Brandi’s Baby Shower

A few weeks back, Meagan and I headed over to Brandi’s for her beautiful baby shower for sweet baby Jalilah! We didnt stay long, but the few minutes we were there was a lot of fun.
{Pictures taken my Meagan}

cant wait to meet sweet baby Jalilah soon!


Double Shower

Last weekend I went to two showers, my girlfriend Melissa’s and my cousin’s wife, Austina, which was held at my parents house. It was very nice spending time with friends at Melissa’s and it was nice spending time with family at Austina’s. I love showers, I love celebrating the coming of new life! Both of these girls looked beautiful, they both were glowing of happiness and excitement to soon meet their precious gifts that were sent from above. Pretty soon, this month they will both be meeting their little boys!

Melissa’s shower
{this was the same day Ray and I went on our dinner movie date!}
Austina’s Shower

~ hubby not pictured, because he had class all day 😦

Madison’s Shower!

First off, I want to thank all the ladies who took the day off to come celebrate Madison’s soon arrival. Thanks for taking a day off work, leaving the hubs alone {even on his birthday, thanks Clarissa!}, and plainly just leaving everything to spend this time with me! You ladies don’t know how much it means to me for all of you to be there! I am beyond thankful for you guys! Thank you for your love for me and the love you already have for Madison!! I thank the Lord for you guys!

I just took a picture of the drinks. I forgot to take some of the yummy food my mom made =(

Marissa and Brandi bought the girls some goodies to play with at the shower! Thanks Brandi and Marissa!! <333

 Baby Picasso was such a fun game! All the ladies one by one were blind folded and they had to draw a picture of a baby. The best one to draw the best baby wins!

Then we played, guess what chocolate is in the diaper!

This game everyone got in a circle and a story was read. During the story you had to pass around the gift and when the story ends whoever ends up with the gift in the end wins it!

My brothers girlfriend was the winner!

MY BEST FRIENDS! I love you ladies!!
Seeing these 3 dresses made it so real to me… I will be a mother to 3 beautiful girls!!!
PS. Hopefully since my mother-in-law got 3 dresses for 4th of July it will mean that Madison will decide to come that day!! I hope!! 

Yes, I know, I am freakin’ huge!!! Madison you need to come out right now!

Clarissa’s Baby Shower

One of my great friends (Clarissa) is pregnant with her first baby and she is having a girl! This past weekend was her baby shower and it turned out so pretty! They had some great food and desserts and some very pretty decorations! Her theme was birds… I really liked it…I might steal her idea for my baby shower!!