Easter Weekend

Friday was Jacobs birthday, and after, the girls dyed some eggs and decorated them. The girls love spending time with their cousins. They love being at auntie Cindy’s house.

The birthday boy

All the kiddos at Jacob’s party

After all the kiddos left, the cousins dyed eggs!

The goddess princess waving while being carried away by her to handsome cousins.  
Once we finished dying eggs, the girls and I headed out to get ready for the A’s game!

On Saturday morning, we headed to Blackhawk Country Club for breakfast, a magic show and a Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. At the door to greet all the parents and kids was the Easter bunny!! The girls we so excited they climbed up the stairs so fast to give the Easter bunny a hug!
After breakfast they had a magic show for the kiddos. The guy who was doing the magic show did such a good job! I heard that he was way better then last year.
the magician kept choosing kids to help him on stage and Raychel raised her hand every time but was not picked. She got so upset, but she stayed persistent and she got picked at the end! which was the best time to be picked because they pulled out a real bunny out of a hat!! Ray also went on stage because the magician needed a parent with the child. Oceana sneaked up on stage too!
Once the pulled the bunny out of the hat all the kiddos went crazy and were running up the stage to see/hold the bunny. After the magic show was  over the Easter egg hunt began.
Once the egg hunt was over we headed to Braden’s first birthday party. The girls had such a blast all day Saturday.
Sunday, we headed to church a little earlier because Raychel and Oceana (and the rest of the kiddos) were going to sing. I love watching the little ones sing for Jesus, its so sweet.

 After a great service we headed to our favorite breakfast place Zorns.

Breakfast was delicious! We then headed out to the mall which come to find out they were closed 😦 lol!
We then went back to my parents house before heading to auntie Cindy’s casa.
At auntie Cindy’s we had such a blast spending quality time with family and also celebrating our niece’s birthday.

The cousins all went out hunting for eggs

This was our extraordinary Easter weekend!!


Easter Sunday!

  On Easter Sunday we got up and got ready to head to church. Church service was Amazing! After church we ran some errands and then headed back home to relax before meeting Ray’s family at a Mexican restaurant we always go to on Easter Sunday. We all took a power nap and off we went to Cindy’s house to do a quick Easter egg hunt for the little ones before heading to the restaurant. The kids had so much fun finding the eggs!! Raychel is in love with her Easter basket and her eggs lol. The Holidays are so much fun with little ones!! After the egg hunt we all headed to dinner and enjoyed some yummy food and great family time!

waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin!
off they go…

All their eggies
The End of the Easter egg hunt
Los primos

The Family
Someone was hungry!
Raychel and her favorite little buddy
Oceana was so excited and curious on getting a big Easter gift
Grandma handing out the Easter gifts

Oceana was so excited to find a fluffy white bunny in her basket. She loves her stuffed animals.
Raychel loves her Easter basket!
Of course.. out of all the primos my girls are the only ones not looking at the camera!
The girls had their “dance on” with daddy before heading off to bed <333