration, for now! 😉
Yay… for fall!