Bible Study with my BFFs’



Bri’elle’s Birthday Party & Bible Study

  After taking our Christmas family pictures, we headed over to Brandi & Jay’s casa for bible study and to celebrate Bri’elle’s 2nd birthday!
I know I sound like a broken record but, I love spending time with these girls! They are all just A-mazing!! We just started a Beth Moore study and it was so refreshing to hear her speak. Cant wait for next months study!

Brandi is so amazing, she did a craft with all the kids making cute little reindeer!!

 We also exchanged gifts which was a lot of fun!!

Happy 2nd birthday Bri’elle! God has truly blessed you with such wonderful parents.
Bri’elle, I pray that you will be God’s light in your generation… that people may see how amazing our God is through you.
May He bless you all the days of your life!
Feliz Cumpleanos, chula!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Bible Study Group/Play Dates!

 Oh. My. Goodness. I was ginormous!



A while back I seen this on the blog of Treasures Promised, she is such an amazing women, wife and mother and has a heart for the Lord. I seen this and I wrote it down on the front of my bible, I look at it every now and then and I seen it again today and I want to share it 😉

faith: Is not just mind power
faith: Is connected to reality of Gods word
faith: Actually sees the promise of God coming true before they happen
faith: Is the evidence of things not seen
faith: Is almost like entering another dimension in time and space where you see the thing you are praying for happen before it actually happens in reality
faith: In Gods word is a higher reality than our physical reality… and the invisible or spiritual world creates the physical world… 
proverbs 3:5-6, Matthew 6:25-43, Romans 3:21 – 5:11, Hebrews 11

Weekend Recap – Part II

The next day (Saturday) after a great night of CHICK night we had bible study at Marissa’s house. We all got together with are kiddos and had some yummy nachos, great conversations, and the little ones got to enjoy hanging out and playing with each other. I love this bible study group! I love that we can be ourselves, we can encourage each other, pray for each other, love each other, and best of all… learn about what our heavenly father wants for us, and how to be great examples for our kids and other people.

We just started a new book called Commitment by Robert Boyd Munger so far its a very good book and we are enjoying it!

If you live close by and are interested in joining our woman’s bible study group we are more then happy to have you!! We want anyone who wants to join us and learn about our amazing God to come JOIN US! feel free to e-mail me =)

Brandi, Marissa, Melissa, Meagan, Brittany & Baby Sophia

Yummy nachos!!
My little munchkin loves wearing sunglasses! Love it!

 All the kiddos!
 Raychel and Jordan were sticking stickers on our faces so we can look “beatiful”!
 Little Sophia was starting to cry =( it was my 1st time holding her…

I dont think she liked me much =(… well I think it was the camera with all the flashes was scaring her… I hope?!
Sophia with her auntie
Popcorn for the kiddos
 Little OC helping with baby Sophi
 Jordan also loves her sunglasses!
Stay tuned for part III (later that night @ my mother-in-laws party)

{Bible Study}

Every second Saturday of every month I get together with these great group of girls to share this study we have been doing called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. This book is amazing! It is a must read! I love it, its made me cry, its made me laugh, its just a great book over all!

There is something so wonderful and freeing about baring your soul to a group of Christian women. Chatting, laughing, eating, comforting, understanding, motivating, encouraging… I just love everything about it. These girls our the best, I love them so much! I am extremely blessed that God placed them in my life!! We have such a great bond between us.. its incredible, and we trust each other completely.  I LOVE YOU LADIES!

Normally we have more ladies at the study, but this Saturday it was just us. 😉 

A BIG Thanks to Garrett for watching the kiddos while us mommies did our thang!