Danville Parade & BBQ!

  On 4th of July, Danville has a parade every year. It is so much fun to walk on the iron hours trail and head to down town Danville. This was the girls second time, to view their first time click {{here}}. The girls, Ray and I had a great time meeting up with friends and hanging out watching the parade. After the parade we grabbed some lunch and then headed back home to relax before going over to Rich and Dawns house for some fun in the sun and BBQ! Raychel loves, LOVES playing with Riley, Dawn and Rich’s girl. She is such a sweet heart and she also loves playing/taking care of my girls. Once eight o’clock hit we all were so tired from being out in the sun all day, so we called it a night and headed home. We were going to go see the fireworks, but we knew the girls would make it and they would end up falling asleep. The good thing is we all got to see the fireworks at the A’s game! This fourth of July was such a fun, and relaxing time!


{Fathers Day}

Fathers Day was bitter sweet… Ray was in New Jersey so we didn’t get to spend fathers day with him, but it was nice that we all hung out that Friday before he left.

I spent the night at my parents Saturday night, since I was going to be over there anyway for Fathers Day. It was nice waking up and hanging out with the parents before the rest of the family arrived(aunts,uncles,cousins). Once all the fam arrived we all just hung out, talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company!
My cousins are hilarious they do the craziest things!! OK, so without me knowing my cousins took my cell phone and were txting and sending random people pictures of the most random things! They took a picture of the salsa with a chip in it and sent it to a friend of mine saying, “I threw up a lot.” Oh my gosh!!!!! How embarrassing!! Ok, well I guess it’s not that embarrassing compared to this one…  they zoomed in on my ugly foot and took a picture and sent it to another person on my contacts list saying, “hi.” Oh my gosh I almost died!!! I called/txted that person right away and apologized! ahh!! How embarrassing!! All in all though I did get a laugh out of it, but man… those boys are crazy!! Anyway, Fathers Day was great spending it with my Dad! He was very happy to have the girls and I there.

Dad with his girls

The parents

mMmMmMm Chips!
More chips!
Raychel with all the boy cousins.
My little peanut!
Raychel LOVEs Shadow! Hahaha.. poor shadow!

Being Silly!
We LOVE photography!
The Fam!


On Saturday the day before Oceana’s birthday we went to a BBQ at one of Ray’s friends house who lives in Tracy. When we got to his house the first thing we saw, or I should say the girls saw, is a room filled with toys! They didnt even bother to say hi or anything…nope nothing at all… straight to the toy room they went!

{Memorial Day Weekend – Parte Uno}

Saturday afternoon we went over to my parents house for a nice BBQ. The food was amazing like always and it was just a nice relaxing time with Ray’s mom, grandma, us and my parents… and to top it off the weather was BEAUTIFUL!