A Much Needed Date Night!

Last weekend Ray and I went on a much needed date night.

Ray planned the whole date. Our first stop was the tanning salon (I know its not the best for your skin, but its so relaxing every now and then), then we headed to get couples massages!!

The massage were awesome! we both felt so relaxed afterwards.
Next to the spa there was Starbucks, so we grabbed us some, of course!

Then we drove off to Bart to head to the City for a late lunch/ early dinner.
Once we arrived at the city we went to The Mexican Restaurant. This was my first time here and Ray’s second. The food was really good, it tasted homemade!

After this yummy meal we did some walking around.
We went into a few stores and then we went back to Bart to head to the coliseum to watch the Worrior game VS Lakers

The game was a lot of fun and to top it off the Worriors won just buy a few points in the last seconds!!
I love date nights with the hubs!!


{Date Night & My First Time}

On Saturday the hubs and I had a date day/night! I dropped the girls off at my moms at noon, and then headed back home to start our date with the hubs. We went to walnut creek, then we headed to Concord and had some late lunch at Johnny Rockets. This was my first time there, I have never had their burgers and fries… it was pretty good. Ray and I shared a yummy strawberry banana milk shake… yummy!

After a good lunch we headed off to the City. It was so nice to have QT with the hubs! I love having date day/nights with him! We went to the mall and just enjoyed walking around without the little ones pulling us in different directions, and just having the attention towards each other and not our little princesses.

Once five thirty rolled around we headed to Oakland to go watch the Warriors VS Mavericks game. This was my first time at a professional basketball game! Last year was my first time tailgating at a Raider game, and this year my first b-ball game! Basketball is not really my fav, I definitely like football so much better. anyhow, The game was so much fun though… specially being there with my man! I think I enjoyed the in between shows more then the actual game lol! I didn’t get into the game that much until the 3rd quarter, then I started to get into it a little more. In between the game they have all these little shows or they hand out free stuff. At one time they were handing out pizza’s and the lady that was handing them out was almost by mine and Ray’s section. I was telling Ray that if she would have been closer I would have stood up and danced while rubbing my belly so I can win that pizza! lol! A pregnant women can always eat… specially pizza!

Ray and I had such a wonderful time together, that for sure we need to do more of these dates often!

{Hello City!}

This past weekend the Hubby and I went on a date to the city to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Cha Cha Cha, and to see the musical WICKED!!

On Saturday evening we dropped our beautiful girls off at the grandparents house and we headed out to the City! We had dinner at Cha Cha Cha, Cha Cha Cha has such great Cuban food, and they’re sangria is delicious! We love it there! After dinner we headed to Neiman Marcus, but they were closed, so we went to Macy’s and got ourselves a nice coffee before the show.

WICKED was amazing, it was such an awesome show!! Loved the “popular” song, it was so cute/funny… well…I loved pretty much everything! They are coming out with Peter Pan the musical on April 27th, wicked was so good that we will have to check out Peter Pan too!
On our way back home
Once we got home we enjoyed having the house to ourselves!