Meet Christine!!

   Christine has been my BFF since high school and I am so excited that she finally decided to join the blogger world! She is an amazing mom to the most handsome little boy named Andruw, she works hard to be able to give Andruw the best, she has a heart of gold!

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be starting this blog. Ive watched my good friend, Olga document and share her and her families life for over a year now and realized i wanted to do the same. As most of you know i am a single mom to the most amazing and handsome 5 year old i know, Andruw Miguel Navarro. He is currently in his first year of school at Jackson Ave and is loving kindergarten. He is about to start tball soon and cant wait. I’m also looking forward to being on the sidelines cheering on my guy. I remember being a little girl wondering and dreaming of what my life would look like when i was “grown up”. Most of you know I’ve been addicted to romantic movies and happily ever after for as long as i remember. And all though my life might not be what i pictured when i was a little girl, i feel so blessed in my life. I am so lucky to have the 4 most amazing sisters, 2 of the best friends a girl could ask for, a growing relationship with god, and last but not least my reason for living, my son. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing mine and Andruw’s blessed life with you all ❤

So, head on over to Christine’s blog Our Blessed Life and show her how great this blog world is!


San Diego Trip #4

   This 4th trip to San Diego was so much more relaxing then the others. We didn’t do much. We ordered room service pretty much every day, and I met up with Melissa and her mom for a day. I love spending time with them and catching up. This year I was planning to do all these things in San Diego, but it turned out to be the complete opposite! As for pictures… I only took 5! I wasn’t in the mood, and there wasn’t much to take anyway. I had a great time though, its nice to change things up from your normal routine. 

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I am over at Rustic Living!

Ashley is such a sweet heart! She asked me to be a guest over at her blog and how could I say no?! This girl writes so beautiful and does beautiful works with her hands. I am honored to be a guest over at her blog. I am on the road and typing this on the iPad and I am not sure how to add Ashley’s link on here, so here is her web address 🙂 Happy Thursday!!

Really, Olga?!

FYI -I have family in Mexico, so thats why i went during summer break.

I have a little treat… meet Ashley!

This girls is so crafty you can totally learn a thing or two from her!! Ashley, thanks for sharing Rustic Living with us!

Hello! My name is Ashley from over at Rustic Living. First let me say how grateful I am to be a guest here on Our Extraordinary Life!

I was blessed to have been raised on a farm in southern Idaho. Consequently, I’m a country girl that loves to wear flannel, bargain-hunt, say “dag-gummit”, eat meat and potatoes, and get my hands covered in paint. I have a great appreciation for all things “rustic”, furniture and home decor that has an antique or distressed look to it. Some of my favorite pieces to refurnish are dressers and rocking chairs. I also love to pinch pennies! I find my furniture and other treasures at garage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores, auctions, even items tossed to the side of the road! I love the story of how my grandmother found some old apple crates in a junkyard in the summer of 1949 and proudly turned them into a cupboard for dishes, complete with curtains. Her and my mother inspire me to continue our joy of turning trash into treasure and to glorify God with the talents He gave us!

In August 2011 I created the Rustic Living blog. I felt like I had something worth sharing, but I’m not gonna lie… I was so scared to do it! I still feel like a little girl with a paintbrush who has no idea what she’s doing but it makes her happy so she does it anyways! This is just one of the many amazing aspects of blogging. The opportunity to share my hobby with the “internet world” and receive so much support and encouragement is truly a blessing. It also allows me to connect with people who share the same passion and interests that I probably would have never met otherwise. I love how willing woman are to share their talents and secrets!

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me. Feel free to take a gander on over to Rustic Living and see what project I’m currently working on or my recent thrift store treasure! Have a great day!

Thanks again, Ashley!! Isn’t she amazing?! Now, go on and check her blog out!!

Sometimes it gets Worse Before it gets Better

  The day before Thanksgiving, Ray bought me a simple pretty necklace, and some how it got tangled up really ugly. As I try to untangle this necklace I start to get very frustrated because its not coming undone, its actually getting worse! I asked Ray, “Hey… babe? Can you please help me untangle this? I am getting very frustrated!” I then hand it over to Ray and he tries to untangle it for a while but no success. So, I go at it again. I really wanted to wear it the next day for Thanksgiving so I wasn’t going to give up.

 Again, I start to get very frustrated with it, so I began to ask God, ” God, please help me get this thing untangled!” I went back at it and that’s when I felt God saying… sometimes things/situations get worse/harder before they get better… but with my help and the peace I bring will help you through. He wasn’t necessarily talking about my necklace, but about life in general. He was teaching me through this necklace {Lord knows I am a visual and hands on learner}. As I continued to untangle this necklace I was no longer frustrated and I took my time untangling it. 3 hours later… no joke… it took me 3 HOURS to untangle this thing! But, It got untangled!! I am sure if I hadn’t felt God speaking to me, I would had totally given up! 3 hours, come on now -ha!

 The same thing goes with life troubles… things may feel like they are getting worse instead of getting better, but have no doubt, that if you trust in God and His timing, things will surly get better! He is walking beside you every step of the way, whether you feel His presence or not He is there guiding you through the process… He will strengthen you and it will get better, way better then better! Your joy will be even GREATER then your suffering/situation! This is for His Glory! Trust in Him, ALWAYS! He does the extraordinary!

Oh!! And the necklace?! I sure did wear it on Thanksgiving!! And I loved it all the more ;)… shoot 3 hours… come on now… I better have loved it all the more lol!


This was right at the end. This necklace was so bad it was tangled up in a ball! I am not even exaggerating, it was that bad!
 Thanksgiving Day!

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
-2 Corinthians 4:17

Let be and be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted in the earth!
-Psalm 46:10 amp

I will never leave you nor forsake you… have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
-Joshua 1:5,9

6 Months

My sweet baby girl… you turned  6 months this past Sunday!!!

Where does the time go?! It seems like it goes by even fast with each little one.

Madison, I am loving you! I love holding you, cuddling you, playing with you, you are such a sweetie!!

 You love watching your sisters play and while watching them, you kick your little legs when there running around as if you want to be running around with them.

 You are eating fruits, meats and veggies twice a day now, and you love them! It has been getting harder to nurse you now, because you get distracted by your sisters… all you want to do is keep an eye on them and see what they are up to. So, from you not nursing as much during the day you nurse more at night! That meaning I have to get up like 3-4 times at night to nurse you!! I need to do something about this because mommy needs her sleep.

Madi, my poor little thing. You have eczema and its so itchy you are always scratching your beautiful little face 😦 . Your doctor has giving me some lotions and subscribed me one, so hopefully this will help!

Madison, You weigh 16 pounds and 5 ounces!! you sure love to eat!! I love that you are nice and chunky!

Madison, you are precious! You are such a joy to me, your dad, and your sisters! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives! We love you sweet Madi!

Cafe Discussion & What I am Loving

our beautiful little journey
i’m so very excited to be taking part in the (very first!) cafe discussion going on at
what’s the purpose of cafe discussions? I’ll let Noelani explain:
Well, it’s a place for us ladies to gather in together, and share our thoughts and emotions. Every two weeks, there will be a new topic of discussion being brought to the coffee table. A place for us to pour our hearts out, exposing our emotions. A place for us to meet new ladies, who share the same views and beliefs … who we can relate to.
These topics will include things on – parenting, marriage, Military, our Faith, etc. The first topic of discussion? What’s the best part about being a parent?
I hope you can join us, and I’m so looking forward to hearing your responses!  

What I am Loving…

1. Being apart of Cafe Discussion, of course!

2. TOMS! I have no clue why I haven’t gotten these sooner?! They are so very comfortable and the best part… they give a pair to a child in need!!

3. This little scrunched up face!

4. If I don’t have someone to watch the girls while I get my hair done… my sister-in-love comes to mi casa 😉 !!

5. This man & these girls!

6. Gods protection over me and my family. It never fails that almost every week on the way to taking Raychel to school there is a car crash. I am so thankful for Gods protection on me and my family <33

7. I wrote to my kids!! {{post on my kids here}}