{I Say Yes to the Dress Again}

This past Thursday I had the beautiful Law family over for dinner, and Meagan had said something about our wedding dresses, since she seen mine hanging in the closet, and she said something like “you should come over one day and we can just wear our wedding dresses all day!” I love her! That’s totally something she would say! Anyway, Friday comes along and I’m at home watching TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress, then I thought about what Meagan had said, so I head over to my closet and I put my beautiful wedding dress on!
Ray seen me and said, “your wearing your wedding dress?!” He probably thinks I’m weird! hahaha! Actually, he’s the one that helped take all these pictures… so I guess he doesn’t think I am that weird, he also knew I was watching… Say Yes to the Dress, since it was still on.
I love my wedding dress! I would most definitely say YES to this DRESS again!