From 2 to 3

Boy, have I been busy! 3 little girls under the age of 4 can keep you on your toes.

This new transition has been a little tough for me, more then the transition from 1 to 2. From Raychel to Oceana was actually pretty easy. I adjusted to having 2 real quick! Now, 2 to 3 is BUSY, and to be honest some days can be overwhelming. There are times when they all want something at the same time. Raychel will want me to play with her, while Oceana will want me to fix her a snack or get her some juice, while little Madison is crying because she is hungry, and the cycle keeps going till bed time. Some times these days can just get to me and I feel overwhelmed, specially, when I don’t get much sleep at night.

Madison is an OK sleeper. Oceana was actual the best out of all three of them. Oceana slept for 4 to 5 hours straight the first days/weeks then she went to 6 to then 8 hours! Now, she is at 12! Madison on the other hand sleeps for 3 hours then wakes to eat and sleeps for another 2 1/2 and wakes again to eat, and it just keeps going like that the rest of the night. So, during the day somedays… like i said… can be overwhelming. All in all, I know its just a season and it will get easier in time, and I am beyond happy to the mommy to these 3 precious girls!! I cant believe God gave me these girls to watch over and raise them!

On another note… I never realized how much I can do with just one hand! I will be breast feeding Madison while changing a diaper, changing Oceana or Raychel’s clothes, putting the girls their shoes on, lifting Oceana up, txting, typing, getting snacks/lunch for the girls, and feeding myself. Talk about multi-tasking!!     

Love my babes!
{lol none of them were ready for their picture to be taken}


Belly Business Vlog

I thought I’d change it up and do a vlog instead of just a picture! I have seen a few vlog’s from blogs I follow and it’s always so different just to actually see them and hear them on video, so here is ME and my girls on video!

I am 38 weeks and I actually feel really good. The only thing is my feet hurt from standing up or doing whatever so I try to relax on the couch every now and then. Also, I haven’t really had any braxton hicks regularly, =( but hopefully soon, all in God’s timing 😉

I ate A LOT!

  A few weeks ago I was out with my girls and there was this little boy with his mom, this little boy looks at me and then tells his mom… “Mommy she ate a lot!” the mommy looks at me and then tells her little boy, “No honey, she has a baby in her belly.” The little boy- “OoOh!.” lol!! Goodness, then most of the little kiddos out there must think I eat A LOT! hahaha!!

Belly Business

I am 37 weeks today!! We are so excited to soon meet you little Madison! I keep thinking about what day and time God has set for you to come out into the world.  I hope labor and delivery is even faster with you then with your sisters. labor and delivery with both your sister only took about 4 hours total! With Raychel I was induced and with Oceana she came all natural. I almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time with OC. I am hoping God will bless me with another fast, drug free, delivery! I can not wait for that day to come!! Believe it or not labor and delivery is my favorite part! Yes, I know, I am crazy! Hope that day is coming sooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ramblings of a pregnant women

I can not believe how time has flown on by! BUT, now it feels like its slowing down. Isn’t it always like that though? the last few weeks feel like baby will never come and I will stay pregnant forever lol! Even though it feels like the due date will never get here, I am trying to take in all the beauty and joy of being pregnant. Feeling little Madison move inside of me is such a wonderful feeling. It still amazes me how a little being is growing inside of me and is hanging out in my belly till its time for her to make her grand appearance!

There is these two lovely ladies (Little Carrigan and Mommy-logue) {you can click on their names or blog name to view their blog ;)}that I follow, they were about 3 weeks ahead of me and they both just had their little ones!! Kimmie from “little carrigan” just announced the birth of her second son, and Kim from “mommy-logue” also just announced the birth of her 3rd child, a little boy! she has two girls and now she welcomes her son. Its crazy to me, because it feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we all announced we were pregnant and now they are welcoming their little ones! Congrats ladies!! I am right behind ya! May God bless your little ones and your whole family! Well… I guess he already has blessed the fam with a new little addition ;).

Madison, I can not wait to see you and hold you in my arms! I wonder how and who you will look like?! I wonder if your hair will be as dark as your sisters, and if you will also have those pretty blue/green eyes as they do. I wonder how different your character will be compared to your sisters. I can not wait to be a family of 5!! You Madison will complete our family!! How ever you make look or act, we are so blessed God chose you to be apart of our family!!!! We all love you so very much!!! This Saturday we are having a baby shower for you and I am so excited!!

Belly Business!

I am 34 weeks today!
Today the weather is beautiful out, so I decided to take the girls to the store and buy some paint to paint my belly! The girls had so much fun painting my belly and talking to M. It is such a joy seeing my beautiful daughters enjoy painting my belly =)

Change of Name – help!

  SO, maybe it’s better to wait till the actual birth on telling other people and or siblings the name of your new baby or unless you and your husband our both 100% sure on what you want to name your baby! Ray and I were between two names, McKenzie and Madison. I liked McKenzie a little better then Madison and Ray liked Madison a lot more then McKenzie. For some reason we sticked with McKenzie because too Raychel always preferred McKenzie better and she would rub my belly and say, “McKenzie!” she wouldn’t say Madison. Anyhow, just a day or two ago Ray calls me and says that he does not like the name McKenzie anymore and that its a little annoying to him now-lol! And now we are thinking of naming our 3rd blessing Madison?! Its kinda hard and it feels weird to switch the name especially since we have been signing her name on every Christmas card, birthday cards, baby shower invitations, and we have been calling her McKenzie all this time. I have even posted it on this blog and all my pregnancy post “belly business.” The good thing is that this is happening now before she is actually here! Now that I think about what Ray is saying I think I am liking more Madison… well… either way McKenzie is out for Ray, he no longer wants that name for his baby girl. So… I guess what I am asking is… how do you tell your almost 3 1/2 year old that blessing number 3 is now Madison?! When we tell Raychel that baby girls name is now Madison she says, “NO! Its McKenzie! I dont want Madison! She is McKenzie!” Goodness… some help please! What do you say for her to like the name or for her to know that either way blessing number 3 is the same person?? How do you explain this to an almost 3 1/2 year old?!?! How can I make it easy on her?? What do I say?!

Our 3rd blessings name is now…
Madison Marie Marquez 
I hope we don’t change our minds! ahhh! lol! baby I should just call her baby M till she is actually out into the world!

Today I Turn 26 Years Old!

  I am so thankful for another year God has given me. I am so blessed to be where I am at now. I have the most amazing husband as well as my two beautiful girls plus one more who soon we will meet in July, praise God! I wouldn’t change my life for anything! God has for sure blessed me with more then I deserve, but that is the amazing God we serve. If you’re truly faithful by just a little He will surely pour His blessings on you! Thank you heavenly Father for this day and ever day, may they be filled with praises, love and joy!

Belly Business

I am 30 weeks pregnant today!!

Little McKenzie weighs about 3 pounds.

She is such a wiggle worm and I love it! I love feeling her move and hiccup!

We are getting more and more excited on meeting our 3rd blessing!!

I have been feeling so tired by the end of the day, and I have been getting heart burn. I never had heart burn with Raychel or Oceana, so this is something new, other then those things I feel great!

Momma In Focus Friday & Belly Business!

Linking up with Casey over at One Day At a Time!

I know this is supposed to be an Easter picture of mommy and the kiddos, but I did not take any of us 3 that day, so these are from yesterday at my moms =)…

Yes… I know… the girls are not looking, but this is as good as it gets.

28 weeks and 2 days.

Bare Belly Pic!

One Day At A Time

{Belly Business}

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: 24 weeks!
Size of baby: weighs a just a little over a pound & is almost a foot long!!
Total weight gain: 11 Pounds
Maternity clothes: Not yet, need to go buy some! Doing the rubber band thing lol!
Gender: A beautiful girl, McKenzie Marie!!
Movement: Yes, flutters and strong kicks
Sleep: Ok, could be better
What I miss: Nada
Cravings: Nada
Symptoms: Growing belly, and some days a little tired.
Best moment this week: Just seeing my belly grow and feeling her move! I can not wait to have the big belly!!
{Goodness… my shirt thats underneath is not quite fitting the same lol!}

On to a different subject…
pictures of daddy with the girls before bed time…

The End