Hubby Thursdays- Thankful

  I know I am going to sound like a broken record, but I cant help but to be thankful for my HUSBAND! He is so amazing! I love that he is a man of God, he is determined, driven, and has a heart of gold! All he wants is for us to live a good life, he wants nothing but the best for us, and that pushes him to work hard. This guy works so hard its unbelievable. He gives 110% to all his clients and looks out to give them the best. Ray’s job can be very stressful, as most of you know, he is self employed and is a Realtor. We all know that out here in Cali the market isn’t how it was 4-5 years ago and Ray actual started doing real estate when the market was down, so he doesn’t know how it feels having buyers and sellers finding you and wanting to sell and buy left and right. Now, you have to work hard to find sellers and buyers and you have to know about short sales since there is a lot out there. Short sales are a lot of work, because you have to be on top of the banks in order for the short sale to go through, and it can be along process for it to finally close. Ray everyday is making calls, and once a week or sometimes more, he is out door knocking. If ray does not have a listing or anyone looking to buy, we don’t get paid. This can be very stressful in its self, but Ray has a determined mind, and his hope is in the Lord. Ray wont quit till he finds someone who needs help selling or buying. I am so thankful for his drive to keep on keeping on! And our God is amazing, he provides for us every time! Ray wants to be successful Real Estate Agent and I know he will! With God all things are possible! Ray has a heart of gold, even though he can be stressed out to the max some months, he is still there for us, for his girls. He plays with them every evening/night he comes home from work, and once I put them to bed its us time ( I guess is should wait patiently for Madison’s arrival and enjoy the time Ray and I have alone while the girls are in bed.) All and all, I am beyond Thankful to our Lord Jesus for this incredible husband he has given me. I am so proud to be his wife!

A quick story… Ray was making his regular calls when this man answers. I am not sure how the conversation started, but the man told Ray that he was just praying or has been praying for someone to help/advise him if selling is home and that Ray was the first Realtor to call after his prayer!!! PRAISE GOD!! This is just beyond amazing to me! God is so good, He is not only answering this mans prayers, but is also providing for our family!! THANK YOU LORD for you are so GOOD!


Belly Business

I am 37 weeks today!! We are so excited to soon meet you little Madison! I keep thinking about what day and time God has set for you to come out into the world.  I hope labor and delivery is even faster with you then with your sisters. labor and delivery with both your sister only took about 4 hours total! With Raychel I was induced and with Oceana she came all natural. I almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time with OC. I am hoping God will bless me with another fast, drug free, delivery! I can not wait for that day to come!! Believe it or not labor and delivery is my favorite part! Yes, I know, I am crazy! Hope that day is coming sooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madison’s Shower!

First off, I want to thank all the ladies who took the day off to come celebrate Madison’s soon arrival. Thanks for taking a day off work, leaving the hubs alone {even on his birthday, thanks Clarissa!}, and plainly just leaving everything to spend this time with me! You ladies don’t know how much it means to me for all of you to be there! I am beyond thankful for you guys! Thank you for your love for me and the love you already have for Madison!! I thank the Lord for you guys!

I just took a picture of the drinks. I forgot to take some of the yummy food my mom made =(

Marissa and Brandi bought the girls some goodies to play with at the shower! Thanks Brandi and Marissa!! <333

 Baby Picasso was such a fun game! All the ladies one by one were blind folded and they had to draw a picture of a baby. The best one to draw the best baby wins!

Then we played, guess what chocolate is in the diaper!

This game everyone got in a circle and a story was read. During the story you had to pass around the gift and when the story ends whoever ends up with the gift in the end wins it!

My brothers girlfriend was the winner!

MY BEST FRIENDS! I love you ladies!!
Seeing these 3 dresses made it so real to me… I will be a mother to 3 beautiful girls!!!
PS. Hopefully since my mother-in-law got 3 dresses for 4th of July it will mean that Madison will decide to come that day!! I hope!! 

Yes, I know, I am freakin’ huge!!! Madison you need to come out right now!

why i love summer…

We love being outdoors! We love water parks, having picnics and just plainly being outside enjoying the sun!
{over load on pictures}

A trip to the Zoo

A few church mommies and I took our kiddos to the Zoo! The last time Ray and I took the girls to the Zoo was around their nap time so they did not enjoy it as much as this time.

Raychel was so excited to go to the Zoo. On the way there she kept asking me if we were there yet, and she was naming all the animals she wanted to see. Once we got there the girls got to see all the animals they wanted to see! They had a blast seeing all the animals and playing in the little play area they have there for the kiddos! We all head a great lunch together and overall a great day!

 I am so proud of my girls, they did so good listening to mommy! It is so nice when everything goes smoothly and they are not throwing tantrums! It was a great day and I enjoyed every minute of it with my girls! Thanks husband of mine… because of your hard work, I am able to stay home and do all these great things, and have/make all these great memories with them! I thank you Lord for my husband!

ramblings of a pregnant women

I can not believe how time has flown on by! BUT, now it feels like its slowing down. Isn’t it always like that though? the last few weeks feel like baby will never come and I will stay pregnant forever lol! Even though it feels like the due date will never get here, I am trying to take in all the beauty and joy of being pregnant. Feeling little Madison move inside of me is such a wonderful feeling. It still amazes me how a little being is growing inside of me and is hanging out in my belly till its time for her to make her grand appearance!

There is these two lovely ladies (Little Carrigan and Mommy-logue) {you can click on their names or blog name to view their blog ;)}that I follow, they were about 3 weeks ahead of me and they both just had their little ones!! Kimmie from “little carrigan” just announced the birth of her second son, and Kim from “mommy-logue” also just announced the birth of her 3rd child, a little boy! she has two girls and now she welcomes her son. Its crazy to me, because it feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we all announced we were pregnant and now they are welcoming their little ones! Congrats ladies!! I am right behind ya! May God bless your little ones and your whole family! Well… I guess he already has blessed the fam with a new little addition ;).

Madison, I can not wait to see you and hold you in my arms! I wonder how and who you will look like?! I wonder if your hair will be as dark as your sisters, and if you will also have those pretty blue/green eyes as they do. I wonder how different your character will be compared to your sisters. I can not wait to be a family of 5!! You Madison will complete our family!! How ever you make look or act, we are so blessed God chose you to be apart of our family!!!! We all love you so very much!!! This Saturday we are having a baby shower for you and I am so excited!!

lipstick gone worng!

I noticed Oceana go into my room and then take off running to the play room. She was very quite in the play room, I walked over to the play room quietly so she wouldn’t hear me coming and I see her with my two lipsticks! They were both open and she was applying them on her lips. I headed to my room quietly to grab my camera and back to where Oceana was and this is what I caught…
She heard the snap of the flash and she turned around to look…

Oceana knew she was caught!
She then covers her face with her blanky.
 There it is… my poor lipstick all cracked and smooched
 hiding her face inside the blanky

Mi otro lavial{my other lipstick}!
She finally gave in and gave me back my lipsticks.
Oh, Ocenana! Lipstick gone way wrong- ha ha!

Ernie Graduates From High School!

Last Friday we headed to Livermore to celebrate Ernie’s Graduation!
It is such a blessing seeing my brother graduate from high school! I am so proud of him and I love him so much! I wish him nothing but the best in life!
Ernie, I love you, and we are so proud of you! You are such a great guy with a great heart! Brother, if you ever need anything we will always be here for you, but if there is a time we can not, you know that we have a loving God who listens and brings peace to our hearts. He will always welcome us with open arms! We love you Ernie!!!!! CONGRATS!!
waiting for Ernie’s name to be announced…

The girls skipping and hopping away

Our proud dad 

Off to the parents house for some yummy tacos!!!!
 Proud momma

Hubby Thursdays- Family QT

The weather out in Cali has finally been hot! I love it!! This past Monday {Oceana’s actual birthday, June13th} Ray came home from work and asked us if we all wanted to go for a walk, right away we all said, “yes.” I absolutely love family quality time “QT.”
 It was so nice going out for an evening walk with the whole family. There is something about the outdoors that is so relaxing and a great bonding time. We are defiantly making this a tradition!
We walked over to down town Danville and did a few stops at a few places… our last stop was at Baskin Robins! The girls and Ray got vanilla ice cream and prego mommy got a mint chocolate chip shake!! It was SO GOOD!! I should had gotten a large instead of a small lol, next time I will know to get me a large!  
I just love spending family time with the hubs!! He is always so busy, so any chance we get to spend any extra time with Ray as a family… we wouldn’t miss it for the world!!!

walking the Iron Horse Trail back home.

What is your family tradition for the summer or what is your favorite family QT?

Oceana’s birthday party!

Oceana’s birthday was low key with just the imediate family. I did a Dora theme since she loves Dora and Boots! It was such a blessing to see my little baby enjoy her birthday. Thank you Lord for another extraordinary year!

As usual Oceana picked out an outfit from the new clothes she got and wanted to change in them.

 After everyone left Oceana was so tired she feel asleep right away.