More Wedding Pictures

The most beautiful flower girl I have ever seen!

These pictures below were taking by me! {pictures have not been edited}

 These pics below, of course, were not taken by me
 Our awesome little brother!
Raychel, Me, Tatiana and Elizabeth. Tatiana was such an amazing help, she pretty much took charge of the whole wedding! Elizabeth had a wedding coordinator, who is amazing but, Tatiana took over all the other things and she did great! Without her this wedding would not had been as beautiful as it turned out to be!


Today Two Years Ago…

we were blessed with baby number 2, Oceana! Oceana Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!!! We love you so much! Where has the time gone?! We feel like it was just yesterday you came out into the world.

 You are such a sweet heart, but you can also be such a drama queen.

You talk so much, and you do whatever your sister does and says.

You are becoming a little more of a daddy’s girl, even though most of the time you still prefer mommy, but lately you have been asking more for daddy and wanting to cuddle and play with him a lot more now.

Oceana you are such a blessing to us, we are so thankful to have you as our daughter!

Raychel loves you so much, and for the most part you guys do really well playing together. Yes… of course, you two fight, but for the most part you two do well. Pretty soon you and Raychel will be having a new little playmate!!

 OC you make daddy and me laugh so much, there is times that Raychel will say, “No Oceana!” and you put on this fake sad face, and you just take off running to your room or the play room and you stay there for a few minutes and then you come back out, it makes daddy and mommy laugh… you are too cute!

Oceana, may God have an extraordinary plan for you, may you do wonderful things for His kingdom! May you be blessed all the days of your life! Always seek our Lord Jesus Christ for He will always listen and be there for you. He is faithful im keeping His promises, so always keep in prayer, hope and faith. We love you so much Oceana!


Oceana’s 1st birthday

 2nd Birthday!

Love, Ray, Raychel and

Elizabeth and Hugo’s Wedding…

was just BEAUTIFUL! It was such a beautiful feeling seeing my sister finally find the one and get MARRIED!! I am so happy for her!! I still can not believe she is a married women now!! Praise God!

You can find Elizabeth and Hugo’s story here 😉

At the ceremony Hugo had this look on his face that was filled with love towards my sister, the way he looked at her as she was coming down the isle, a look of joy that filled his eyes with tears, a look of happiness, and a look of completion, it was beautiful! It is such a blessing seeing my sister and Hugo in love and making this commitment to God and each other. It was one of my best days ever {besides mine and my hubby’s wedding… of course, and the birth of my beauties}, what a beautiful feeling seeing your sister get married! Brother, your next!! Well, you are still too young, lets wait a few more years then you can get married 😉

{The Place/Decorations}

Elizabeth getting her hair done by our good freind Clarissa…
At our parents getting ready…

 Elizabeth hanging out with the most beautiful flower girl EVER! Raychel loved seeing her tia get ready in her beautiful princess dress!

 Then after all the getting ready it was time for Elizabeth to make her grand appreance!
The bride making her 1st apperance {Hugo did not get to see her 1st appreance.}
 Our dad so proud of his daughter!

More pictures to come!!
{pictures taken by Tatiana and Me!}

Hubby Thursdays

I love this picture of Ray and Raychel {even though Raychel is not looking}.
There is something so special about seeing a dad with his little girls. I love seeing and hearing how much our girls love their daddy.
Every morning they ask me where daddy is… I am pretty sure they know where he is, and what I am going to say… but they always still ask me, “mom, where is daddy?” and of course m-f I say, “He is at work, honey.” I love that they ask for him! Oceana’s cute little voice when she asks is so precious. This girl will ask every few hours “where is daddy” she will ask when we get back home either from the store or grandma’s or any outing, if she does see Ray’s car parked in the garage, she will ask “where daddy is,” I love it! When Ray comes home for lunch and or at the end of the day the girls take off running to give him a big hug and kiss. I love this, and I am so glad they do it all the time. I hope it stays this way forever!
what do your little one(s) do or say about their daddy that you love?

Belly Business!

I am 34 weeks today!
Today the weather is beautiful out, so I decided to take the girls to the store and buy some paint to paint my belly! The girls had so much fun painting my belly and talking to M. It is such a joy seeing my beautiful daughters enjoy painting my belly =)

Elizabeth’s Bachelorette!!

My sister gets Married this SATURDAY!!! I am super excited!!! This past Saturday was my sisters bachelorette party, and it was a blast!
All of Elizabeth’s girlfriends met at our parents house and then from there they all carpooled to San Ramon to get our nails done {I live close to San Ramon so I just met them all there}!
Tatiana putting on Elizabeth sash and button!
Our mom outside her house {yep, that’s our dad in the background gardening away}
The nail spa was our first stop!

Our next stop was at, Ooh La La Crepes! They were so delicious!! {Thanks to Tatiana who found this awesome place!} At breakfast/brunch, I past out goodie bags that Elizabeth and I bought for the girls to thank them for coming.
 Elizabeth surprised me with my own goodie box! A starbucks card and a gift card to American Eagle!

After brunch we headed to Starbucks and to Victoria’s Secret for some lingerie shopping!!
{In walnut creek <33}

Elizabeth about to try on a few little sexy lingerie outfits the girls and I picked out for her wedding night!

 waiting outside her door to see the lingerie on her!

Tatiana and Nana each bought her a lingerie outfit for her wedding night!!

After some fun shopping at Victoria’s Secret, all the girls wanted to head back and freshen up/change before heading to SAN FRANCISCO!
At the parent house, Elizabeth opened up a few gifts the girls had gotten her.

 Then it was off to the CITY!

I was looking up online for a wine tasting place in SF and found the Press Club. It is so nice and classy inside, I had to get all the girls here for Elizabeth’s bachelorette! The manager was so nice too, he treated us all with champagne to celebrate the bachelorette party! {of course I did not have any or wine}

Their appetisers are amazing!!
 and their cheese was delish!!

Heading to dinner at the Seasons
 The menu had all these wordings for the food that we had no clue what they were so Elizabeth took out her cell and started googling what each one meant lol!! It was so funny, we were all laughing. Dinner was so much fun! We gave Elizabeth tips on marriage, and we were remembering all the funniest moments we had with Elizabeth! We were cracking up the whole time at dinner, It was the best ever!

Since it was Elizabeth special day they treated us with some yummy chocolates after dinner.

 After dinner we called it a night and headed back home.
This was such a fun, special day! I can not believe my sister is finally getting married!!! He is a great man, they are going to be very happy together!! Cant wait till SATURDAY!! Priase God!

Hubby Thursdays- Our First

Where the hubs and I first met ❤
Our first picture of us together

our first New Years

Our first Halloween {yes, I know, totally a fake smile}

This was our first home
Our first Cruise together {picture from our scrap book that’s why there is a fake sun}
Our fist dog{whitey} togther
our first trip to Vegas together {I was pregnant with Raychel}
Our first baby {Raychel}
celebrating our birthdays together for the first time with Raychel and the rest of the fam {our birthday is day apart!}
Our first trip to Great America as a family of 3
Our first picture as a family of 4!
I can go on and on, but I wont 😉

Your Turn!


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My sister-in-law’s hubby surprise party

  About two weekend ago, we left the girls with my moms to head to dinner at Casa Orozco for a surprise dinner my sister-in-law was throwing her hubby {Kevin}. It was such a fun time with friends and family. The best part was seeing Kevin surprised.

Keving walking in…

singing happy birthday