Updates {Randoms}

 ~ Hello everyone!! It has been a while since I blogged and I need to get back at it to journal all mine and my family’s happenings!

~ Madison is 10 months old now! Time sure flies on by. Madison, you sure do have a personality! You are one tough cookie! Madison loves her sisters so much, she loves playing with them. I am sure she wishes she can walk to keep up with them more.

~ We are still living with my parents which is bitter sweet. I get a lot of help from my mom & dad, but there is nothing like having your own place. Everything is going according to plan, so hopefully next year in Jan/Feb we will buy our new home in Blackhawk!

~ Ray and I  just bought our investment property!!!!! It was a short sale, Ray of course was the sales agent and we bought it off the people who were selling it and they are still going to keep living there and rent it off us!! so, this was totally a great investment!

I am pregnant with baby number 4!!!! j/k!! lol! Wanted to get you all excited ;). We are still talking about going a 4th round, so we will see what happens.

~ I am hooked on Instargram! keep up with us on Insta @olga_marquez!

~ Raychel is doing so good in soccer and in her preschool! She is moving on up in her soccer class! She loves soccer! Raychel had been learning a lot in preschool. she knows how to spell words by sounding out her letters!! I am so proud of her!!

~ Oceana will start a free trial of soccer in June to see if she likes it and she is going to start preschool in August!! Oceana is such a sweet heart and she tries so hard to keep up with her sister. 🙂

~ I through Ray a surprise party for his 35th birthday!! I will be posting soon, so stay tuned!!!

~ As for myself, I have been doing good! I have been working-out 5 days a week and I am loving it!! I also have been eating much healthier. I am loving my life, enjoying my girls and my amazing husband who makes my life all that much more wonderful!  ummm… I guess… the only thing that’s been kinda a struggle is that, I still, at times, been questioning my faith 😦 . but, other then that, life has been so amazing!

Hope you all are doing great and I cannot wait to get back on reading all your guys is posts!

Here are a few pics! If you follow me on insta then you might have already seen these 😉

My girls before bed time