Thou Shall Not Steal

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach my girls about what stealing is. We were at safeway in-line getting ready to pay for our groceries, once I paid, I had the guy who was baging our bags help us out. As I was getting the girls out of the cart {note: they were in the cart that has a car attached to it, so its hard to see what they are doing in there} I notice Oceana had a blue bottle pop in her hand. She handed it to me saying, “Abre” {abre is “open” in Spanish} I grabbed it and I said, “Oceana, I am sorry but you can not have this. Mommy did not pay for it. Oceana, if you want something you have to ask mommy you cant just take it.” I then handed it to the guy who was helping me. I told him that I did not pay for this item and if he can take it back for me. As I was buckling Oceana up in her car seat she was crying and saying, “Miiiiine, mine, mine.” Poor thing, I felt so bad, because she did look so happy handing me this bottle pop thinking she was going to enjoy a yummy treat, BUT she needed to learn that she can not take things without asking mom and without paying for them. Once all the girls and groceries were loaded into the car and the guy who was helping me had left, I was getting ready to get into my seat when I realized that if Oceana had one then Raychel MUST have one too! I looked back and asked, “Raychel, do you have one too?” She looked at me then looked back down. She had her hands behind her back so I knew she had taken one too. “Raychel, if you took one that is called stealing. Stealing is something you take that is not yours, and if you did not pay for it, that means its still not yours, its the stores. You know, Raychel, the bible tells us that God does not want people to steal. It makes Him sad when people take things from other people or stores.” Raychel then nodes her head saying yes, she then says, ” Here, mom.” and hands it to me. I then, ran back into the store, seen the guy who was helping me and hand it to him saying, ” Sorry, my other little girl took one too.” He says, “Thank you, we appreciate it.”  I headed back to the car, and kinda explained it again to the girls what stealing means. It is actually kinda a good thing that this happened, it gave me the opportunity to explain to them the meaning of stealing and why God doesn’t like it. I am not sure that Oceana gets it yet, but for sure I know Raychel does. My girls learned there first BIG lesson!! I just pray the God will give me the words to say when teaching them wrong from right.

Exodus 20:15
“You shall not steal.”

On a different note… when i got out of the shower i found oceana wearing her daddy’s reading glasses and holding my devotional book! she looked so stinkin’ cute i had to take a picture of her! Raychel also wanted her picture taken wearing them too. i think they look so cute! what do you think?

{taken with my droid} OC wearing the glasses up side down lol!
 little madi needs to be in this post too!!
ps I had to type this post TWICE {well more like 4, I had it the first time then was deleted then i typed it again then it deleted, then typed it again then got deleted, then this was the last!!!} and each time i was almost done! I guess the devil did not want me sharing this! but its published!!


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I started this blog to journal the life God has set for me and my family. Life in Christ is adventurous, exciting, and expectant. In a word-EXTRAORDINARY! Follow our journey and see what extraordinary things God is doing in our lives!

6 responses to “Thou Shall Not Steal

  1. Yes, we have had those teaching moments too. I think you handled it perfectly!The girls look darling!

  2. LOVE the cute little pictures…so glad to see another pic of the new beauty!!What a cute little story…sounds like you handled it really well. It is hard to see them learn the hard way, but so beautiful when you realize that they have actually learned something that is going to help them in this life. We are working on learning why it's not okay to lie…not going extremely well yet but I am hoping he will get it soon!

  3. Oh ya, I have been here, I think with every child. My last one brought gum home (no, had no idea) I called the manager of the store and told him I was bringing my son in to return it and I wanted him to make a BIG deal out of it! It's one of those things that makes you laugh and cry at the same time as he goes to confess. It was so stinkin' cute and the manager played right along and did a great job, gave him a real talkin' to and asked if he had money to pay for that, he goes to get the money out of his little pocket with his little hand…It really made an impression on him, that was the key….so I say good job Momma!

  4. You are such a wonderful mommy. I LOVE those teachable moments. You and your family are so stinkin cute!PS The girls are adorable. I Love them in Ray's glasses!!!

  5. You are a great mommy for seizing that oppurtunity to teach the girls a great lesson in life. You are so wonderful with your three girls. It was amazing to see you with all three in tow on Saturday!! I love you girl!!

  6. Good chance to take hold of the perfect opprotunity to give a lesson to the girls! SOunds like you did a great job in controlling the issue and explaining it to them. I'm sure next time you will hear little voices asking you for their yummy treat. They are such cuties!!! I love when the lil ones try to wear and do "grown up" things. I'm glad you snapped of pic of each of them for this post. :)<3

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